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Truth Is Deceiving!!!

Updated on January 22, 2012

The truth!!! The truth is sometimes confusing with the fact of Not telling!!! Not knowing!!! Hiding!!!.

I'm no psychologist but a great observer. Based on the nature of my work as a Filmmaker/Director/writer, my observation gets more accurate as time passes by, and my characters get to be analyzed more carefully. Therefore, I come up with a fresh theory from time to time. Here's one of them.

People say: "Honesty is the best policy" yet in reality each one has a mask.... Secrets! I agree with Shakespeare 100% that the world is a stage, well ofcourse but may I add a few words to his sentence????

The world is a stage indeed but with hidden identities. Each one is Wearing a different mask in order to hide the original/real face he possess... Your face becomes a mask to hide the truth which is your real identity or how you feel truly. What I mean in a simpler way, What's in your mind is yours, belongs to you alone, untouchable, and solely private. Haven't you heard that the mind is the most dangerous place! One can smile in your face while in his mind might be boiling with anger, and hate. How would we know the truth of his/her "identity" which is in fact a bundle of controlled behavior, appearances, actions, and choice of words.

In a court of law, the skill , and pressure of interrogation, Investigation, and questioning might be a little bit helpful, and may uncover a small portion, a percentage of what you really hide. You are in the driver seat, and only you can release the desired info, and no one else. But in reality, in our society, and on the daily playground how can we differ what's real from what's fake? How can we avoid falling victims for those who think that they're in control? How can we ignore the fact that liars, cone artist, and deceivers do exist. They make you live a lie. How can we find the truth without subjecting some innocent people, people we might have doubts about? I guess life isn't just a battle field, it's complicated, contradicting , and sometimes confusing.

Where is the truth now, and what is the truth? The definition of truth my friends is nothing but a simple process of confrontation with facts, and reality. Does this mean if you don't know, you don't need to know. Who decides? The teller, the speaker, the messenger, the talker, the writer, and of course the gossiper. Having the knowledge about a certain fact does it make a difference? Well, I think it would ...YES. Many issues could be health hazardous.. For instance, if you have an allergy, and others don't know about. If your partner is not faithful. If an incident is happened, and others try to make you avoid or even ignore, the issue of confrontation becomes harder.. But remember, things might always take a new turn, and have a strange twist at the end.

Therefore, we must take things easy, and carefully. We should understand each other, and build more bridges of healthy communication. We must start to listen with undivided attention, and stop hearing only. We should be patient, and in difficult situations we should count up to 100 instead of only 10. Act, and don't just react! Have enough love in your heart, and don't be a hater for love, and hate can never meet. I always say, be aware of those who used to love, and turn to hate. Only then, their mask becomes permanent. However, personal Instinct, trust, faith, and taking a chance could be the only way out to have a healthy yet successful life full with significant relationships such as; friendship, and marriage. If you lack the word "TRUST" in your life then look for "confidence". Look for a way to unmask gently. Wearing a mask doesn't always have a bad or criminal intentions. Some might wear a mask to protect you from the truth out of love, care, loyalty, and sincerity.

Feeding the wrong or right information is really important....It's just a start to make you realize that some facts ought to be verified. Don't ever forget that seeing is not always believing.. Not what you see is what's real or right, correct or even true. Sometimes you collect the wrong clues for your personal case, and end up with the wrong conclusion. For example, stumbling upon a picture for your husband with a lady in a restaurant might bring you a different truth about your relationship. Always make sure, and double check your evidence, and clues before drawing your own conclusion..

So, BE CAREFUL, and don't pass a judgement that you personally may regret later on. Be fair and square when you take any of your decisions when it comes to Skepticism. I think I covered all bases!!!! Now, let me know what you think about my complicated theory of the "TRUTH". I dare you.....

In conclusion, what you see is what you get but it isn't true in all cases....

Seeing isn't always believing!


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    • 3angelspower profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

      Dear Carolyn Moe ,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I do appreciate every word you wrote.

    • Carolyn Moe profile image

      Carolyn Moe 

      7 years ago

      Jesus stood before Pilate during the day of his crucifixion and said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."... Pilate answered... "what is truth?"... I think he must have had so many sycophants surrounding him with all their masks he could never believe nor trust anyone... I like your stuff... by the way I recently wrote a screenplay... I'm just sitting on it cause I know no one in Hollywood though I lived there for 11 years... am in Iowa now.

    • 3angelspower profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

      Thank you AntonOfTheNorth for your interesting comment, you gave me more insights, and a new angle to see the truth... When people decide to feed you the wrong info or lies is when they become deceiving my dear.. That's what I meant..Thank you again for the two wonderful proverbs at the beginning of your reply.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      "Truth is only that which is taken to be true." Tom Stoppard

      People are deceiving. I'm not sure what you mean by your title. In the words of Roy Forbes: "The truth has no mercy. It will always be right."

      And everyone has their own determination of truth. Many times I have heard two people at odds with each other about an event that only I was present for, and both thought that my version of the event was not the truth, opting instead to believe that truth that fits with their world view.

      Truth is not only what I think I experienced, it will also be what you believe or want to believe.

      This is why it can be elusive.

      Truth is something we seek

      A lie is something we believe too. That's why it hurts when a lie is revealed to us.

      trust is a gift we give at personal risk.

      And life is learning to determine, for ourselves, which is which.

      Just my thoughts. Thanks for putting yourself out there.


    • 3angelspower profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario

      Hmmmm, well, I agree with you, some are true liars, and feeds the wrong info...And some tells you what you ought to listen or desire to hear. I think I covered that angle too by stating the fact of news feeder or messenger...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Truth can be decieving. But evrybody has the truth in a sense. But the question is does it mean people are lying when telling the truth or is there own truth not nesicarly being your truth or the truth u looking for.


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