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Musicians in Profile: Tsuyoshi Niwa - Instrumental Jazz

Updated on July 14, 2014

Tsuyoshi Niwa


At The End of the Day - Short ver.

A very down-temp and relaxed horn lead with a nice slow piano support. The bass bottoms out the tune nicely. Very good Jazz for setting a relaxed atmosphere. Simple flowing notes keep this one easy listening. Good stuff, puts a smile on your face if you like instrumental jazz even a little.

Are you a fan of Classic jazz, but looking for a contemporary artist to for a fresh take. Tsuyoshi Niwa brings may be exactly the infusion of musical soul you're looking for.

I came across his work by chance, but it stood out immidately due to its well structured melodies and proficient use of traditional Jazz sounds.

He adds some elements of personal flair however, giving his work a united sound which you can tell as destinctly his by ear alone. Give him a listen, if your a Jazz fan... or even just listen to it occasionally you should like his work.

Here are a few reviews of his work to give you an idea if it's your cup o' tea.

I Miss The Idea of Her

This song is defined by its lusciously smooth horn solo. The relaxed pacing and supporting piano/bass give this a classic smooth jazz feel. Top notch instrumental jazz, but still easy to follow and accessible to casual jazz listeners.

Away and Home - Short ver.

A cool baseline and staccato piano set a mysterious tone. The flaring solos add a nice dramatic flare. Would not be out of place in an old time detective film. Cool stuff, with an old time jazz sound.

My Favorite Things - Short ver.

Up tempo instrumental jazz covers the tune "Few of my Favorite Things". Spicy trumpet, brisk piano and bass support make for some good ambient jazz. The tune however, has been done before, so nothing hugely original here.

Memories in Water - Short ver.

This is some nice down tempo smooth jazz. Slick trumpet (maybe a sax) and piano carry the tune, and a bass adds some deep tonal support. The late coming flute addition ends the song on a chipper perky note. Great mood music for a cool urban cafe, or coffee alone at home. Great stuff.

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