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Tupac Vs. Biggie

Updated on May 25, 2017
Tupac Vs Biggie
Tupac Vs Biggie

The best rapper dead or alive

Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls are the two most polarizing individuals in hip hop. They both were insightful artists, and they both garnered millions of fans, worldwide. The ongoing debate is who is better. Some people say that Biggie was better because he was a master of stringing words together and telling compelling stories about street life in sometimes comical ways. Many people say Tupac is the better rapper because his content covered a wide array of topics from relationships, societal challenges, hope, street life, pain and joy.

In my opinion Tupac wins the debate for the simple fact that he cleverly rapped about many topics. This debate might be unfair because Tupac's catalog encompasses hundreds of songs; while, Biggie's discography spans two commercial albums and a number of guest features on other songs.

The fact that Tupac is loved by children who were not born when the artist died is reflective of the impact that Tupac has on hip hop fans. The majority of Biggie's fan base loved him when he was still alive, and many of his millennial fans are typically young men and women who reside within the five boroughs.

If Biggie were alive to match Tupac's discography, maybe this might be a different argument; for, I am a huge fan of Biggie Smalls. However, Tupac has songs that have moved me to tears, such as Dear Mama, 16 on Deathrow, Brenda's Got a Baby, Part Time Mutha and much more.

Tupac Shakur was able to touch the emotions of people that no other rapper has been able to do since his demise. As a hip hop fan, I'm anxiously waiting for someone to represent the evolution of Tupac Shakur. Until then, Tupac Shakur will continue to be recognized as the greatest of all time.

-Keep Ya Head Up!!!


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