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Turkey TV Dinners

Updated on November 09, 2011

Trifle troubles

ina 1999 episode of "Friends," the gang tries to stomach Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) botched English trifle dessert. When her cookbook pages stick together, she ends up making a dish that's half English trifle, half shepherd's pie.

Turkey Turf

In a 1996 episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond," Debra (Patricia Heaton) plans to buck tradition and serve fish for Thanksgiving dinner. When overbearing mother-in-law Marie (Doris Roberts) hears the news, she ruffles feathers when she shows up to dinner with her own turkey.

Food fight

The 1986 Thanksgiving episode of "Cheers" features a gigantic turkey dubbed "Birdzilla." The show ends in an infamous food fight where Norm's (George Wendt) wife makes her first appearance, but Diane (Shelley Long) throws a pie tha hits her in the face, obscuring her to the audience.

Grocery Grief

A 1989 episode of "The Cosby Show" features a frustrated Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable (Bill COsby), who makes several trips to the grocery store because he keeps forgetting items wife Clair (Phylicia Rashad) needs. After breaking eggs and getting caught in a downpour, Cliff can finally sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.


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