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Turning Fourteen

Updated on April 11, 2010

Wacker in his happy place


  My basset hound Wacker is almost two. That means fourteen in human years. I don't know about you but, all I could think about was my new interest in girls when I was that age. He appeared to be the same. Ellie the french poodle down the street is in her house so much that I think his interest has waned. Yesterday we were watching the old boob tube when I turned to a show on Animal Planet. Dog 101. Wacker was looking at his tail and deciding whether to eat it or let it be when a beautiful Airedale pranced across the screen. His head flew around towards the television and his nose started sniffing. She was a good looking dog. He and she both originated in England so they had that going for them. The major problem would be height. Wacker is thirteen inches at his highest point. The Airedale about twenty four. Now I know size shouldn't matter but....... He turned to me and had that silly grin on his face as if saying “ Hey Dad can we get one, please, please? “ He has that same look when he wants to drive my Lincoln. At that moment a commercial came on and when the show returned it featured a beautiful Golden Retriever. Wacker nearly jumped from his cube. We watched it and then there was another. This time a cute Yorkie. His head was spinning. His mouth hung open and he was drooling. I drug him to the door for a walk. Luckily Ellie was out and he caught her odor and pulled me down the street to her. He was all sweaty and acting really dumb. She looked at him and he had a look on him like he had just been caught looking at a Playboy. She sensed this and played it cool with him. He was bounding around and trying to kiss her through the fence but she would have no part. Dejected he wanted to go home and not walk anymore. We came into the house and Animal Planet was still on. He turned toward me and stared me down till I turned the channel. He still wasn't satisfied till I found a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond. He gets a kick out of the old man and Raymond's' brother. This was alright with him till Katie came on and he laid down after she went off and took his evening nap. It was a long time ago but life sure is complicated when you are a teen.


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