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The Simpsons: A Short Summary of Every Episode in Season Two

Updated on June 5, 2013

Season two of the Simpsons began on October 11th, 1990 and ended on July 11th, 1991. Season two has some of the most memorable episodes and most memorable moments in the history of the show as well as some great moments that tend to be forgotten. Any way for anyone who wants to refresh their memories here's a quick summary of each episode in season two- I will publish one on season one shortly- I wanted to use my season one booklet as a resource to refresh my own memory and have misplaced it--doh! So I decide to do and finish a hub on season two first. Anyway enough of my rambling, here it is!

Bart Gets An F

The premiere episode of season two was Bart Gets An F, in which Being threatened with being held back he prays to God the night before his history test and gets a second chance when a freak snow storm hits Springfield and he spends the whole day cramming and manages to pass just barely.

Simpson And Delilah

In the second episode Simpson and Delilah, Homer defrauds his company health insurance in order to afford anti-baldness drug and the resulting hair growth leads to him being promoted. In the end Smithers discovers the secret to Homer’s success and cancels the prescription leaving Homer bald and back in his previous menial position.

Treehouse Of Horror

Season two is also the premiere of Treehouse of Horror, which would become the shows yearly Halloween special. In this first Treehouse of Horror Bart and Lisa tell scary stories to try to scare the other but only scare Homer who has managed to hear them from his and Marge’s bedroom window.

Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

Mr. Burns runs for Governor in Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, and Marge serves him “Blinky”. Mr. Burns however finds he cannot eat the three eyed fish and spits it out on television costing him the election.

Dancin' Homer

In Dancin’ Homer, Homer becomes the Springfield Isotopes team mascot and his success increasing attendance and inspiring the team eventually get him a job in Capital City, which he fails at but is comforted by the fact that his friends now consider him interesting.

Dead Putting Society

Homer’s negative feelings towards his neighbour Ned Flanders leads to him betting Ned that Bart can beat Ned’s son Rod in an upcoming miniature golf tournament in Dead Putting Society. With Lisa’s help Bart is able to match Rod’s skills and the boys decide to quit. At Homer’s insistence both he and Ned mow the lawn in a dress, which Ned enjoys.

Bart VS. Thanks Giving

In Bart VS. Thanksgiving Bart throws the centerpiece which Lisa has made into the fire place which prompts Homer to accuse him of ruining Thanksgiving. Bart runs away but later returns and makes a late night apology to Lisa on the family’s roof.

Bart The Daredevil

In Bart the Daredevil after attending a monster truck rally at which Lance Murdoch performs, Bart is inspired to become a daredevil himself and begins performing stunts on his skateboard. Soon the other kids get bored of his stunts and Bart decides to jump Springfield Gorge to recapture their attention. Homer is unable to talk him out it so he insists on doing the jump himself to teach Bart a lesson. Bart begs him not to and they have a father son moment right before Homer rolls down the cliff becoming seriously injured.

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

In Itchy& Scratchy & Marge, Maggie hits Homer in the head imitating what she saw on Itchy & Scratchy prompting Marge to Campaign against the show. She wins and the lack of violence causes the children stop watching it. However Marge has to rescind her position on the Cartoons when Michael Angelo’s David is to tour Springfield and those who supported her previous campaign object to the children seeing the statue.

Bart Gets Hit By A Car

When Bart Gets Hit By A Car Homer teams up with Lawyer Lionel Hutz and Dr. Nick Riviera in order to sue Mr. Burns for running over his son. Though it looks like the Simpsons will win the case in the end Mr. Burns discovers Homer is exaggerating Bart’s injuries and they receive no compensation.

One Fish, Two Fish, Blow Fish, Blue Fish

In One Fish, Two Fish, Blow Fish, Blue Fish the family goes out for sushi and Homer tries a rare blowfish which is poisonous if the wrong part is eaten. Unfortunately for homer the chef screws up and he is told he only has a day to live. Desperate to make his last day on earth the best he creates a list of things he wants to do- though he loses time by sleeping in and he gets side tracked while spending time with his father and has to cut a few things out. Not being able to sleep he listens to the Bible on tape and awakes the next morning to discover he isn’t going to die after all- and vows to live life to the fullest. However as seen in the credits he soon goes back to his slacker ways.

The Way We Was

The Way We Was goes back to Homer and Marge’s high school days and reveals how they met. Homer pretends to need help in French to spend time with Marge and when he reveals this she becomes angry and goes to the prom with Artie instead. In the end despite his screw up Homer wins Marge and as we see later episodes Artie remains obsessed with Marge.

Homer VS. Lisa The 8th Commandment

In Homer VS. Lisa and The 8th Commandment Homer starts stealing cable. After attending Sunday school Lisa becomes concerned about the souls of her family members. After talking to Reverend Lovejoy she decides to set an example by not watching it herself. Homer invites his friends over to watch the big boxing match but joins Lisa and the rest of the family in the yard when he realizes the extent of his daughter’s disappointment.

Principal Charming

In Principal Charming Marge enlists Homer to find a man for her sister Selma. After searching to no avail he attends a meeting with Bart’s principle. He decides principle Skinner to dinner but instead of falling for Selma he, falls for her sister Patty. After a brief courtship Skinner proposes but Patty refuses him saying that she couldn’t leave her sister for any man. Bitter, Skinner seeing what he has let Bart get away with cracks down taking his heartbreak out on Bart.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

In Brother Where Art Thou? , after having a heart attack Grandpa, thinking he is on his death bed tells Homer he has a half brother. After Homer tracks him down, his brother, Herb Powell, invites the Simpsons for a visit. Herb is a wealthy auto executive and decides that homer should design the company’s next car. While Homer is working Herb spoils Bart and Lisa- including allowing Lisa to ride a horse on a yacht because Bart wanted a boat ride, settling the argument without either having to compromise. Homer’s car is an epic failure and bankrupts his brother’s company leaving him destitute.

Bart's Dog Gets An F

In Bart’s Dog Gets An F Santa’s Little Helper becomes so out of control that he is sent to obedience school. He is unable even to learn the most basic commands and is the school’s worst student. After Santa’s Little Helper destroys Marge’s family quilt and eats Homer’s giant cookie, Homer decides to get rid of him unless he can graduate from obedience school. Bart does everything he can to train his dog but it doesn’t seem to sink in. However the night before graduation Santa’s Little help miraculously can perform all of the commands and graduates.

Old Money

In Old Money Grandpa meets Beatrice, a new female resident at the retirement and they start a relationship. On her birthday Homer and the rest of the family show up and take him to Discount Lion Safari despite his protests. When he returns he is shocked to find out that his new girlfriend has died. Depressed and feeling alone Grandpa is surprised to learn that Beatrice has left him her entire estate, which totals to $100,000. People begin to show up and make various proposals to what he should do with the money. However he sees many people suffering and believes that there isn’t enough money because it can’t help everyone in need. He tries to multiply the money by betting it at a casino but Homer stops him just in time. Grandpa then decides that the best use for the money is to make the horrible conditions at the retirement home better for himself and the other residents.

Brush With Greatness

Brush With Greatness begins with Lisa and Bart seeing an ad for Mt. Splashmore and nag Homer until he agrees to take them. While at the park Homer becomes trapped in one of the enclosed water slides because he is too fat. Afterwards embarrassed Homer becomes determined to lose weight. While looking for his exercise equipment he stumbles upon some of Marge’s paintings and Lisa encourages her to attend an art class. After winning a prize for her portrait of Homer in his underwear, Mr. Burns hires her to paint his portrait. Though finishing several portraits none of them seem right to Marge. After having to deal with Mr. Burn’s bad treatment of her family Marge decides to paint him as the naked, weak old man that she saw in her bathroom. At first Burn’s is upset but changes his mind when those who are attending gallery have a positive reaction.

Lisa's Substitute

In Lisa’s Substitute, Lisa’s teacher Miss Hoover takes ill and Mr. Bergstrom takes her place and becomes Lisa’s male role model. Mean while Bart runs for class president. Though in the lead, much to the dismay of Mrs. Krabappel, he and his class mates don’t vote and Martin Prince wins with only two votes. Mrs. Hoover returns after finding out she doesn’t really have Lyme disease and Mr. Bergstrom hops on a train out of town to his next job. Desperate to say goodbye, Lisa rushes to the station and receives the iconic note, which Mr. Bergstrom means to both comfort and remind Lisa that she is meant for great things. Later Homer manages to cheer up both children in one of his rare but present good parenting moments.

The War Of The Simpsons

In War of the Simpsons, Homer and Marge throw a party and Homer makes a complete ass of himself after drinking too much. Upset and embarrassed, Marge signs herself and Homer up for a marriage retreat and they leave the kids with Grandpa. Homer sneaks off and manages to catch the legendary catfish, General Sherman, but throws it back for Marge. They return home happy and find that Grandpa has conned the kids into cleaning by pretending to cry.

Three Men And A Comic Book

In Three Men And A Comic Book Bart decides he wants to buy the rare first issue of “Radio Active Man” but doesn’t have the $100. He does everything possible to make money including doing chores for Mrs. Glick but still doesn’t have anywhere near a $100. Bart goes in with Milhouse and Martin who are both interested in the comic and buys it. None of the boys trust each other and they end up sleeping over in Bart’s tree house and becoming paranoid and suspicious of the others. In the end the comic book is completely destroyed leaving the three boys to examine their follies.

Blood Feud

In Blood Feud Mr. Burns needs a blood transfusion but has a very rare type of blood. When Homer discovers that Bart has the same rare blood type he has Bart donate, expecting to be rewarded greatly for saving the old man's life. Homer becomes angry when the family only receives a thank you card and writes an angry letter. Listening to Marge's advice he decides not to mail it only to discover the next morning that Bart did. He attempts to get the letter back by attempting to brake into the mail box and later by pretending to be Mr. Burns at the post office. When Mr. burns receives the letter he becomes enraged but Smithers convinces him that he owes the family his gratitude. Burn decides to buy them a lavish gift but its so odd and useless that Homer can't help but still being disappointed, however Bart decides he likes the statue.

So what is your favourite episode(s) or/ and moment(s) from season two?


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