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Twilight 5 - Midnight Sun Twilight

Updated on May 12, 2011

Twilight Part 5

As many of my readers know I am into my independent film and cult movies, although I wouldn't describe Twilight as an independent movie because it has enjoyed such mainstream success in recent years, I would like to acknowledge that it has a cult following from when the first movie was made back in 2008 by Paramount pictures.

The Twilight Saga which has included 4 movies so far that have all been inspired by the author Stephanie Meyer's novels of the same titles 'Twilight', 'Twilight - New Moon', 'Twilight - Eclipse' and 'Twilight - Breaking Dawn'.

Twilight Breaking Dawn has already been filmed by Summit Entertainment and is scheduled for release later this year on November 18, 2011, however this movie is split into two parts and the second is to be released November 16, 2012.

Rumor's of whether there will be a Twilight 5 film have already been circling the internet because Stephanie Meyer brought the Twilight novel series out of retirement and announced she was writing 'Twilight Midnight Sun'.

Photo courtesy of fanfreluche_designs

Twilight Book 5

Since Stephanie Meyer, stay at home mum of 3 became famous in 2005 after publishing the first Twilight novel, she had to juggle various daily chores and fit her writing in late at night while the house was quiet. After selling the film rights to Paramount and earning a fortune I would of expected her personal website to be a little more flashy but it uses a simple layout with no animation at all.

Perhaps the reason for the lack of glitz about her site is due to the fact that Stephanie Meyer likes to write in solitude and doesn't like the hype of the media. She has actually written 12 chapters of the Twilight Midnight Sun book and was very upset when someone she trusted leaked these on the internet before the book was complete.

Photo courtesy of marianne_oleary

Twilight Books 5

Due to the illegal copying and sharing of Midnight Sun on the world wide web, Stephanie has commented on this and said she has now put Twilight 5 on hold indefinitely but the 12 chapter draft is still available on her site.

If you have already read the previous book 'Breaking Dawn' then you will know about Bella's marriage to Edward and their half vampire child who causes Bella fatal injuries during childbirth. Edward fears for her life and changes her into a vampire by injecting his poison into her heart and they have to escape Volturi a 150 year old vampire who believes Bella's child is 'Immortal'.

Photo courtesy of Dohkoedi

The Twilight Series

Naturally the Twilight series was to end with Midnight Sun and Edwards perspective about how he feels for Bella and you can read the 12 chapter draft in PDF format on Stephanie's website.

Stephanie Meyer alerted her fans to the leak of her drafts and told fans that should would rather they not read it when it was incomplete because she believes it was messy, flawed and full of mistakes. Great artists are always modest and maybe it is due to them being perfectionists but many fanatics will still want to read it and some of us were in too much suspense to not look.

All I will tell you is that I found the drafts follow an amazing narrative from Edwards thoughts in his high school classes and his opinions about his family at the beginning to the metaphorical descriptions on how he thinks about Bella during each day and this is the style you will be accustom with and love to read.

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