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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I-Movie Review

Updated on November 19, 2011
the Twilight saga continues with the new Breaking Dawn part I. while fans continue to enjoy  Twilight, a new director didnt exactly disappoint or hit a home run with this one
the Twilight saga continues with the new Breaking Dawn part I. while fans continue to enjoy Twilight, a new director didnt exactly disappoint or hit a home run with this one | Source

Twilight is a wonderful love story with the exception of vampires and werewolves involved

The much awaited next adventure of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I made it to the theatre as of Friday November 19th, 2011. The movie has the number three biggest opening days ever with a cool 72 million dollars. This is the fourth movie in the series based on a number of books about vampires and werewolves among us. Twilight Breaking Dawn is a super natural romance has been beaten out this year for the number one and number two spot by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (91.1 million dollars) and the Twilight Saga New Moon (72.2 million dollars). It looks like the series of books for Twilight that have been converted to the big screen have really paid off.

Twilight Breaking Dawn was only slightly beneath the Twilight Saga New Moon release box office dollars. The Twilight Saga; Eclipse had an opening day of a Wednesday and still grossed 68.5 million dollars. If the Twilight Saga; Eclipse would have opened on a Friday, it may have beat out the other top two Twilight Saga movies. You still cannot be disappointed with any of the opening box office numbers mentioned here for the Twilight series movies.

Bella is still in love with Edward while she keeps her werewolf close. Jacob is still one of the nicest looking werewolves that you can ever expect to see and still pants after Bella while hating Edward even more. What separates this particular Twilight Saga from the rest is not Bella continually telling herself “don’t be afraid”, but there is the opportunity to see that vampires can actually repopulate. Bella and Edward get married and Bella gets preggers.

Bella simply cannot come off as a gutsy gal. You are constantly searching for a Sigourney Weaver character similar to Aliens. You want to see Bella stand up and protect herself. However, supposing she did that she wouldn’t need Edward and Jacob anymore. She will protect her baby as the mother instincts kick in for her and the Edwards sister that has turned a cold shoulder for Bella throughout the series.

The clan of vampires and werewolves unite together against an even stronger foe and this is a movie that has definitely proven there are some sequels that get better as they go on. Twilight Breaking Dawn had a lot of hype surrounding the debut and it certainly has been worth it.

The reviews that are coming in on the movie have been better than average. Out of five stars the movie is garnering three and four out of five stars. I haven’t seen a review yet which provides a five out of five, but four out of five certainly isn’t bad.

The movie critics have been taken back with Twilight Breaking Dawn when they compare the movie to last year’s Twilight Eclipse. Numerous critics have advised that Twilight BreakingDawn is more padded than Twilight Eclipse. The actors are much more comfortable in their various roles and it shows on the big screen. Although several of the actors have actually played in several different movies since their last production of the Twilight series, they all came back to play their various parts and did a terrific job with Twilight Breaking Dawn. Although the actors have remained the same the directors are continually changing with the Twilight series of films.

The director for Twilight Breaking Dawn is Bill Condon. Bill Condon is best known for Dream Girls which was nominated and won several different Academy Awards. Condon did portray a slight flare for throwing in an extremely small acknowledgment to the Bride of Frankenstein with the film. One big drawback for many movie goers is his decision to milk the wedding scene between Bella and Edward. Romance is certainly surrounding the book and there are simply some things that don’t convert well from paper to film. Milking the wedding scene may be one of those things. Time better spent may have been on the honeymoon versus the wedding. Not sex but the feelings of love that are being shared between the two as they begin their new venture.

Although the screenwriter has split the last book of the Twilight series in two, many fans identified this immediately with the title which included Part I. There does seem to be a struggle to get the plot going and keep it there for the entire duration of the movie. The aggression displayed by the wolf pack is not exceptionally great with the directing debut for the Twilight sequel of Bill Condon.

The music that accompanies this movie keeps the atmosphere going and fans will anxiously await the follow up, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II.


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    • RachelCarrington profile image

      Rachel Carrington 6 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

      I saw the movie on opening day, and I have to say it was the best of all four of the movies in my opinion.

      The screenwriter did an excellent job translating the love between Edward and Bella to the big screen. I have written vampire romance, and I couldn't even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to take one of the shorter books I've written and parse it down to an even shorter version.

      This movie just resonates with love, desperation, fear, and sacrifice.

      The review was great!

    • CarltheCritic1291 profile image

      Carl 6 years ago

      Not a huge fan of the movie, or the franchise but I think this film will satisfy the fans. Great Hub, voted Up and Useful.