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Twilight /Coupling crossover

Updated on June 19, 2013



Weird Twilight dream

I have not finished the Twilight saga movie, so I do not know how it ends. This is just some alternate dream that I had one night after I watched 'Coupling' and some of 'Breaking Dawn'. So here it is: Bella and Edward are together, but Edward was played by Jack Davenport from 'Coupling' instead of Robert Pattinson. He is not like his character Derek Wills from 'Smash' or like Steve from 'Coupling'. He is just like Edward Cullen. During a fighting scene, Bella is with the whole Cullen family fighting against the Volturi and they are winning. But Bella gets distracted and she is killed. Emmett tries to revive her, but is unsuccessful. Edward is devastated by it for a while but she is alive after all and they live a great life.


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