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Twilight Fans and Haters Need To Stop

Updated on March 9, 2012


In honor of my review of the upcoming "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2", I've decided to do a hub honoring it to some degree. At first, I was thinking about doing some sort of comedy sketch, like I've done in the beginning of my reviews in the past. In the sketch, I was planning to do sort of a "what if" scenario where the original wolfman and Count Dracula actually met both Jacob and Edward, from "Twilight", to see what would happen.

However, I've decided to do a hub that talks to both "Twilight Haters" and "Twilight Fans" directly instead, and why I both agree and disagree with their many assessments. Take in mind, that even though I hated all the films thus far (with the exception of the first movie), I do respect the series quite a great deal. I can't comment on the book series, as I've never read it. However, if I had to say what my position was on "Twilight", then I'd probably fall more along the lines of a "Twilight Indifferent." Meaning, I don't give a rat's a** if someone chooses to love it, or not. Sure, the film series sucks as a whole, but that's only my opinion. Hell, I consider the "Dark Knight" to be the greatest superhero film of all time, yet I've been told by quite a few people that it's arguably one of the worst. Therefore, it's really subjective to dictate what constitutes as a good film to begin with.

Before I start, I just want to apologize to everyone who happens to fall on either side of the spectrum on this, as I have a lot to say to both haters and fans of this series. And what I have to say to you if you do fall on either side, it may not be necessarily be what you want me to say. However, it's still the truth nonetheless.

Message to Twilight Haters

First of all, I want to say that I agree with you sole heartedly that "Twilight" is not only the most over rated movie franchise in recent history, but it's also tragically mediocre at best. I won't comment on the books, but I do feel the movies are lackluster to say the least.

Having said that though, I do have a few things to say to the haters that they're not going to like. Far be it from me to tell anyone what you can or cannot like, but why do you even care? Seriously, who cares if a bunch of fan girls want to read or watch a bunch of sparkling sissy vampires anyway? I honestly don't give a damn, and I have to tell you that I've never been happier.

If you find "Twilight fans" annoying, then just ignore them. They're not paying your bills, so why should you care about what they think?

Another thing that many of you, "Twilight Haters", say is that Stephenie Meyer isn't a talented writer. Fair enough, but I will say this. I don't care what anyone says, but I'm pretty sure that even "Twilight Haters" will agree with me when I say that not everyone is capable of writing a novel. Hell, I know I couldn't do it. Why do I say that? Because my imagination basically sucks, and I wouldn't have the freaking patience to sit down to type up a fictional story entirely out of my own head. And, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person that's like this, as that would be a statistical anomaly. Because if writing a freaking novel was easy, then EVERYONE could do it. Therefore, Stephenie Meyer does have SOME talent as a writer. After all, not everyone can write a novel that's engaging enough to hook an audience; even if that said audience consists of mostly teenage to preteen girls.

As I said before, I know I couldn't do it, and I'm sure about over half the "Twilight Haters" couldn't either; hence saying that Stephenie Meyer has no talent as a writer is way out of line. Granted, I know it takes more than talent alone to become a successful writer, as a lot of it depends on other factors like connections and whatnot. However, the point is that not everyone can write a novel that's engaging enough for people to read; similar to how not everyone can pick up a damn football, and become the next John Elway. It doesn't work that way.

Plus, all your ranting accomplishes nothing, as all it does it generate more press, and more publicity for the very same franchise you claim to hate. Way to go guys! Way to be counter productive there, by drawing even more attention to the franchise you hate. You guys are aware that by virtually talking crap about it, then it only makes people curious to check out said movies/books/etc, and possibly become fans of it. Whereas if you didn't say a damn thing at all, then these potential new fans never would've heard of "Twilight" theoretically.

Seriously, if you can show this much passion hating on something, then why don't you haters direct that same passion towards doing something positive for humanity. You know...instead of getting royally p***ed off about sparkly vampires, then why don't you show that same anger towards something like animal cruelty, or how the government screws up the economy, then I'd understand. Seriously, those are REAL PROBLEMS that we should be passionate about. Yet, you're biggest problem is "Twilight?" A franchise that's not even going to matter a few years from now? I think if that's your biggest problem, then you need a serious reality check. Food for thought.

Message to Twilight Fans

First of all, I just want to say that I think it's great when fans love something so much. Seriously, I always love seeing fans get passionate about what they care about. It's one of the many reasons why I like to debate with comic book fans on youtube; whenever they make a comment about an upcoming comic book film. No, it's not out of any kind of disrespect, but it's more about challenging their ideals, and possibly gain a clearer understanding about why they feel that way towards a particular film. In fact, that's how I found out about the "X-Men: First Class" boycott, as there was a lot of comic book fans that were severely p***ed off about "X-Men 3" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", to the point that they adamantly refused to see the movie; unless it was handled exclusively by Marvel Studios.

Sure, I thought these same fans were being over dramatic, and some very hypocritical in their double standard logic. However, I still loved hearing their opinions, to gain a clearer understanding where they were coming from. Unfortunately, this also meant I was forced to give "X-Men: First Class" a three out of four, due to audience perspective; versus my original rating of three and a half out of four, but what can you do? Therefore, I don't mind if little teenage or preteen girls love "Twilight." If all the little girls want to fantasize about Edward Cullen, or Jacob Black, then I'd say more power to them. I honestly don't care. As long as they don't tell me about it, then we're good.

However, I do care whenever "Twilight" fans take their fandom way too far. For starters, there was the infamous Stephen King comment a few years ago. He was asked during an interview about his thoughts on both, J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer, in an issue of USA Weekend. Now before I comment, I'll show you exactly what he said word for word, then we'll get into my arguments from there:

"Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. ... The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good." Stephen King would go on to say the following:

"Somebody who’s a terrific writer who’s been very, very successful is Jodi Picoult. You’ve got Dean Koontz, who can write like hell. And then sometimes he’s just awful. It varies. James Patterson is a terrible writer but he’s very very successful. People are attracted by the stories, by the pace and in the case of Stephenie Meyer, it’s very clear that she’s writing to a whole generation of girls and opening up kind of a safe joining of love and sex in those books. It’s exciting and it’s thrilling and it's not particularly threatening because they’re not overtly sexual. A lot of the physical side of it is conveyed in things like the vampire will touch her forearm or run a hand over skin, and she just flushes all hot and cold. And for girls, that’s a shorthand for all the feelings that they’re not ready to deal with yet."

Okay, I just posted exactly what Mr. King said about Stephenie Meyer, and the "Twilight" series. If you feel that what he said was in anyway disrespectful, then please enlighten me down in the comment section, as I'd love to hear your rationality. If you ask me, I honestly don't think he said anything that was remotely offensive. Outside of the first line where he says that Stephenie can't write worth a darn, he doesn't say anything that's offensive to her at all. No, he merely offers honest criticism of what he thinks of her work. Nothing more or less. In fact, he never even brought it up during the interview, as the writer for USA Weekend did. Therefore, I fail to see how what he said was insulting. But, I've been wrong before, so I'll digress.

The thing that really bothers me is the reaction of many "Twilight" fans to this comment. Not only have many fans made outrageous comments saying Stephen King is over rated, and how he couldn't allegedly hold a candle to Stephenie Meyer, but some have even gone on record saying that nothing he's ever written will ever be as adored as "Twilight." Ouch...that's harsh. You fans are aware of who Stephen King is...right? I mean the man has been a consistently popular writer for decades, and many of his books have always been well received. As for many "Twilight" fans claiming that many of the adaptations off Stephen King's stories will never be well received, you fans are aware of films like "The Shining", "Pet Cemetery", and "Shawshank Redemption"..right? I mean many of the movies that are based on Steven King novels have won various Academy Awards; whereas "Twilight" has yet to even get a freaking nomination for one.

Look, I can understand why fans would be upset over a silly criticism, but it's only his freaking opinion, so why do you even care? Hell, Stephen King once said that he thought the "Beattles" were over rated too, but I don't see any "Beattles" fans out there wanting to lynch him for his comments. Therefore, please don't take what Stephen King said personally, as he has a right to his own opinion, and I'm glad that he was honest about it too. Seriously, I'd rather he told the truth about how he felt rather than giving us a PR bull s*** answer we all wanted to hear.

This brings me to my next point about how fans sometimes tend be hypocritical in their nonsensical arguments. Fans will often claim that they hate it when haters talk trash about the very thing they love, yet many of these same fans are openly allowed to condemn things they don't like. I'm sorry, but isn't that hypocritical? Are you honestly saying that it's okay to criticize something as long as it's something YOU hate too? What if the thing you're hating on happens to be something I love? Am I supposed to be okay with it, while paying nothing but respect towards something you love? And, god forbid I should ever say one...ONE...little criticism about something YOU like...right? You see how hypocritical that is?

Look, I know you might find haters offensive, but who freaking cares? There's always been haters. The "Beattles" are considered to be one of the greatest musical groups of all time according to most music experts, yet you still have people like King and others that claim they're over rated. I love the "Dark Knight", but you still have people that say that movie is pure garbage. "Avatar" is the highest grossing film of all time, yet there are still people that go out of their way to say it's one of the worst films of all time. In the end, people are going to believe what they want about something anyway; with logic or reason be damned.

Therefore, the important thing to remember here is that YOU like what you like, as that's all that really matters. I could see if you fans got upset if the haters didn't allow you to like what you like, but if all they're doing is talking, then let them freaking talk. As I said earlier to them, all their ranting accomplishes is gain more attention to a franchise they hate; hence it's counter productive.

Plus, why do you have to take a franchise so freaking personally that any type of criticism to said franchise affects you? If you stop to think about it, they're not insulting you at all. No, they're merely criticizing the franchise that has nothing to do with you; other than you liking it.

Heck, do you think Stephenie Meyer really cares about "Twilight" haters? Hell no. She's rich because of that franchise, so she doesn't care. And if she doesn't care, then why should you? Food for thought.

Closing Arguments to Both Parties

Whether you're a fan or hater of this franchise, it doesn't matter. The point is that it's nothing more than a damn franchise that has nothing to do with both parties, and it only has about as much affect on you as you allow it to. As I stated earlier to fans, I love it when fans show passion towards something they care about, but it should never come at telling others that they don't have the right to their own opinions. And, it doesn't give fans the right to condemn a great writer's work just because he was giving a direct answer to a question.

As for the haters, "Twilight" is a fad series that's destined to die out in a few years, so please stop. Nothing you say or do will change how immensely popular the franchise is right now, so it's pointless to bash the hell out of it for kicks. Seriously, if you can show this much passion towards hating something, then why don't you direct that same passion towards something beneficial to humanity?

Look, I apologize to everyone if I said anything that was truly offensive, as that was never my intent. No my intention was to merely share my thoughts on the whole situation, and hopefully make both parties realize how truly silly it is to worry about what other people think. In the end, it's just a fictional story anyway, so it doesn't matter.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      5 years ago

      Wow, that's a very colorful and interesting argument there Mr. Popo. Bravo, as you do bring up some good points. To be honest, I think Edward is kind of creepy too for the same reasons you said, but I think the appeal of him is that he's essentially dark and mysterious; while being something of a bad a** that appeals to girls. I'm guessing Bella sees him as a tortured soul, and wants to help him; thus she gravitates towards him more, since she's obviously one of those types of girls that loves a project.

      Whereas Jacob, he's just the best friend that loves her unconditionally, but since he comes off as attainable and desperate to some degree, I think that might explain why. I could be wrong, as like you, I honestly didn't care for the films either. Well, the first one was okay, but the rest were just subpar for the reasons you stated.

      Anyways, I appreciate you stopping by to share some of your thoughts with us. Let's just both be thankful that the final Twilight film is over with, so now it can fade from the pop culture mainstream within the next few years.

    • mrpopo profile image


      5 years ago from Canada

      I guess I'm a Twilight hater, but hate seems like a strong word for something so silly. I think it would be better to describe me as someone who dislikes assessments that are not true to reality, and anyone who likes Twilight is simply denying reality. The movies (I haven't read the books) fail on everything: plot, character development... even the aspects that are supposedly good about the movies are just not good, so it becomes mind boggling to think that people actually like these movies.

      For one, the infatuation with Edward just doesn't make sense. The vampire looks and acts creepy, is hundreds of years old, stalks the girl, watches her sleep, leaves her alone in a forest after throwing her into a glass table at her birthday party, and has serious issues with him thinking that he is a monster and that he lost his soul - which, I mean, how can you tell if you lost your soul or not, and if so why continue living without it if it's so necessary - but despite these severe flaws is deeply desired by, well, teenage girls and desperate 50 year old moms.

      ...nevermind, I now realize why they are liked: the movies are eyecandy for desperate or naive women that are able to immerse themselves in the (severely flawed) fantasy. I think it would be interesting but not at all surprising to see the demographics of the fans - what is surprising is how they managed to create such hype and media stir given that it's a very specific demographic and a very crappy bunch of movies.

      I feel that's the way most critics would go about it but that's just me. I know people rant about this but frankly Twilight is so huge that if someone hasn't heard of it then your rant is unlikely to be heard by them. Hell, your rant will do nothing more than satisfy a piece of your sanity, because people who like Twilight are most likely not going to change their mind.

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      5 years ago


      Thanks, I'm glad you liked the hub, and you make a lot of valid points as well.


      Wow, that's pretty cool. I didn't realize she wrote the twilight series based on a dream she had, as that's interesting. And, thanks for sharing some of your thoughts as well. Yeah, I think a lot of people are kind of saddened that she didn't bother to research vampire lore to incorporate into her books. However, theyre all fictional characters anyway, so i guess she can get away with it. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. :)

      @harliquin and evvy

      Sorry ladies it took so long to reply to you both. I saw your comments, and was going to reply. however, i completely forgot about it until now. lol. sorry. anyways, thanks for stopping by ladies. :)

    • evvy_09 profile image


      6 years ago from Athens, AL

      What made me read the books was some interview that Meyer gave in which she said that she wrote Twilight based off a dream she had. Her dream was the meadow scene in which Bella and Edward talk about their impossible relationship.

      I really liked Bella and her father Charlie so I had to read the rest of the books to find out what happened to them.

      I admit that Bella is not particularly interesting. She has a strong desire to protect her loved ones but no ability to so other than by sacrificing herself which she does throughout the series. She gets a lot of hate for her behavior in the second book/movie. She never realized her strength or worth until Edward loved her and when she lost that love she also lost that fragile sense of self she had been developing. The fourth book left me wanting to know more about Leah Clearwater, who is probably the most interesting character in the whole series.

      There were some things I liked in each book but also much that I didn't. Don't get me started on the vampire issue. Meyer admitted that she was clueless about vampire legend and she loses a lot of respect from me because she never bothered to do research about what she was writing about.

    • harliquinn profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow. I love this hub. I know people who are huge fans an# I hate the series. I even read all the books to give it a fair chance. I wasn't impressed. But even I get annoyed when people go out of their way to call it trash. If I'm asked my opinion, I'll give it. But I won't degrade someone just because they say they like the movies or books. Excellently written.

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      6 years ago

      Thanks stclairjack. I'm glad you liked the hub, and thanks for sharing some of your thoughts with us. :)

    • stclairjack profile image


      6 years ago from middle of freekin nowhere,... the sticks

      well done here!.... two thumbs way up!,... i've loved a great many of kings works,... absolutely hated others of them,... loved deloris claiborne,.. hated pet cemetary,... loved the stand even though he is said to have hated it himself.

      well done here,... dont care for twilight,... but then i'm way past 17 years old too,... havent cracked a page or seen one frame,... i didnt hook me long enough for even a cursery glance.

    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      6 years ago

      Yeah, to be honest, I wasn't even going to write this hub, until I saw how much criticism that Stephen King got when he made a comment about "Twilight" itself. I figured from there, I would write something putting my own two cents in on the whole thing.

      I think he's entitled to his own opinion just as we all are. However, you are right that the reactions to the series has been off the wall from both sides. lol.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by Paradise. :)

    • Paradise7 profile image


      6 years ago from Upstate New York

      You certainly covered all the bases there, Steven. I'm not a huge fan of the Twilight series but thought better of Stephanie Meyers' writing than apparently Stephen King did. I liked her main character, the girl Bella, a lot better than the hunky Edward.

      The reactions to this series, both positive and negative, do seem to be a bit off the wall!


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