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Twilight: New Moon and A Christmas Carol Holiday Movie Review

Updated on November 21, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

 Unlike many of the viewers, watching Edward and Bella in their latest "Romeo & Juliet" love angst, was non-emotional. I have not read any of the books and not a female who thinks Edward is a heart throb at all. Mysterious, James Deanish, yes, but like the actor himself, I am amazed about all of the fuss regarding him. Bella is much more appealing. Does one need to see the first Twilight or even read the books? not at all. The movies stand by themselves and are basic vampire genre with the Romeo & Juliet twist.

Twilight has already grossed 26 million. New Moon is not new. Just look no further than Romeo & Juliet. Take about the werewolves and vampires warring with one another, each side wanting Bella, add Edward and Bella and forbidden love because of opposing enemies and you can see where the author modeled his story from. Same basic elements with a few twists.  In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella, the forbidden love causes too much disruption. Then, much of the movie is about Bella recovering from this event in predictable ways. Bella is known as a pet of the vampires and nearly becomes part of the werewolf clan after the breakup. But Bella cannot quite get over Edward and she wants to become one their clan-a vampire that Edward resists until the end. Bella, in her despair, seeks thrills and jumps off a cliff and drowns or nearly so until saved by Jake, a werewolf. Bella begins to fall in love with him until Edward attempts to expose himself as a vampire near the end, this creates a face off of sorts with Voltaire and Jake. Not much happens but Bella becomes the focus and in danger until rescued by Edward. The end arrives with talk about how Bella only wants Edward to turn her into a vampire, and he agrees with one condition: she marries him. Her response is a "gasp" and the movie ends.  Why would she not want to marry him? She said she loves him more than Jake, the werewolf. Why not marry him and she''ll get want she wants. You can just see how int he third movie there will be some sort of reason why she does not want to get married and a war between the werewolves and vampires because each clan wants Bella.

New Moon is clean. Rated PG 13, I saw little reason not to rate it PG, except for some battle scenes, even 10 yr old girls can view it.

A Christmas Carol

This is a close remake in animation (like Polar Express) of Charles Dicken's classic. Rated PG and stars Jim Carey. The strong point is the life-like animation and the story of past, present and future Christmas's of Scrooge's life. You know the story line because it is over 100 years old and is remade all the time. Commerical's are misleading think it is a kids movie, well, yeah, only if they are 10 yrs or more. Little kids will be lost and will not understand this is exacerbated by the use of Olde English in much of the dialogue since the story is set back in Dicken's time. The use of the old words can lose you, guaranteed for your 10 yr old. However, the animation is superb and the story is classic. Overall- kinda much about the same old thing here. The only new thing this version has is how it is presented, the animation. Other than that, it is the same old thing.


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