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Twisted -- Danny Finally Reveals The Truth

Updated on February 12, 2014

Fair weather friend Jo strikes again

A manhunt begins for Danny, while Danny goes to Jo for help. But hell hath no fury as a Jo scorned and she screams for the police to come arrest Danny. See, since Danny doesn't return her feelings for him she thinks he belongs locked up in prison for the rest of his life. Some friend, huh? She claims it's because of all his lies, but seriously if he had said he felt the same about her, you can bet she wouldn't have turned him in to the cops. So much for her claims of always being Danny's friend no matter what. She talks out of both sides of her mouth.

She's also still acting all self-righteous to Lacey wanting nothing to do with her. Seriously, get over yourself you nasty little snot. But she thinks after Rico rejected her he should be best buds with her. Hypocrite much? And she whines to her mother she made a big mistake having sex with Tyler and regrets it and is dodging Tyler's calls. She's become the most unlikeable character on the show. And that's something since her father Kyle used to hold that title.

Of all the people it's Rico that actually helps Danny by hiding him out and he brings Lacey to him. Lacey is a bit hurt that Danny went to Jo instead of her. When Rico isn't in school Little Jo becomes suspicious and then when Lacey acts really weird, she comes to Rico's and finds Danny. I'm surprised she didn't bring the cops with her so she could be personally responsible for sending Danny to prison and her wounded ego could be satisfied.

Of course, Princess won't believe Danny's claim that his father is setting him up. She advises him to give himself up. That's when Danny reveals who really killed Aunt Tara and it wasn't him. There goes the theories it was actually nasty little Jo who really did the deed.

Danny came home from school and found Tara on the floor and his father [who looked like he'd just had sex or something since his shirt was half unbuttoned and disheveled] holding the infamous jump rope. He put the rope in Danny's hand and said Danny had to take the blame for him. That since he was only a child he'd only get a few months and that if he didn't things about Jo's family could come out. And that's why Danny is convinced his father is doing it to him again.

Meanwhile Kyle is uber suspicious of Marilyn Rossi the special investigator the mayor brought in who claims Danny's prints are on the murder weapon. He's even more suspicious when Lacey tells him Regina had scratch marks on her arm and she had a fight with someone in a dark car with Connecticut plates. Marilyn Rossi just so happens to have a dark car with Connecticut plates. So he gets one of his deputies to send Marilyn on a wild goose chase while he searches her room and discovers a suitcase full of money. The lab also reports the prints on the murder weapon are a fake and Kyle, too, believes Vikram is behind the whole thing.

Jo reluctantly agrees to help Danny by going to Marilyn Rossi and saying Danny will turn himself in if Rossi arranges a meeting between Danny and Vikram. Meanwhile Karen approaches an ex-lover named Jack who used to work for Vikram and be his friend to see if he can find him. All he finds is a box of stuff that Karen says they need to take to the police.

While Lacey is out of the Danny loop she meets a new boy in town named Charlie McBride. She first meets him when he's running and she mistakes him for Danny. Then he comes up to her in school. Finally, when she's looking for Regina's mother she finds him working at the stables. When she and Charlie are looking at the photos and awards the stable has won Lacey spots a picture with Gloria and Vikram and Charlie comments from how cozy they look in the picture he thought they were married, which gives Lacey some food for thought and just what Gloria real relationship with Vikram is.

While all this is going on Tess is still trying to contact Vikram on the contact number she has. So she knew all along he was alive, which begs the question of just what was her relationship with him, as well. In short, was this hound boffing every married woman in town? Is it possible Tess was there when Tara's murder went down? The reason I describe Vikram's appearance as looking like he'd just had sex is Tara couldn't have matched Vikram's strength so I doubt he got that disheveled killing her. Maybe Tara caught Vikram and Tess having sex and she threatened to tell Karen and Vikram killed her. See, while we know who really killed Tara, we still don't know why he did it. And we may never find that out.

While Danny waits for Vikram to show up, Jo shows up instead. Seems she's back to being Danny's friend. He tries to get her to leave, but Vikram shows up before she can go. Let's just say Vikram is a real crumb.

Danny confronts his father and when Danny won't play along with him he gets nasty. Then when he sees Jo taping him with her cell phone he knocks Danny out and goes chasing after her for her phone. Danny wakes up and catches up with them at the edge of a cliff. Danny ends up stabbing his father and Vikram goes tumbling over the side. So Danny is now a killer for real.

But one has to ask if this is really the end of Vikram. Could he survive being stabbed and falling off a cliff? Who knows, but the man holds a lot of answers to a lot of things, and would the show really kill him off just when they resurrected him? No clue, but Jo and Danny will probably have to keep what happened a secret between them, which means Lacey will be shut out, thus adding fuel to the triangle.

On a shallow note Vikram was really very handsome even though he was rotten to the core.


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