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Twisted -- Jo Tries To Fight That Feeling

Updated on July 28, 2013

Rico doesn't tell Jo the truth

Well, if you wondered if Rico would have the guts to tell Jo what he did, the answer is he didn't. Instead he kept whining every time he could tell that Jo was thinking about Danny. Maybe he should follow his own advice and give over his crush on Jo.

Danny gets thrown off of the team after someone poisons the only friend he made on the team and makes it look like Danny did it. He swore to the coach he didn't do it, but he made him turn in is uniform. Like Danny, it seems like it's most likely that Archie was behind it, since he hated Danny being on the team in any way, shape or form.

Jo had a dream that Danny came to her room, stripped off his shirt and kissed her. I knew when they showed that scene in the promos that it was going to turn out to be Jo's dream. They're trying to make this Danny/Lacey/Jo thing a triangle but it's really a fake triangle. Danny's into Lacey and Lacey is attracted to Danny but doesn't want to mess up her social status. It can't be a triangle if the focus of the triangle is only into one of the two other sides of the triangle.

I was actually glad the way they had Jo handle it. She doesn't want to be into Danny or pursue it. She's trying to fight it. Which is a good thing since she's only going to get her heart broken when she learns what's going on between Danny and Lacey.

The Danny and Lacey fans claim there's no chemistry between Jo and Danny, but I think there's just as much chemistry between them as Danny and Lacey, but it's a very different type of chemistry, because they have a very different kind of relationship.

It seems Rico the rat has more to worry about than Danny stealing his study buddy for him. Phoebe's brother, Tyler, seems to have a thing for Jo. I really don't see Jo ending up with Rico. He wants to keep Jo in the nice little box and can't stand the idea of her expanding her life and growing. So maybe Jo won't get together with Danny, but she might get together with Tyler or some other guy.

Tyler invites Jo to his graveyard birthday party and Rico has a fit because Jo decides to go. Danny wants her to go because Lacey will be there and he'll be able to see her. Earlier Jo asked Lacey to try and get Danny to tell her why he killed Tara, but he wouldn't tell her and when he mentioned about their kiss, she didn't want to talk about it.

The party has a lot of interactions. Tyler tries putting the moves on Jo but not in a sleazy manner. Lacey and Jo confront Danny about all the secrets he's keeping and end up revealing that there might be a Regina and Vikram connection. He reveals to Lacey he believes Archie poisoned someone to get him kicked off the team. Danny tells Jo that his father and Aunt Tara hated each other and she was threatening to do something to destroy his family. He also says Jo is the most important person to him. It seemed whatever Tara was going to do involved Jo. Which is leading some to suspect that Jo is Danny's sister. Maybe that's what Danny believes, which is why he only sees her as a friend.

Jo tells Tara she thinks she's in love with Danny. Tess didn't have a reaction like, "No, you can't, he's your brother." And if Jo is Danny's sister, surely Tess would know. But then Danny admitted earlier he was interested in a girl that wasn't Danny. Jo is now debating telling Danny that she's in love with him. Meanwhile Lacey dumps Archie for Danny.

Kyle is still determined to find Tara's necklace. One of his cops, Eddie, suggests Kyle try to get close to Karen. When she's eating at the diner after a disasterous job interview, Kyle strikes up a conversation Karen lets down her guard and says she's always envied his and Tess' marriage. Kyle futher ingratiates himself with Karen by giving Karen a job recommendation so she gets hired at the job he applied for. And the icing on the cake is Eddie telling Kyle he found the necklace.

Grossest moment of the week has to go to Danny and Lacey's make-out session on top of his Aunt Tara's grave. You could also add creepiest moment to the creepy little smile on Danny's face as he watched Lacey walk away. Almost like he got off on almost screwing on top of his dead aunt's grave. The ultimate disrespect to her. But it's moments like that that make you really wonder about this kid.

A word to the show runners, please no more Tess and Kyle make-out scenes. The man is just gross and it's enough to make you puke having to watch him in mating mode.

In regards to the man's investigative skills, I haven't seen him try to investigate anyone but Danny. It's why I call the man a Barney Fife and even Barney Fife was a better cop than him. Since this thing began he's had his mind made up that all his problems would be solved if he could make Danny go away, and arresting him for Regina's death is the perfect way to make it happen.

The previews for next week show that while Lacey dumped Archie she still doesn't want to come out of the closet over her relationship with Danny. Sarita already told her she knows she's hanging with Jo and Danny and she needs to make a choice because she can't have them both. I think the same will go for Lacey having a relationship with Danny, but will Lacey really give up her popularity status for Danny? I really highly doubt that she will.


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