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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, Grief Is A Five-Letter Word

Updated on January 19, 2014

It was nice for Lacey to do the eulogy but … why was Jo even at the funeral? She wasn’t friends with Regina or any of Regina’s friends. Well, she and Lacey had a history but apparently they hadn’t really spoken in years. Maybe she only went because her police chief father went.

Speaking of Kyle (played by Sam Robards), I can’t believe he told Lacey that she shouldn’t be around Danny! Well, I can believe it but he still shouldn’t have said it. How is he supposed to be following the evidence to the actual killer if he is blind to all the evidence that doesn’t match his theory of “Danny the killer”? Not to mention the fact that Danny can’t live a regular life because the chief of police is going around slamming his name!

As far as Danny not wanting to use Lacey as an alibi goes? I say, hell no! From where I’m sitting, Karen shouldn’t have even had to think about what she was going to do. As soon as she found out Danny was a suspect she should have told the police about Lacey being there all night. At least the police found out about Lacey staying over in that episode. I hate when something so simple drags throughout like seven episodes!

Phoebe Daly Played By Brittany Curran

This chick Phoebe is a real character. First, she actually compared a dead classmate to a spleen while using said classmate’s death as a way to get noticed and boost her self-importance. I hate when someone dies and then suddenly everyone was their best friend! Then, after having claimed that Regina was (of course) her closest friend, she didn’t even know what Regina like (including her favorite subject in school)! I guess that’d be normal if it was something like “oh she either liked chemistry or geometry” but no! When it is a between things like chemistry and free period, that is something you remember!

Danny hanging around Jo shouldn’t make a difference on whether or not Kyle gives him a “fair shake” during the investigation. As a cop, those two situations should be unrelated. As a parent, insisting that Danny stay away from Jo because someone happened to die while he was in town is the opposite of a “fair shake”.

I do have to hand it to Tess (played by Kimberly Quinn). She’s a cops wife and that seems to come with a lot of issues. Making sure to keep his work separate from their friends and family and personal lives has to be hard at times (especially when an old friend, whose son is a murder suspect, stops by for a chat).

When I was in school, if there was a fight, everyone involved (whether they started it or not) got suspended for at least three days. In my last years of school that turned into I.S.S. (in school suspension). Students sat in one room all day and did their school work in complete silence. They could only leave for bathroom breaks and to get lunch which they had to take back to the room and eat in silence. I’m not saying both Archie (played by Grey Damon) and Danny should have been suspended or been put in ISS but Principal Tang (played by Rob Yang) should have at least swapped out the punishments. Danny was just defending himself. It definitely wasn’t his fault but he got an ongoing punishment while Archie (the one who instigated the fight) got a one-time only punishment. That seems a little backwards to me.

Lacey Talking With Phoebe

It was nice for Lacey to go to the grief session, even if she said it was only for Archie. Not that I agree with her “blow[ing] off some steam” on a grieving person but I don’t think Lacey was only angry at the other people in the room. I think listening to everyone, including Phoebe, talk about eighth grade sleepovers and other “best friend” sort of things made her feel a little guilty about losing contact with Jo over the years.

So, two seconds ago Kyle was talking about how everything was the same and then he couldn’t find the bathroom. No wonder he’s on the cop’s side of the law. Anyway, he had absolutely no right to go searching through Danny’s room when they all went to dinner! Guests that are invited into a house have an implied invitation to all the common areas of the house (like bathrooms and living rooms) not private bedrooms. I was hoping so badly that he would have found that necklace while illegally searching Danny’s room. Then it couldn’t be used as evidence against him.

Great! He’s destroyed all of the photos of Aunt Tara! That means if I was right and there were two necklaces of the same design, there’s no longer proof that Tara had one.

How long do you think Karen and Tang have been seeing each other?

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Thought Provokers

  1. Wow, Karen and Principal Tang? I’m not sure if I saw that one coming. It isn’t the most predictable coupling but there have been weirder ones. Other than the fact that he’s pretty weird when it comes to her, I wonder how long they’ve been seeing each other. I mean, Vikram has only been dead for five months. They say everyone grieves differently.
  2. Oh my! Karen does have a horrible poker face but I wonder why she lied about recognizing the necklace. Was it just because she thought it might give the police more reason to suspect Danny or was there more to it?
  3. Why must everyone go to the diner to do homework!?! I mean, do they not have tables or good lighting at home?

Jo And Rico Studying

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

Best quote of the episode definitely comes from Rico with: “God, I hate when that happens. It’s hard out there for a pimp.”

Other worthy mentions include:

  • A quote from Jo after Danny says, “You can explain to me who the Kardashians are, for instance.”
    Jo replies with: “You don’t want to know.”
  • “Mark, please don’t ask me that again, it’s creepy.” ~ Karen
  • “I think he wants to apologize, just based on body language and the way he said, ‘hey’.” ~ Rico

Best Action Of The Episode!

Best action of the episode is a tie between Principal Mark Tang sniffing the hair brush and Rico nervously continuing to eat during the dinner argument. The two actions obviously belong in separate areas of comedy but are both hilarious!

Which prediction do you agree with?

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Conclusions & Predictions

  1. It would not shock me one bit if Sarita (played by Jamila Velazquez) had something to do with Regina’s death. She’s so nasty to everyone, including Lacey. I mean, she just lost one friend and so she gets an attitude with the other? If you ask me, it wasn’t Regina that was the “bitch”!
  2. Okay, say the necklace Danny has is the one the belonged to Regina. Maybe he went there to see what Regina had to say. When he got there, she said she just lied to get him there, so he took the necklace out of some sort of anger and left before the killer showed up.


On a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a 4. Some of the character didn't seem as real as I thought they could have been and some of the character seemed too forceful. But I did like it.

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I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

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