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Ariel's Reaction: Twisted, Pilot

Updated on January 19, 2014


When I first saw the preview for Twisted I thought it would be interesting, as many people did. I waited until it was close and set it to record the new episodes and then, of course, I got so busy with everyday life that I forgot I had set it to record. So, now I’m going to watch each recording and write the review of it as quickly as possible until I’m caught up with the most recent one. It shouldn’t take me that long at all.

So here we go. I finally got around to watching the first episode and I can say, as I had hoped, I didn’t miss much. Not to say it was horrible because it wasn’t; I enjoyed it. There was simply a lot (information wise) that they had to put into that one episode. Because they are introducing each character and laying the ground work for an entire season and/or most of the series, I have to assume that every word and facial expression meant something. We have to assume that the words and expressions were deliberately picked, sculpted and placed in the exact area the writers and directors needed them in to send the exact message they wanted to send.

Jo Masterson played by Maddie Hasson

Speaking of facial expressions, take a look at Jo Masterson for me. Every time I look at this picture, I can't help but wonder if she is supposed to be a little crazy. I mean, in her dream she was clearly outside when Aunt Tara was killed, but maybe she knew something was going on. Or she could just be having a bad reaction to the news that is playing on their TV. If so, nice job Maddie, your “creeped out” expression creeped me out a little.

Also on the news in the beginning, was the fact that Danny's father’s body (Vikram Desai, played by T.J. Ramini) was never found. Did anyone else catch that? Yeah, it was right after Lacey Porter (played by Kylie Bunberry) conveyed her “scarred psyche” to all of Green Grove and dubbed Danny (played by Avan Jogia) “Socio”. By the way, that definitely isn’t a nickname I’d start responding to.

Now that we're on the subject of traumatized Lacey, I seem to remember her saying something like “stupid yellow jump rope”? Really, Lacey? According to the footage I saw, it was clearly red. Apparently someone isn’t as haunted as they claim to be. That being said, people say that when a child is scared they do tend to contort some things in the memories.


There were some things about the show that don’t seem to be sitting right with me but that might just be me. For one, Jo was swearing in front of her parents. I don’t know about other people but I’m an adult and I still don’t use vulgar language in front of my mother because I was never allowed to do such things as a teen. She also came home drunk and there wasn’t even a mention of her being punished. With a cop for a father you would think she’d at least get something.

There’s also the fact that Karen Desai (played by Denise Richards) saw Lacey leaving her house early in the morning. What kind of mother doesn’t get upset that a girl spent the night in her sixteen-year-old son’s bedroom? I know it is very naïve to think teens aren’t going to have sex and parents should have an open dialogue with their teens about the subject but that doesn’t mean she has to make it easy for him. It’s not like she knew for a fact that they weren’t having sex.

Nice job to Jo for standing up for Danny during the school assembly. Good for her! That being said, there is no reason she should have had to do that. Not one. They could have brought him in for questioning at any time but they chose to do it when every student was there to see it. That was just bull.

It’s interesting that Lacey called Regina (played by Karynn Moore) “the best friend” that she ever had. Earlier in the episode it didn’t seem like they were that close. I mean, good friends, no doubt but I thought Regina seemed more like the third wheel of the Lacey-Sarita friendship. Not to mention the words probably stung Jo a little.

Why was Danny being questioned without a parent or some other representative? He’s a minor. They had no right to ask him anything without Karen there!

Thought Provokers

  1. Why would Regina invite Danny to the party at her house when (if you listen to Lacey) the party was being thrown to blow off steam because Danny now goes to their school? Wouldn’t that be enough reason to leave him out of the whole thing?
  2. Danny recognized Regina's necklace in the cafeteria and I would even say he seemed weirded out by it. I didn’t see that coming at all. Nice job to the writers on making every moment count, even the ones that simply seem to be about horny teenage girls. So, when he’s holding what appears to be the same necklace at the end of the episode. Was it the same one, or is there another explanation?
  3. As soon as Danny got to the school Regina locked on to him like a murderer seeking missile. When he asked about the necklace she brushed it aside and avoided giving him a real answer. Did she know the connection it had to his past?
  4. I absolutely love that Danny didn’t get into a fight the first night he was out in the world but I wonder what he whispered in Scott’s (played by Todd Julian) ear.
  5. Danny clearly said that he couldn’t tell anyone why he killed Aunt Tara but later on he also said he wouldn’t tell anyone because he was protecting Jo. What exactly is he protecting her from and why just her? Or was he just trying to get away from her questions?


Who is your favorite character so far?

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I immediately fell in love with two things.

  1. Rico (played by Ashton Moio). I mean, he knew absolutely nothing that was going on that day. So then I asked myself ‘was he really oblivious to the entire thing or was he just trying to distract his best friend?’ After getting to know him a bit more, I realized that he is just one of those guys that really could be too distracted with school work to have noticed the news.
  2. That dry sort of break-the-tension-with-laughter sense of humor Danny has.
    “Boo.” I mean, of all the things he could have said to them for the first time in five years that was absolutely perfect. I’m going to love watching these two characters develop.

Best Quotes Of The Episode!

The absolute best quote of the episode goes to Rico for, “Oh my God that was intense. I feel like I just slipped through a Hitchcock movie.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Other worthy mentions include:

  • “Don’t worry about it. After that crazy class, I’m assuming pretty much everyone I see is a sociopath.” ~ Danny
  • “He’s here; he’s clearly not going anywhere. What are we all going to do, hate him forever?” ~ Regina
  • “Yes, they are disproportionate to my body at the moment but the internet says that’s really normal.” ~ Jo

Best Action Of The Episode!

I’m not sure if this category will find a home in the rest of the reviews but for the first episode, the best action also goes to Rico for clapping after Jo’s ‘pep talk’ during the assembly. Again, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Which prediction do you agree with?

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Conclusions & Predictions

Okay, by the end of the episode Danny is now Schrödinger's Killer. We have no proof that he killed Regina and we have no proof that he didn’t. I can see him being the prime suspect in the investigation for many episodes to come even though there is no known evidence against him. The fact that she died the day he was released is completely coincidental. So, I’ve a feeling the rest of the season is going to be based around proving his innocence. What I’m not sure of is who is going to be on his side. One moment Jo is calling him a “lunatic freak” and the next she’s going to a party with him.

  1. It could be that I watch too much Law & Order: SVU but I’m thinking that a young child doesn’t kill his aunt for very many reasons. Perhaps Tara was allowing unsavory things to be done to her nephew and he killed her because he overheard her and the unsavory people discussing doing to Jo whatever they were doing to him. Maybe in return for Tara allowing such things she received bribes which included the necklace.
  2. Maybe the giver of the necklace had the jeweler make another one and gave the duplicate to Regina because she knew the secret. This could mean that Danny had his aunt’s necklace at the end and not dead Regina’s.


So on a scale of 1 to 6, 6 being the best, I give this episode a solid 5. Introducing all the characters personalities and not just their names is pretty tough in a one hour episode but they got it done in a good flowing and cohesive manner. They also ended it as a cliffhanger which will almost always bring people coming back for seconds.

For the next review of Twisted (episode two), click here.



I do not own any characters discussed in this review. Twisted is an ABC Family show.

© 2013 info-overload


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