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Twisted -- The Fall Festival

Updated on July 15, 2013

Shippers pick your corners

This episode kicked off a love triangle or square if you include Rico between the lead teens of this show. Personally the Danny and Lacey kiss left me completely cold. Probably because Miss Superficial is still putting appearances before friendships. I mean, if she actually handed the blackmail envelope sent to Regina to the Chief, if the popular kids found out they might turn on her, which is her real reason for doing it. Nevermind the Barney Fife of the show is trying to find anything to pin the crime on the guy she just stuck her tongue down his throat.

We also learned that Danny was well aware that the necklace was hidden in his father's chair, so her obviously put it there. Karen tested him by suggesting they give it away, but he convinced her not to. Then she went to his doctor asking the symptoms of a sociopath. She really seemed a bit nervous as she watched Danny using a knife to slice a banana.

Lacey had a nightmare where Regina said that Danny had killed her. It spurred Lacey on to asking Regina's mom where Regina got that necklace from. She offered to answer all the condolence letters sent for Regina and discovered what appeared to be a blackmail letter filled with money sent to Regina to keep her quiet. Instead of giving it to the Chief she held on to it and showed it to Danny, instead. But she didn't want to bring it forward so it wouldn't tarnish Regina's reputation. Danny, however, insisted Jo be shown the letter, since he doesn't want to keep things from her.

By the way, didn't everyone who knew Regina pretty much hate her since she was such a nasty piece of work. That shrine to her at the Fall Festival had me rolling my eyes.

It probably wouldn't matter if Lacey had shown it to the Chief as he's got his mind set on it being Danny and he's looking for anything he can use to pin it on the kid. He claimed he was looking for who gave the necklace to Regina, but I haven't seen any evidence of it. As he listed a whole litany of all the stuff they didn't know about Regina's death, it just seemed to me it was a list of stuff the dude hasn't even tried to investigate.

It seems most of the town is of the same mindset. When Lacey gets Danny to come to the Fall Festival he's attacked by a man named Tim Calvert. The Chief breaks it up, but I didn't see him arrest Calvert for assaulting a minor. Then he told Danny not to come back to the festival. However, Jo got dressed up and got Danny to take her to the dance, anyway. Both the Mayor and Chief tried to bar Danny from entering, but he turned it on them mentioning the press was watching, so they had no choice but to relent.

Jo spending so much time with Danny and even going to the dance with him, doesn't sit well with Rico. It's obvious Rico has a thing for Jo. Although he was initially supportive of helping Jo clear Danny, now that she's making it clear she prefers Danny to him, he's not so anxious to help anymore. To make matters worse, Rico sees Karen throwing Aunt Tara's necklace into the river. Will he go to the police and finally give The Chief what he needs to arrest Danny for the crime?

Jo and Danny's growing relationship and Danny in particular is causing some troubles between the Chief and Tess. She encourages him to sign up for her pottery class and she's actually happy that Danny got Jo to come to the dance. She's got an open mind and is willing to give the kid a chance and it's a narrow-minded judgmental prig like the Chief and he doesn't like it.

Danny and Jo did the old dance they did as kids and Danny got Jo to slow dance with him, as well. Then Lacey texted him to meet her in secret and she showed him the envelope of money and the note that sounded like Saint Regina had been blackmailing the person who sent it to her. When Danny wanted to take it to the police, she said she didn't want it to tarnish Regina's reputation and wanted to wait a bit. Then Lacey grabbed Danny and kissed him and he kissed her back and I was left pretty cold by the whole thing.

So far, this triangle is beyond predictable with the guy going for the shallow and superficial chick who puts appearances before everything, while not being romantically interested in the down to Earth girl who would do anything for him.

I guess the big question this episode posed was if Danny was a sociopath. I think it's possible. He's done a lot of questionable stuff that makes you wonder about him. Of course, the strange way Rico was watching Karen throw that necklace in the water also made me a bit about him. His look didn't exactly look like he was shocked.

What do we really know about Rico? Is it just jealousy because he has a thing for Jo or could it be something else?

And what about The Chief? Why is he so determined to pin Regina's murder on Danny? It doesn't seem like he's even tried to investigate anyone else for the crime. He'll only follows leads he thinks will help him pin the crime on Danny. Surely he must know Regina had a lot of enemies being the school's mean girl. So why won't he even try to investigate them. Why is he so determined to pin it on Danny? Is there some other reason he's so desperate to get Danny out of town even if it means pinning a murder on him that he didn't commit? Could he be hiding something he's afraid Danny's return to town will uncover?


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