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Twisted -- The Season 1 Summer Finale

Updated on September 8, 2013

Tess knows a whole lot more than she's saying

It's taken me awhile to write this up because the Lacey fans on this show have really been turning me off this show. They're the type of fans that are going to try to cause a big stink unless their girl is the star of the show. Apparently, they've taken to Twitter to harass the showrunner into giving them what they want and last I saw they were braying that they caved to them and promised to give them what they want. If they don't get what they want they threaten to stop watching.

In short, this is shaping up as another Vampire Diaries where aggressive Twitter fans end up running the show because the showrunners just want to appease these whiners and both the show and the story suffers as a result.

It's the aftermath of Video Gate.

Lacey got to walk in the footsteps that Jo and Danny usually tread as all her popular mean boy and girl friends shunned her. While Danny was more than happy to support Lacey, since he's the reason for her banishment from Popularville, it wouldn't help. And Jo is in a snit because Danny and Lacey didn't tell her about their relationship. They even go over to her house to try and apologize and she wants nothing more to do with them. During their apology, Rico gets outted as having known, too. Jo screeches that she's sick of everyone trying to protect her.

Kyle and Tess decide to take Jo to the movies and they run into Tyler. Kyle doesn't like Tyler, as Jo goes off with him. He's hosting a film discussion at his place and Jo speaks her mind. The party breaks up and Tyler and Jo almost have sex, but she leaves before anything happens.

She calls up Danny and asks him to meet her. She asks him if he could ever feel about her the way she does about him and he makes it clear he can't, so she says goodbye to him. She also says goodbye to her virginity as she returns to Tyler's and has sex with him. She leaves soon after the deed is done and returns home.

She tells Rico she's glad to see him, because he's the one constant in her life. Only the constant decides this is the time to reveal his feelings for her. She doesn't respond the way he hopes. So he leaves. Me, I'm thrilled Jo didn't turn her V-card in to Rico. The guy is way too controlling. He wants to keep her in a tiny little slot where he can have her to himself instead of letting her grow and evolve.

Danny helps Lacey recover her popular status by letting her publicly reject him in public. During their staged scam, Archie says something that tips Danny off to the fact it was Archie who poisoned his team mate to frame Danny and get him kicked off the team. Lacey decides popular isn't all it's cracked up to be and publicly outs Archie before walking out on the popular kids.

Phoebe is the only one who shows she's Lacey's only true friend in that crowd by coming to see Lacey. They start talking about Regina. Regina lied to her posse that Phoebe had scratched her arm, but Phoebe says it was the person she saw Regina in a car with. The car had Connecticut plates. And it appears the woman who scratched Regina was none other than the special investigator the Mayor brought in to pin Regina's murder on Danny.

Speaking of the investigator, she insists the lake be searched again, even though Kyle searched it multiple times for Tara's necklace. And lo and behold the murder weapon is found with a perfect set of Danny's fingerprints on it. Can anyone say she planted the evidence to pin the crime on Danny?

Anyway, Regina's possible real killer sets off to arrest Danny with her newly discovered evidence to discover her plan isn't going to work as well as she and the Mayor had hoped. Danny has run-off and can't be found to neatly tie Regina's murder investigation into a nice bow and finally close the case. Even worse for the Mayor and his paid henchwoman is Tess dials up a number. She tells Vikram things have gotten bad and it's time for him to come home. Something tells me that's the last thing the dastardly duo wants to happen and it may split this can of worms wide open.

So the questions were left to ponder are: Will Jo suffer the usual consequences from impulsively having sex? Just what had Regina gotten herself into? How will Karen and Kyle react when they discover Tess has known all along that Vikram was alive and well, but she kept if from them? And will Jo get over her snit because Danny doesn't love her and help him now he's in so much trouble?

Hopefully by the time Twisted returns in January I'll have gotten over the bad taste the Lacey fans have left in my mouth. I really think these show runners really need to stop going on Twitter and associating with these bullying fans who think they've got the power by threatening not to watch the show anymore if they don't get their way. Unfortunately, by caving to these cyber bullies they're proving them right by giving them all the power. It's times these show runners tells them it's their choice to quit watching, but they're going to tell the story they plan to tell and not going to ruin it just because some whiners don't like because it's not going the way they want it to go.


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