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Twisted -- The Sleep Over

Updated on July 9, 2013

Archie sandbags the soccer game just so Danny won't look good

I seem to always have a hard time sitting down and watching this show. I think it's because the lead actor makes me very uncomfortable. However, I suppose that goes to his acting talent that he comes off very creepy and shifty and you never know if he's an angel or a devil.

Kyle was still pursuing his vendetta against Danny. I call it a vendetta because he won't even try to investigate if anyone else did it. He doesn't even really care if Danny actually did it. He's just looking for any evidence to arrest him and pin the crime on him. Speaking of shifty and creepy this cop oozes both in equal amounts. He finally gets his search warrant, but poor vindictive baby comes up empty. Next time he tries for a search warrant he won't find getting it so easy now he's wearing egg all over his face.

Meanwhile, Tess runs into Karen at the grocery store and tries to extend a hand of friendship to Karen. She feels bad that Karen is being treated like a pariah and even invites her to a charity brunch. Only thing is Regina's mother Gloria, who is convinced Danny killed her daughter. She acts all nicey-nice when she greets Karen, but when no one is listening she shows the Regina apple didn't fall far from the Mean Girl Mommy tree. She tells Karen she's going to get Danny kicked out of school and see he's put in prison for the rest of his life. Queen Mean Mommy may have some trouble, as she doesn't have long silky hair that the principal likes to brush.

Karen leaves and her day only gets better from there as Creepy Kyle shows up with a search warrant. He leaves the house in a mess as he slinks out the door empty-handed. Then Karen sits in her husband's favorite chair and finds the cup holder ajar. When she looks inside it she find's Aunt Tara's/Regina's necklace. Did Danny hide it there or did someone else plant it there to frame Danny?

Danny joins the soccer team and is given a hard time by Archie. Turns out Danny is really good at soccer, but Archie can't stand the thought of Danny looking good and hogs the ball during the soccer game, causing the team to lose. Danny confronts Archie in front of everyone about lying where he was the night Regina died. Archie admits Regina arranged a meeting with him with the coach from Marston. When the team finds out they turn on Archie, knowing he planned to abandon them if he could. After Archie walks out, Danny wears an evil little smile on his face. And it's moments like that where you don't know if he's normal or the sociopath he's been dubbed as.

Lacey's mother Judy invites Jo to Lacey's sleep over, much to Lacey's displeasure. When nasty little Sarita finds out she has a cow. Both Sarita and Phoebe give Jo a hard time, but her ears perk up when she hears Regina's mom gave Lacey some of Regina's things. When everyone is asleep Jo goes through it and finds a DVD Regina made of Archie. Jo isn't the only one who thought the inappropriate DVD suggested something going on between Regina and Archie. Just Jo's luck that nasty little Sarita sees Jo take the DVD and the little weasel can't wait to tell Lacey. Lacey demands to know what Jo took and she tells her that Archie lied about his alibi and she thought the DVD looked a bit suspicious. Lacey confronts Archie and she forgives him, then wants to know why Jo is helping Danny. Jo says for the first time in a long time she feels she's getting her life back and doesn't want anything to ruin it.

I think the least likable character on the show is Lacey. Fine, she wanted to be on Regina's mean girl squad when she was alive, but she's dead, so why don't she shake the little mongrel Sarita off like a bad habit The fact she's still friends with this mongrel after what she did to Jo, speaks volumes about her. And now she's added the equally shallow Phoebe to her friends list. And, of course, this is the one Dumb Danny has a thing for. Dude has really bad taste.

When Jo learns her father searched Danny's place, he sort of tells her the truth. He tells her Regina had his dead Aunt Tara's necklace. He also says it was important to Tara for some reason, much like it was to Regina. Rico suggests Regina really did know the real reason Danny killed Tara, but Danny says no one but him knows the truth. Danny offers to let Jo off the hook in regards to helping him, but she decides not to back-off and says they need to find out just where Regina got the necklace.

Strangely the only character I really have started to like is Karen. She's a mother trying to support her son, but evidence keeps coming up that maybe she shouldn't be protecting him, after all. She's being shunned by everyone and she's got Creepy Kyle breathing down her neck. She's really the only sympathetic character on the show. Unfortunately, it hard to look at Denise Richards because the woman looks painfully thin to the point of anorexia.


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