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Twisted -- To Tell The Truth

Updated on August 7, 2013

Hidden truths are revealed

The show seems to have found it's niche and is starting to get interesting. This episode featured a lot of secrets coming out, forcing people to tell the truth.

Karen was still insisting she had killed Regina even though Kyle wouldn't officially charge her for the crime. He did, however, put her in jail for 48 hours. Danny believed his mother was doing this because she still believed he was guilty. It seemed Karen was being driven by guilt over what a horrible mother she was to Danny before he killed Aunt Tara.

When Tess was over visiting one day Young Danny heard Karen say she wished she had a girl instead of a boy and Tess told Karen that Danny thought she meant it. When she tried to talk to him, Danny said he knows she never wanted him. Instead of comforting him and trying to prove him wrong, she said he was a brat and stomped away. So this kind of explained why Danny and Karen have such a strained relationship in the present. Danny doesn't believe his mother ever loved him.

The only good thing Rico the rat did for Danny was to say Karen must love Danny a lot to offer to go to jail for him. While trying to find to find proof that Karen was at home when Regina got killed, Danny finds a lot of raunchy and suggestive pictures Principal Tang sent to Karen in her trash bin. Danny confronts Tang and tries to blackmail him into saying Karen was with him the night Regina was killed. Tang blackmails Danny back, revealing all that Karen's been doing with him to keep him at school. He says as long as Danny keeps his mouth shut, he'll try to keep him in school.

The best part of this episode was the emotional scene when Danny told Karen he knows she loves him and they embraced. When he told her that there are now other suspects who aren't him, she finally recanted her confession.

Jo, Danny and Lacey decided to go to Kyle with the Regina letter and reveal the address it was mailed from belonged to Vikram. Kyle actually did his job and started looking into who was paying the rent on Vikram's apartment and learned it was a company that was using Tara's Necklace as its logo based in Connecticut. He also discovered that the company withdrew the same amount of money that was sent to Regina a few days before her death. And Karen had a flashback where Vikram was thanking her for covering for him while he was in Connecticut and claiming he was really in Manhattan.

With Karen in jail, Kyle made Danny come and live with him, which made Jo's dreams come true. Then Rico the rat's dreams came true when Kyle said if Karen goes to jail, Danny will be shipped off to Arizona to his grandmother. When Rico heard the news he could barely contain his glee, kind of proving his real motives for ratting out Karen to the cops, hoping this would get rid of Danny. Rico even told Jo not to be upset about losing Danny, because she'll still have him. Yep, some controlling little weasel that doesn't want her to grow or have any male friends but him. Joy!

When Lacey's father comes into town for her sister Clara's birthday, Jo offers to come and try to keep Lacey's parents from going at each other's throats like they normally do. She brings up an Easter egg hunt where he dressed as the Easter Bunny when Lacey's parents start sniping at each other over Clara's coach Mitch. So imagine Jo's shock when she opens the closet and sees Lacey's father and Coach Mitch with their tongues down each other's throats. It gives new meaning to the phrase coming out of the closet.

Lacey's dad asks Jo to keep secret what she saw, but Jo can't. Just as Lacey is about to tell Jo about her and Danny, Jo tells Lacey about her father and Mitch. This leads to the man being outted by his entire family.

Kyle doesn't arrest Danny the instant Karen recants her confession and advises Danny to come clean with Lacey and Jo about the necklace. The minute he tells them he found Regina's necklace in his locker after Regina was killed, Lacey quickly turns on Danny, wanting nothing more to do with him. Jo doesn't say anything, but also walks away from Danny.

Meanwhile, no doubt hearing what a great rat Rico is, Rico gets sent the video of Danny and Lacey making out on Danny's couch. I'm sure Rico's cup of joy will overflow. I wonder how long before he'll be showing it to Jo to drive another wedge between her and Danny?

The reason Kyle had decided to back off Danny for the moment, may be more because if he makes an arrest, he'll have to stop investigating the case. Now the Vikram angle has shown up, he wants to keep investigating. That's also why he wouldn't charge Karen. Kyle is also wondering if it's possible that Vikram could be alive since his body was never found.

What I found interesting about Danny's relationship with Lacey and Jo is while he may be playing around with Lacey, it seems Jo actually means more to him than she does. He always puts Jo first when talking about both girls. He also claims he killed Tara to protect Jo.

The big question that still remains is who killed Regina. For some reason I'm wondering if it couldn't be her mother. Something just seems very off about that woman. Then there's Sarita and Phoebe, who both didn't even like Regina. Sarita seems to have some kind of psychotic hatred for Danny and he barely knows her. Maybe she became enraged because Regina was making him acceptable by inviting him to her party and pursuing him? As for Phoebe, she kind of benefited from Regina's death. She was on the outside of the mean girl squad and with Regina gone, she's back in.


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