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Two & A Half Men: Is it Over?

Updated on May 15, 2012

Berta's pregnant daughter shows up

Could this spell the end?

After 8 seasons, Two & A Half Men can be characterized as one of the best comedies on tv in recent times. The show is centered around the life of "playboy" jingle writer Charlie Harper(played by Charlie Sheen), whose life is turned upside down when his brother Allen (John Cryer) and nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones) move in to his Malibu beach house when Allen is dumped by his wife Judith (Marin Hinkle).

Over the years the show takes you through Charlie's sexcapades as he matures from being a womanizer to a man failing at love several times before realizing that his one true love is actually his stalker Rose (Melanie Lynskey).

Unlike the show, which has been very successful over the last 8 years, the main star Charlie Sheen has been on a serious roller coaster ride. First there was his messy divorce from former wife and mother of his 2 daughters Denise Richards and their very messy custody battle which was eventually settled for their children's sake as stated by the actor.

Following this, Sheen's life seemed to pick up as his show had great ratings and was proving to be very successful. From here, Sheen's life continued to pick up as he met and married Brooke Mueller followed by the birth of their twin sons in 2009.

The Downward Spiral

After the high points in his life in early 2009, Sheen's life once again took a downward turn in the latter part of 2009 when he was arrested and charged with domestic violence against Mueller. Since then, Sheen has been in and out of the news and the courtroom, with the show taking several breaks while he underwent rehabilitation treatment.

This however, all came to a head in February 2011 when Sheen decided rant negatively about the show's creator and lead writer Chuck Lorre. This of course led to Season 8 being cancelled with only 4 episodes left to be filmed.

....If that wasn't enough, Sheen once again decided to have a public interview where he demanded that CBS give him a 50% raise for him to return to the show, because the head honchos of the network tried to steal his money and destroy his family.

Is the end in sight?

Well, with all of the acts in front of us, one can easily surmise that it is very unlikely that Two & a Half Men will return for a 9th season. 1. The lead actor pretty much bit the hand that fed him and has insult the creators of the show and the top brass of the network.

2. The main star has pretty much said that he will not retun for anything less than $3 million per episode....I personally don't see him getting that after insulting the bigwigs like that...

3. With is recent rampage, Sheen has lost a huge following and the ratings of the show would most likely decline leading to its unavoidable cancellation.

Although there is nothing to prove that the recent actions of Mr. Charlie Sheen does spell the end of what is classed as one of the best comedies of the 21st century this far, it is possible that he has put the final nail in the coffin and we diehard fans are left to enjoy memories of what was...

Is it over?

Is this really the end for Two & a Half Men?

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    • IM4Keith4sure profile image

      nAnce mUra 5 years ago from Calgary, aLberta ,Canada.

      I know it doesn't seem the same with AShton in taking place of Charlie Sheen, so I do continue watching the reuns I don't mind. I wonder if this is the last of the run, certainly I will be missing it.

    • Bajangyrl2001 profile image

      Bajangyrl2001 5 years ago from Barbados

      I too feel the same, I really don't like the show with Ashton and as a result would usually only watch the old re-runs.

    • IM4Keith4sure profile image

      nAnce mUra 5 years ago from Calgary, aLberta ,Canada.

      I love watching the show and without Charlie Sheen doesn't seem the same.There are reruns, but, I have the TV on to the station with them on. everyday. The show isn't the same with his replacement and so will not watch it all.I am watching the original cast and even if they are reruns I will still watch them.

    • Bajangyrl2001 profile image

      Bajangyrl2001 7 years ago from Barbados

      Well we all know how it is, they all like to milk every situation for all that it is worth even if it is to someone's detriment.

      Time will tell what will happen with then show, although I personally feel that it will die a natural death as most shows do when the main star is replaced.

    • AnnCee profile image

      AnnCee 7 years ago from United States

      I have wondered if the producers were just using up his tragic life for money instead of calling a halt to this sooner. It's awful to see this sort of thing played out on the public stage when MAYBE living with some bad consequences instead of being rewarded millions of dollars to expose his psychodrama to world would have resulted in an outcome more like Robert Downey Jr. is experiencing.

      Now Downey is being mentioned as a replacement. I hope if he is approached he will not go there.

    • Bajangyrl2001 profile image

      Bajangyrl2001 7 years ago from Barbados

      I agree, I found that in this season especially Charlie sheen looked really old and haggard compared to the previous season.

      I also found that with the recent plot, it's almost as if the writers were preparing us for the end of the show.

    • AnnCee profile image

      AnnCee 7 years ago from United States

      I have found I couldn't really enjoy this season. Charlie Sheen killing himself isn't funny. The real man is the character, and it isn't funny.

      I think the show would stand without him.

      He looks old. He looks worn out. His eyes look dead. He looks desperate. He is not funny and he is not cute. It has been like watching a corpse.

      Now his latest outbursts prove he is well and truly on the fast part of the slide.

      God help him.