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A Review of the album "Powerslave" by Iron Maiden

Updated on July 9, 2017

The album cover for the 1984 album Powerslave

Powerslave was one of the albums in the 1980's that helped Iron Maiden establish themselves as a truly great band.
Powerslave was one of the albums in the 1980's that helped Iron Maiden establish themselves as a truly great band.

Track listing for Powerslave

  1. Aces High
  2. Two Minutes to Midnight
  3. Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra) This is an instrumental song.
  4. Flash of the Blade
  5. The Duellists
  6. Back in the Village
  7. Powerslave
  8. Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The significance of the album Powerslave in Iron Maiden's career

Powerslave is the 5th studio album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden and it is one of their most excellent works. Released in 1984, the album’s cover art has an Egyptian style theme to it. It follows their 1983 album Piece of Mind. Iron Maiden was at their peak musically as a band in the 1980’s and this album is one of the most melodic ones they have had along with the excellent bass lines by Steve Harris. The album made its debut at #2 on the UK music charts! The album was released at a time when heavy meal was part of the mainstream in the US. It would not be until 1993 that I began to really get into heavy metal. I really feel that Iron Maiden would reach the peak of their greatness of 1986’s Somewhere in Time as the use of synthesizers is added to the already brilliant melodic guitar work. These two albums really sent Iron Maiden into superstar status and really shows that they may be the greatest British metal band of all time, even better than Black Sabbath. But for now, let's continue discussing why the album Powerslave is so good.

Powerslave: the review: part 1

The opening song of the album Aces High is about being prepared to fight a war using airplanes and whatever methods are necessary to survive. Two Minutes to Midnight was another one of the band’s songs that was released as a single. The best melodies really begin to be heard in the song called “Flash of the Blade.” It is about a person that starts to master the art of sword fighting from a young age. But as the times change, he has to adapt to those changes as he deals with a house that has been destroyed and he sees smoke. However, there is a risk that as he goes out to fight against these evil forces, he may get killed. But in the end, he will be recognized for his bravery. If in the game of basketball they say that you live and die by the jump shot, warriors in ancient times either lived or died by the sword. Flash of the Blade is one of the most melodic songs ever by Iron Maiden.

Powerslave the review: part 2

The Duellists has the same type of lyrical themes as the previous song. However, the song is faster. The song is once again about a person who has to choose between the sword and the gun. He knows that if he wants to engage in a duel, he will not have a chance if his opponent uses a gun. Therefore, both parties resort to using the sword to fight the duel. The title track Powerslave has always been one of my favorite songs ever. The song is about someone that is searching to get the power of immortality. He asks why he must suffer the consequences of death. He thinks that he is a god and should be allowed to live forever. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is one of the band’s longest songs, clocking in at almost 14 minutes long. It has the same title of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem. However, when you write long songs, you must make sure to make them catchy enough to keep the listener interested. The song is decent but not one of their best. Overall, Powerslave should be a very enjoyable listen for heavy metal fans everywhere. The strongest songs include Two Minutes to Midnight, Flash of the Blade, The Duellists, and Powerslave. This writer gives this album a 90 out of 100 points.

The song called Flash of the Blade

Powerslave vs. Somewhere in Time

Which one of these two albums do you like better?

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The song Powerslave


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