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Two Types of Emo Pilots in the Gundam World

Updated on June 1, 2020
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Mamerto Adan is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. He loves toys and knives, and has a martial arts background.

One of the first article I did here is about the many colorful personalities in the Gundam universe. In this mecha world, we could get a bunch of rather interesting, and sometimes repulsive fellows. They range from the charismatic, fascinating, disturbed, demented, murderous, heroic, and everything one could think of. A flawed and more human character is one of the many contributions of the Gundam series to the mecha genre. Before the Gundams came to us, mecha anime tend to focus more on their giant robots and less on the pilots. The Gundam series on the other hand pioneered the use of more complex characters in a mecha series, and for the first-time fans had a glimpse of the human side of the fighting machines. And as the series evolve into a franchise, more of these characters came out, much to the delight, and sometimes to the annoyance of the fans. It’s a good thing though that despite of the repeated themes, the Gundam world still managed to come up with a variety of characters.

And look, the Gundam world even got emotionally hardcore pilots.

People got a mixed reaction in real life when they meet an emo. Depending on the person, people will find them cool, weird, or obnoxious. I did experiment once with the emo fringes, but after a few months I cut it off as it brings itch to my face.

If that’s how people see an emo kid in real life, fans are also divided on their emo pilots in the Gundam universe. At one point, they bring a different dimension to the story, even making an individual series unique. But if done wrong, it could generate hate and ridicule not just on the character, but on the whole series itself. Nevertheless, after watching series after series, these emo pilots could be so different from each other. There are two types of emo pilots here, and it’s up to the fans if they will like it or nor.

But Emo Yumesaki is not in the list

Promotional poster for Emo Yumesaki
Promotional poster for Emo Yumesaki

I’m not really sure what are they thinking when they made her. At first, I thought that she was the result of some random memes, yet she is an actual character in Gundam Build Divers Break. The character is also known as Onoko, and she is the only character that uses a differently gendered avatar. In fact, as I made a research on what she looked like, I was surprised to see a muscular guy instead. But then, it’s just an avatar, and the real person is a pink haired girl in an extremely short pair of lady shorts. So basically, she is a girl that transforms into a Jojo’s Bizarre type guy.

And you might agree that she got a rather stupid name. At least I got a material for my next article (characters with stupidest name).

Now, back to the list.

The Whiny Kid

Get a hold of yourself!
Get a hold of yourself!

The Gundam world got a lot of those, and they did a great job of infuriating the fans. Again, going back to real life, this is what we hate about emo fans. Their being too emotional is dead annoying. These guys need their safe places, or else they will expire. Why? Because a bit of discomfort will trigger their tendencies to whine. They lack the thick skins of maturity, and their oversensitive nature will make people want to choke them so they will toughen up. But most of the time, they just need to shut up because their emotional tirade will drive people nuts. Or worst, people fear they will become like them.

Now, young kids were drawn to the emo subculture because they are free to voice their teenage angst. Overtime a mere expression of teenage frustrations slowly devolve into a snowflakes subculture. But even before the world knew of the emo, it was already a thing in the Gundam universe. Bright Noa had to slap a certain kid to put him to his place, after he refused to do his job. Amuro Ray was a heroic pilot, but he was having some issues back then, and someone needs to man him up. I mean get a hold of yourself man! Stop whining!

Please don't make another character like Shinn!
Please don't make another character like Shinn!

And being whiny is exactly what they are. These Gundam emo pilots are people bursting with uncontrolled emotions. They are emotional, moody, and hostile to their fellow characters. And going back to their tendency to rant, they do that without a solid reason. It’s no surprising that we might find them in tears most of the time. And at some point, they are more of a crybaby than other female characters in the series. They are even capable of doing stupid acts, as basically their uncontrolled emotions made them less functional.

Amuro Ray was exactly like that before he got slapped by Bright Noa But years later we are introduced to the biggest whinier of them all, Shinn Asuka. I won’t dig into the details on why, because the mere mention of his name is enough to remind us of his many stupid misadventures. And after Gundam SEED Destiny, is Gundam 00. Seemingly as a foil to the more subdued emo Setsuna is the ever annoying Saji Crossroad. He behaves like a toddler in tantrums and Tiera Erde had to do a Bright Noa and b***slap the dude.

The Quiet Murderer

I will kill you!
I will kill you!

Yet, another aspect of being a fully-fledged emo is being quiet and reserved. Real life emo subcultures are often identified with gothic lifestyle. We could see long fringed dudes and girls donning black, wearing dark cosmetics, and sporting silver jewelries. And in keeping up with the gothic nature, some emo people will keep things to themselves, to express an air of mystery and moodiness. And did I mentioned that they tend to have an interest on death and the macabre?

Now, quiet emos are just a recent thing in the Gundam world. In fact, we only knew them during the 90 thanks mostly to Gundam Wing. Whatever the series is, they share a common trait. Their subdued nature is meant to conceal a darker past, or a harsher life in the case of Iron Blooded Orphans. The emo trait is also meant to convey an eccentric personality. But as a saying goes, introvert in the outside, fiery on the inside. Because beyond their mysterious demeanor is a somewhat violent nature. The silence seems to be a way to express an air of danger, and these guys won’t think twice of murdering you. In fact, these types of emo pilots are some of the most homicidal dudes in the Gundam world.

Setsuna F Seiei, and he is the Gundam.
Setsuna F Seiei, and he is the Gundam.

Gundam Wing, despite having flaws became a memorable series thanks mostly to its doujinshi pilots. The subdued Heero Yuy and Troa Barton are some that is hard to forget. And years later, Gundam 00 gave us Setsuna F. Seiei. He seems to be an upgraded Heero Yuy, or a Heero in a parallel universe. From the personality to the brutality, he is basically Heero but only more well defined. And joining him is Allelujah Haptism, a man with dual personality and a funny name. And lastly is Mikazuki Augus, best remembered in the Iron Blooded Orphans as a formidable pilot, and his murder of hapless hostages.

And did I mention that a lot of them are Bishounens?


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