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Tyler Childers : Upcoming Artist

Updated on September 15, 2018

Raised in Kentucky

Tyler Childers was raised in Louisa, Kentucky, a small community located near the state's border. Where Kentucky land turns into the Big Sandy River and washes up on the banks of West Virginia.

The 29 mile river known as The Big Sandy River ends and splits into Levisa Fork and Tug Fork, and Childers hometown, Louisa, is located right above the fork. The Big Sandy River and The Tug Fork River form the boundary between the two states along its entire course.

I don't know why,

but every time I cross that river -

Lord, there's something tears me up,

and make me wild"

— Tyler Childers

Early Influences

From an early age, Childers was influenced by his dad's music choices. He grew up listening to artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival and other Southern Rock. His parents took him to attend a lot of concerts and show while he was young, and he began collecting vinyl records sometime in high school.

Childers was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and his favorite part of the service was the singing and the hymns. His Grandfather also heavily influenced his love for music, especially bluegrass. Childers states in an interview with the blueskitchen that his grandfather bought his his first guitar when he was five years old, however he didn't start taking it seriously until he was about 13.

Childers also had an early love of writing and reading, and he began to write stories at a young age. So whenever he picked up the guitar, songwriting just seemed to come naturally to him.

After highschool, Childers moved to Lexington Kentucky where he met up with a lot of people who undoubtedly influenced his music career.

Tyler Childers
Tyler Childers

Music Career

Tyler is a songwriter and has been performing and recording his music since sometime around 2005, and it was obvious to see that he is a natural at it. Many of his songs capture a story with a the sound of a Country Bluegrass Classic. Childers says he writes for himself first, and therefore he isn't sure how to categorize his music into a specific genre.

He released his first album, Bottles and Bibles, in 2011. It features some of his most popular songs, including Hard Times and Good Thing Windin Down.

His album, Purgatory, was released in 2017. However somewhere between that time he produced several other popular hits on kind of a series of demos that he recorded while trying to perfect his album.

Tyler Childers and The Food Stamps
Tyler Childers and The Food Stamps

If you look around, you can find a lot of videos of Tyler playing music with a lot of different artist. He seems to have little jam sessions just about everywhere he goes.

New Album Release

Some of Tyler Childers most recognizable songs are Whitehouse Road, Nose On the Grindstone, and Hard Times. He seems to stay busy touring, but there is talk that he may be releasing a new album soon. I've noticed there seem to be a lot of songs leaked from shows that don't seem to be on any albums yet, and hopefully that is definitely a sign that there is more great music to come.

Tyler Childers
Tyler Childers

Personal Life

Tyler Childers is married to fellow artists, Senora May. They have been collaborating on music together and she is featured in Childers popular song, Jersey Giant, which has not been released on an album yet.

Tyler Childers
Tyler Childers

Check back for updates on new albums and music from Tyler Childers on this site, and be sure to follow him on instagram to stay up to date with him as well @TimmyTyChilders

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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