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Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls Movie Review (2007 Movie)

Updated on February 3, 2020
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Movie Review of Daddy's Little Girls the movie


Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls Movie Review (2007 Movie)

Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls Movie Review (2007 Movie)

Daddy’s Little Girls is a movie that stars Idris Elba, playing the character Monty. This movie is interesting in many ways and was a bit riveting at times.

Recently, I watched this movie, Daddy's Little Girls for the second time. The first time that I saw Daddy's Little Girls the movie was several years ago. Since Daddy's Little Girls the movie was airing on regular television this time, there was no pause button for the video. I just attended to other things during commercial breaks. During some of the scenes of Daddy's Little Girls the movie, I wanted to get up and check on some things in the kitchen but the movie was so interesting, I couldn’t be pulled away. That is what I mean by some of the scenes in Daddy's Little Girls the movie were riveting.

The basic premise of this movie, Daddy’s Little Girls is an interesting one indeed. The long story short is that basically,

  • the character Monty played by Idris Elba falls in love with a lawyer named Julia, played by the actress Gabrielle Union.
  • She is the same lawyer that helps him to win custody of his three daughters in a court battle.
  • Monty has three daughters, ages 12, 7 and 5.
  • The mother of all three of his daughters was his childhood sweetheart with whom he spent several years. He says that together, they had big dreams and with Monty’s mechanic skills, he wanted to one day open up his own mechanic shop.

In Daddy's Little Girls the movie, as Monty narrates his story and mentions this part, Gabrielle Union’s character Julia encourages Monty to do so, telling him that he can still open up his mechanic shop one day. Monty lets her know that he spent all of his savings on raising his three daughters so far.

The girls’ mother somehow along the way drifted apart from Monty in a most extreme way. Some time between their time in high school together and present day in the film, the mother of Monty’s daughter got heavily into drug using, drug dealing, and prostitution. It’s quite extreme as within the plot of Daddy's Little Girls the movie throughout, this mother of three makes no attempt to clean up her act and there is even reference to her grooming her oldest daughter, the 12 year old to similarly get involved in this criminal lifestyle! It is very disturbing indeed.


Opening scenes of Daddy's Little Girls the movie

The film, Daddy's Little Girls opens with Monty's daughters’ maternal grandmother babysitting them. Monty finishes his work shift at a mechanic shop (that he, himself does not own but works at) and going home to his daughters who greet him enthusiastically and lovingly and ask him to take them to the movies. One of the little actresses playing one of Monty’s daughters is very recognizable as a child actress that also acted on the television show House of Payne.

In Daddy's Little Girls, Monty speaks briefly with his daughters’ babysitter, their maternal grandmother and even though she is Grandma, he offers her payments for her time babysitting ($200 so far for the week and says that he will give her the rest later).

She coughs a whole lot and he encourages her to take care of that cough. She is surrounded by bottles of medication as she sits at the table in the kitchen and she sullenly reveals to Monty that she is dying of lung cancer.

A look of shock comes across his face and he asks why she did not tell him this before. She views her daughter, the young girls’ mother as an incompetent mother and urges Monty to be the one to take care of them, not leave them in her daughter’s hands.

In Daddy's Little Girls the movie, at the burial of her own mother, the mother of Monty’s daughters shows up and makes a scene with an entourage of thuggish looking people. She is feisty and loud as she complains about: how could people fail to notify her about her own mother’s death and funeral? She threatens Monty and talks about how she plans to fight him for custody of her daughters.

Daddy's Little Girls the movie stars Idris Elba and Gabrielle Union

Daddy's Little Girls
Daddy's Little Girls | Source

A visit to the hospital

In Daddy's Little Girls the movie, temporary custody of the little girls is indeed granted to the little girls’ mother when at some point, on Monty’s watch, he briefly left the little girls alone at home, thinking that the 12 year old girl was old enough to responsibly watch the younger two girls.

One of the little girls starts a small fire at that time and all three of the girls have to go to the hospital and be kept for observation due to smoke inhalation. In the hospital waiting room, there is a big argument between Monty, his children’s mother and her “entourage”.

In Daddy's Little Girls the movie, the character Julia also ends up being in the hospital waiting room at this time because somewhere along the way, her and Monty’s paths crossed as he was hired as her driver.

  • He took on being a driver as a second job with hopes to better provide for his daughters but Julia was getting very frustrated with Monty as she found him to be very unprofessional at his job.
  • Despite the fact that he was not supposed to use his cell phone at the job, he took the emergency call while he was driving and learned that his daughters were in the hospital.
  • Monty did an immediate U-Turn with Julia in the car, so that he could get to the hospital as quickly as possible. She was having a hissy fit about it and telling him to take her home but she was pretty much ignored.

Monty and Julia fall for each other in Daddy's Little Girls the movie

Subsequently, Monty needed to hire a really good expensive family lawyer (not one of the free ones, in his opinion), if he were to have any chance of regaining custody of his daughters. He had a consultation with the lawyer, Julia and he hugged her, thanking her for giving him “hope”.

This lawyer, Julia and Monty eventually fall in love and date each other with a brief hiatus in between when Julia felt like she had to break up with Monty over a scandalous issue of his criminal history. It turns out that Julia had not taken the time to learn that he had to go to jail for a crime that he did not commit, a crime that he was falsely accused of, not rightly accused of. When she learned the truth, she agreed to take on his case again as well as date him again.

By the end of the movie, Monty has custody of his daughters and is still going strong in his relationship with Julia, the lawyer that helped him to gain that custody.

Movie: Daddy’s Little Girls

Directed by Tyler Perry

Starring Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba among other well known actors, a gifted cast

Rated PG-13

I rate it 3/5 stars


Have you already seen this movie as well? If so, what would you rate it?

Cast your vote for Daddy's Little Girls movie

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