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Tyler Perry's New TV Show Consist of an All White Cast

Updated on August 1, 2016
Too Close To Home image which resembles The Haves and Have Nots really close.
Too Close To Home image which resembles The Haves and Have Nots really close. | Source

When He First Started...

When Tyler Perry first started, he started on the stage. His plays sold out continuously once his name began to grow, and create an brand for itself. The plays consisted of social issues, and situations that engulfed the black community within the United States, issues such as church, adultery, interracial relationships, older generation versus the younger generation, so on and so forth.

Lionsgate took notice of the popular Tyler Perry productions, and soon he was offered a contract to do movies with Lionsgate, the usual three movie contract. The first movie to come out under Tyler Perry was Diary of a Mad Black Woman which featured Tyler Perry's famous character, Madea. The movie is based on the play of the same name and was released into theatres in 2006. And with a budget of 5.5 million, and garnering more than 50 million in the box office, the movie was an box office success. As a result of the success of the movie, we began to see more of him, more of Madea as well.

Around 2007, Perry started to release movies with a more serious tone such as Why Did I Get Marry, which held an cast of respectable actors including Tyler Perry himself and Janet Jackson. The movie once more made about 55 million in the box office. That number is pretty much the same number all the way through, the movies usually range from 40-60 million in sales.

While still making movies, Perry went into making shows for channels like TBS and later OWN with shows like Meet the Browns, House of Payne, For Better or Worse, Haves and Have Nots, and the list continues. All of his shows are still on-going except for Meet the Browns, and House of Payne. His shows do extremely well for their respectable channels; usually an episode on an average show will get about 1 million to 2 million views per episode.

Things Took a Turn...

In the year 2012, Tyler Perry crossed a new threshold with acting in Alex Cross, an character based on by the books from James Patterson. The movie was made with a 35 million dollar budget but was only able to gain 34 million in the box office, not even making a profit. An though he was able to jump back to his regular 50 million in the box office with the release of Madea's Christmas, Single Mom's Club didn't fair so well either. It was the lowest grossing movie of Tyler Perry's career, making only a mere 16 million. However this was also his first movie where the cast was diverse with both blacks and whites as the main cast.

After the bomb of The Single Mom's Club, Perry began to focus more on acting with titles such as Gone Girl which was an box office success, and in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast.

The Single Ladies Club only made 16 million in the box office.
The Single Ladies Club only made 16 million in the box office. | Source

From Black to White

In the year 2016, TLC approached Perry to create a show; TLC is apart of the Discovery family along with the OWN network, owned by Discovery Communications, owned by NBC Universal. The show was set for eight episode series. It will be his first show with an all white cast!

This is a big deal because Perry was known for casting black actors who wouldn't normally get major roles within the typical Hollywood movie especially black women, whom he wrote as the main focus of many of his films. Hollywood didn't take too well to his projects but he was willing to do what many weren't within the industry. He also created a studios, Tyler Perry Studios in 2006, the home based in Atlanta, Georgia, which gives young black and other people of color opportunities to work within the film industry.

Fans are mixed at why Perry would do this, as in why he would have an all white cast. Some said he was selling out while others were saying he was playing by the book, playing the business and that's how Hollywood works. Others are complaining that the show is pretty much a Scandal knock off; which is seen by obvious similarities. Viewers are calling it the 'White Scandal'.

It's good to see Perry mixing things up, and doing new things, but it still leaves the questions, why must there be an all white cast, an all black cast; why can't there be diversity of all ethnic groups, and racial groups within a show? After all we live in America, and America is one big melting pot of those from numerous backgrounds so why can't we see this in shows and movies? When it happens, it's rare, and it makes you think something must be happening if Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, can be the highest paid actor in Hollywood and he's not white. Regardless, many of Tyler Perry's long time fans from when he first started on the stage, still give him their full support, and success!

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    • LoriBracket profile imageAUTHOR

      Lori M Brackett 

      4 years ago from USA

      I too think this is great, he's mixing it up but it still saddens me we still lack diversity within shows. The 90's had more diversity among cast members than now. Are we becoming more segregated as a country when it comes to race, does the audience prefer shows with an all white this, all black that, all Asian this? I wish we could have more color blind casting and I think this show would have been a good candidate for it and disprove the stereotype that only white people leave in trailer parks.

      The show does have one black female which I think its good, he's still giving roles to black women since they're so hard to come by for them.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I guess it all depends on whether the story line demands a single-race cast. There's no way you could have a color-blind cast for "A Raisin In The Son," for example. The positive side of this is that Perry is breaking the barrier that black directors/producers can only do projects that are aimed at black audiences. To me, this is a step forward.


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