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Tyler Perry's: Temptation

Updated on May 6, 2013

If you are in need of a good drama then check out Tyler Perry's: Temptation. It came out on March 1st 2013 and stars; Kim Kardashian, Robbie Jones, Vanessa Williams, Brandy Norwood and Kim Kardashian.

The movie starts off with a marriage counsler, counseling a women who is starting to have an affair on her husband. The marriage counsler tells the story of her sister Judith and how Judith's affair ruined her marriage and made her life take a turn for the worst.

Judith has been with Bryce since she was young. In her 20's she knew it was love and they got married. Later on in her marriage she felt that she wasn't getting appreciated by her husband. He never stuck up for her or supported her career. One day at her job a client Harley (Jones) comes in. She starts to work with him and feelings slowly develop. He is everything that a girl could ever ask for in a guy or is he? A love triangle starts to develop and then she makes a mistake that permently changed her life.

Tyler Perry's: Temptation has been in theaters for almost over two months. So if you still want to see it hurry up while it is still in theaters. Otherwise grab it as soon as it is on DVD. It is a must see and perfect for you and your friends and could even watch with your guy. It might make you and your guy appreciate each other more.

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