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Types of Music Fans

Updated on December 28, 2010

In my relatively limited time in this world I have observed many different types of music fans and the music they tend to like. So I am here to break it down for you in a way you can’t help but agree with. 


1. Popular Music Fan

This person pretty much loves anything that comes on the radio or MTV which is mainly rap and hip-hop. They also love songs like Hey, Soul Sister by Train or even the latest John Mayer track. Some would consider their musical taste to be rather shallow in that they just like whatever comes their way. The weird thing is that these people seem perfectly happy just listening to this music. This person enjoys the main-stream and they are fine with that.

2. Indie Music Fan

 This person tries to avoid the main-stream and go to something different, weird, and unique. They try to find that sound that is different from any of the popular music coming out. Sometimes it is a really simple folk song that takes you back to a simple time. Other times it is an odd techno song that is super catchy. These people try to talk about their music to you but you have never heard of any of the artists and they have never heard of yours. Some would say they are music snobs thinking their music is different and better then everyone else’s. But that is just the way it is and they love their music.

3. The "I Love All Music" Fan

These people don’t have a favorite music genre or anything, you ask what their favorite music is and they say I pretty much like everything. So you try to talk about your favorite band and they know nothing about them. These people have a broad scope of the music out there but specialize in nothing so you can’t go deep into their music interests. My theory is they say they like everything to seem cultured and well versed then learn enough about each genre to fit the label. Sure there are the occasional few who just love music and listen to a lot of it from many different genres, and that is respectable.

4. The Narrow Minded Fan

These people basically have one genre they like and almost exclusively listen to that. Whether it be rap, hip-hop, screamo/hardcore, or country. They know what they like and are sticking to it so much that you would just be wasting your time showing them something else. Usually they will even have similar dress as the artists they enjoy. These people are narrow-minded in their musical tastes and what they think is good but it’s their choice and that’s that.

Big Music Fans
Big Music Fans


There is just a few stero-types of the different type of music fans. There are many other types out there and that is the great thing about music, everybody can have their own unique style. I am not trying to label people just because, I know people like these and it is somewhat humorous. This hub can be informative if you agree with me or just entertaining if you don’t agree with me. Thanks for reading, hope it was enjoyable.


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    • marieparie profile image

      Marie Francine 5 years ago from California

      How cool is that. It made me laugh reading it and I'm a POP Artist, ahhahah i love the fun of it,

    • teenmusicscene profile image

      teenmusicscene 6 years ago from Texas

      Haha yeah, how could I? I know, whether you like their music or not, they can be pretty cool socially.

    • profile image

      limpopo 6 years ago

      Nice! You are one of the few who doesn't hate on indie fans :D hipsters do get annoying, but most of indie fans are awesome people who have great taste in music