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Tyron Georgetown

Updated on April 27, 2015

Is the new kid Tyron Georgetown finally on his way to fame? The upcoming star Tyron Georgetown is finally rise to the top, just 2 years ago Tyron landed his first role in a movie called Battle Los Angeles  from then on Georgetown has set higher goals for himself as an actor, and it all started from simple talk from one of cousins who quoted “don’t ever let anyone tell you that you will never make your dreams come true cause the only person that can stop you is you” a simple talk turned into a life changing revelation. From then on out Tyron Georgetown has been determined to achieve his lifelong goal as the newest Disney Channel Star. So I believe we all can say that this kid Tyron Georgetown is finally on his way, and hopes that his success will be an example to all the dreamers out to go for their dreams head on.


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