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U-KISS DoraDora Mini Album Review

Updated on June 20, 2012
DORADORA album cover
DORADORA album cover | Source

Quick Background of the Group

U-KISS was formed in 2008 by NH Media as a seven member boy band. The original members included Alexander the original leader sub vocalist and main rapper, Ki-bum a sub vocalist and rapper, Kevin the main vocalist, Eli a sub vocalist and lead rapper, kiseop a sub vocalist, main dancer and visual, Soo Hyun the lead vocalist, and Dongho the maknae (youngest), sub vocalist and sub rapper. The original group put out six mini albums and two full length ablbums together. 2010 brought about two dramatic changes for U-Kiss. Alexander and Ki bum left the group and were replaced by AJ a former member of Paran ( another NH Media Group) and Hoon a solo artist.

Since the dramatic change U-KIss has put out One full length Korean album, and made their Japanese debut, along with several singles and mini albums.

Promotional Photo
Promotional Photo | Source

Dora Dora

DoraDora is the sixth mini album from U-kiss, and the second from U-Kiss with their new members. DoraDora was released on April 25, 2012, and includes six tracks, five of which are songs and the sixth being an instrumental. DORADORA also includes the track TICK TOCK which was original a Japanese track from U-KISS's Japanese Debut.

The Mini Album itself goes for a dance pop feel and the album as a whole flows along the same lines with one awkwardly placed ballad.The pop hook song flavor of the album is surprising because NH Media had stated that the member change up was made to give U-KISS a fresh start and to get away from hook songs.I am sure NH Media realized if it ain't broke don't fix it, and decided to go back to U-KISS's original sound.


DoraDora - Is the first tack on the mini album, and also the promotional track for U-KISS. The lyrics are very catchy, with an underlying sultriness and really flow from upbeat an upbeat chorus to mellow pop verses. The rapping was also very well placed, but I prefered Dongho's rap to Eli and AJ's. For some reason the combined rapping of Eli and AJ didn't flow.The song offered a few surprises, like Kiseop having a few singing parts, and more of Hoon singing in combination with Kevin then it had Soo Hyun singing. This song was a really good opening to the mini album as well as being a hook song, that NH Media reportedly wanted to stay away from.

Individual Score: A

4U-The song itself was written by fellow K-pop artist Jay Park. You can really feel the Jay Park influence in the song, with its dance, club, pop music fusion. Jay Park opens the track introducing them and makes small appearances throughout the song. The song is a mix of singing and rapping, and is more in line with what is trending in dance music in the US. Compared to DORADORA this is a softer track, and seems a bit weak. The transition from Kevin, Soo Hyun and Hoon singing to the rapping, is not smooth. It sounds like the rapping interrupting the singers. Overall the song is not great but not horrible either

Individual Score: B-

When Love Stops- Is the only ballad on the mini album. I know that for many artist showcasing the groups ability to sing is important. But I feel this ballad is out of place on the mini album, that's other tracks are just dance tracks. Looking at the song with out the album, this would have been a great single. Every one in the group is showcased and can be heard. It is soft and sweet sounding, and really conveys the emotions of the lyrics. This really should have been a single release or the title track to a mini album that better suited the sound and feelings represented in the song.

Individual Score - B+

Amazing- This song matches the intensity of DORADORA, and rounds out the middle of the mini album well. It has a strong synthesized dance beat and makes you want to get up and dance. The singing on the track is really good and matches the music behind it. This is by far the second best song on the mini album. It's musically forward for K-pop,and if U-KISS were to stay with this sound and style, they could bring a new aspect to K-POP that hasn't been done in the past.

Individual Score: A

Tick Tock (Out of Time) (Korean Version)- I have to preface this with if they didn't want me to compare it to the Japanese version, they shouldn't have made a Korean version. With that said, the song gives a completely different feel then the Japanese version. The song has the same infectious "TICk TOCK" line, and the flow is mellow at first then erupts into a full blown dance track. The song also has more English then the Japanese version. Their is a slight difference in the pace of the lyrics. Over all this song is not my favorite, but completes the album, tying together the middle dance track amazing, and DORA DORA. I just think if you like the Japanese version better this one will ruin it for you, this is about getting love and chasing after it, rather then the hardships of betraying a relationship.

Individual Score: B

U-Kiss Official Youtube Channel

Music Video

The Music Video for DORADORA complemented the song very well. The upbeat dance track's underlying sultriness is played upon in the music video. There are a few interesting dance moves, but over all the music video went with the song.


Clothing- In the music video there is two group outfit was white with variants on the members from white shirts with no sleeves to half sleeves, and pant splattered pants. The other group outfit was also white but had more variations, some even had a black and white patterns. colored pants.Some of the stand out individual out fits were on Kevin, and Kiseop. Kevin's had two of the most stand out outfits in the mv, his first outfit is a white shirt some black pants and red shows, but the stand out is his jacket. It looks like the Sherlock homes cape, but with sleeves. The jacket is short in the front and longer and flowing in the back. His second stand out outfit, is black pants,black shoes and a skin tight long sleeved red shirt. This second outfit helps him stand out more than anyone else in the chorus. Kiseop in the dance scenes was dressed in an eye popping red vest contrasted by a black long sleeved undershirt and black pants

Scenery- The scenery is comprised of five different scenes. The first and opening scene is an room splattered in paint with a couch in the middle. The mv then transitions to a black ares with white lighting giving a feeling of depth, and emptiness. The next seen is like a white entry way with some blue trimming. My most favorite scene is the room scene, it gives the feel of a boys room, but it also gives a topsy turvy an illusion. The last scene is another dark room, with a wallpapered background that looks like photos fixed in a collage in the background.

Dance - I really found the most dance in this music video off putting. The first reason is in the vast amount of pelvic thrusting in the music video. Its not just normal boy band pelvic thrusts, its pelvic thrusting at every angle. Also there was a lot of face and body touching, these combined with the body wave, did not feel masculine. The upside was the cool dance movements between the pelvic thrusts, and body touching, when they jump in the air and do a break down of individual movements. Other then that the video was a bit awkward with the dancing.

Story Line- There was no story line, and I feel this video did not need it. It is ultimately a dance track and the lyrics are not to deep. It was better with out a story line.

Likes- I really liked the fact that Kiseop and Dongho got bigger parts then they usually do, a lot of times they were front and center. I also liked that the song went with the music video. The outfits were also good.

Dislikes-I didn't enjoy the dancing, it felt very effeminate rather than masculine. The dancing pretty much ruined the video for me.

Individual Score- B+

Overall Review and Score

U-KISS's mini album, gets a average score of a B+. The reason DORADORA got a B+, is not because the album was bad at all, but because the issues that drug it down were very unappealing. But overall this was a good effort by U-Kiss.

What is your favorite Song on the Album?

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