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The survivors have started knitting their own jumpers

Updated on March 9, 2010

Abbie takes a great part

What happens next?

I just want to make it clear - I'm not a TV junkie, I tend to be selective in what I watch and I suppose, when I think about it, I mainly enjoy good dramas and thrillers. Recently I've watched the French police drama Spiral (series 1 and 2) - great stuff!

But my favourite recently has been The Survivors and I think that the second series was even better than the first. Now, the producers are hedging their bets waiting to see the public's reaction. Will there be a huge public outcry if a third series doesn't materialise? The problem is the topic - the population has been virtually wiped out. I mean, what would really happen in this type of situation? I suppose we would all live a tribal existance for a few hundred years until eventually things would either return to some sort of normality or we would all die out. - Not very good viewing! I, for one, don't fancy sitting around for the next hundred years watching people grow their own crops and make their own clothes. That said - I think there's definitely room for at least one more series and that started me thinking - how can it be continued?

My ideas for the next episode

  • Episode 1 - I paid for a return flight and I'm having one!

I assume you watched the programmes otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this, so you will remember that when series 2 ended Tom (Max Beesley) was sitting injured and cradling his machine gun in the back of a plane, heading for the Isle of Wight or some such similar destination. The antidotes had been safely collected and the rest of the "family" were about to search for the missing Tom.

Scene 1

After showing showing a collection of short clips of previous events (in no particular chronological order, as usual) we see Tom lying, drifting in and out of consciousness. We see him try to stand up and then he collapses in a noisy heap. The smarmy guy who's sitting in front of him hears the noise and goes to investigate. Tension mounts as he slowly tries the door - he spots the blood on the wall - "what can it be?" he thinks. Slowly, very slowly, he gradually opens the door. He glances in with trepidation. It's empty! - He breathes a sigh of relief. - Bang! - A serious mistake - he is smashed in the face with the door because Tom's standing behind it. A frantic struggle ensues - the smarmy guy tries every dirty trick in the book, he bites, he scratches, he pokes his finger in Tom's bullet hole. It looks as if Tom has had it but you can never write him off! Just as it looks as if Tom's going into a coma he manages to get his hand free and produce his famous death grip - after a few ghastly gasps Smarmy lies dead. Tom's bloody, battered and gasping for breath - he has to think quickly - he knows he can't go to the Isle of Wight - he hasn't packed his trunks. He's in a dilemma - he only read up to chapter 3 of Teach Yourself to Fly by Douglas Bader so he's not sure where the reverse gear is. Just at that moment his mind is made up for him. One of the security men wanders into the very area of the plane where the fight was going on. He looks puzzled - what could possibly have been going on here? He looks around the room - he looks at Smarmy, who's lying on top of Tom, he looks at Tom who's lying under Smarmy (obviously) "Oops! - Have I just interrupted something here?", he thinks. Tom has closed his eyes, he's playing dead, he looks dead, with all that blood on him and his ability to look expressionless for long periods of time. The security man prods at Smarmy with his foot. He prods at Tom - no reaction. He roughly pushes Smarmy off Tom to take a better look. A fatal mistake. He must have caught a nerve in Tom's leg because it shoots up and catches him painfully in the groin. Tom opens his eyes in time to see the man's face inches away from his, his body involuntarily arched in pain. It's not the death grip this time. A fllck of the machine gun across the jaw is enough to send the man sprawling across one of the empty seats. Tom gingerly drags himself to his feet. He painfully eases the man into a more comfortable position. With just a quick look around the area he opens the antidote case, takes one out and injects it into the arm of the man. That'll serve 2 purposes Tom thinks, it'll keep him quiet for a while and when he recovers he'll want to be my friend.

It's BBC isn't it? O.K. so no adverts. -

Scene 2

Right! - The action cuts to the runway where Abbie, Greg, Anya and, err, the other ones are frantically searching for Tom. "Tom", "Tom", "Tom" "TOM!!" - their shouts grow louder and more desperate every minute. The camera pans out, further and further showing you how futile their search is - by their very nature aerodromes are quite large and this one's in a very countrified area - but what's that in the corner of the screen? The camera pans in very, very slowly - yes, you've guessed it! - It's the lorry driver, Billy Stringer - one of the few roles that wasn't written out of any future series. He's sitting in another lorry, smaller this time - he's learnt his lesson -but he has that same smug look on his face and this time there's another man sitting next to him - an even more evil looking character - and what's that noise in the back of the lorry, could it be the stifled sobs of a number of tied and gagged, semi-clothed women? No it wasn't, that was just my wishful thinking . We have to wait to find out the answer to that, it could be something completely innocent but somehow I doubt it.

Just as we are starting to get bored with the filler bit we are back in the plane. Relief, Tom's always where the action is. By now he's almost fully recovered. He's inching his way towards the front of the plane, the odd stumble here and there but nothing to be too concerned about. Remember, that plane was quite long so there's plenty of opportunity here to introduce a few new characters - is that Greg's wife there being used as an unwilling (and unqualified) hostess? We don't know yet because we've forgotten what she looked like in the first series and she wasn't wearing a stewardesses uniform then. Whoever she is, however, we know she's one of the good 'uns because she makes eye contact with Tom and immediately distracts the two security men who are sitting next to each other talking, nodding and stroking their guns the way security men always do. She bends down in front of them showing her cleavage - no, that's a bit too obvious - she offers them a drink - they readily accept - how nice they think, much better than those low cost airlnes where you get nothing. Clumsily she spills the drink over them but before they have time to complain they are outmanouevered by Tom - they look up to see the barrel of his gun pointing at them. These guys are professionals, they know the score. It's a fair cop, they hand over their shiny weapons to Tom besides, if they co-operate they know there's a (slim) chance that they might get parts in a future episode. They exchange meaningful glances to show off their acting repertoire - one of them realises it hasn't worked, in a last desperate attempt to get kept on he decides to improvise - he surrepticiously slides his hand down his trouser leg and pulls a knife out of his sock. Tom's not having this! - He has no intention of sharing his repeat fees with anyone. A quick prod in the groin is enough persuade the man his acting career is over - at least for this series. We charitably wish him luck for the future - perhaps a scar down his cheek may make him seem more menacing - it seems to work for Rambo. This scene's nearly over, just a few grunts and nods between Tom and the stewardess and Tom's ready to continue his quest. Hold on! We can't leave the scene like that, we need a bit more tension. The other security man has been saving himself for just this opportunity - he lunges at Tom with an even bigger knife. Cut! - We now move on to the next scene.

Scene 3

What's been happening at the aerodrome we wonder? - Well, in truth, not much, but these guys are getting paid nearly as much as Tom so we need to get some quality acting out of them. Abbie's always worth focussing on - am I giving my age away? - She's still distraught about Tom but she's now got Peter so we see them together doing the sort of things that families do after a major catastrophe has wiped out 99% of the population. Yes, she's stroking his hair and telling him how wonderful it is going to be, now that she's found him. Greg's keeping himself busy, he's not too happy really, he was looking forward to making his move on Abbie but now he'll have to adopt the softlee, softlee, catchee monkey approach - he consoles himself with the fact that they have an unending supply of fuel, so perhaps they'll be able to get away to Brighton for a weekend on their own. Anya is sitting staring at a remnant of Tom's bloody clothing. She knows he's a homicidal maniac who beats people to a pulp for pleasure but in a strange kind of way she loves him. Now what's happened to those other two? Yeah - Al and Naj that's them. Well, Al has unfortunately stumbled upon Billy's sidekick so he's lying unconscious. Naj ran to his rescue so he's being bundled unto the back of the lorry, we catch a glimpse of some horrible things in the lorry - use your imagination, then use it a bit more to think of something more horrible - perhaps it's Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand talking on their mobiles. The lorry drives off to the sounds of Billy's Country and Western tape.

Scene 4

Before the rest of them have a chance to realise that Naj has gone we hear and then see a plane, smoke pouring out of it, making a forced landing on the runway - it doesn't look like it's going to make it, there's loads of smoke and one wing is really low. They all look up in astonishment - apart from Al, who's unconscious and Naj, who can't see out of the back of the lorry. The camera slowly pans into each face in turn and then back to the plane - by this time almost vertical and looking like one of the Red Arrows only with grey smoke but here's the stroke of genius - just before the credits role we see that the noise of the plane has attracted the attention of a group of scavengers, an evil-loking bunch of ragtags who wouldn't have looked out of place in Mad Max - cue the dramatic music - role the credits - the end! All that's left is to show a few short clips from next week's episode making sure that they'e been dropped on the cutting room floor to jumble them up.

Now I only have to think of another 5 episodes and convince the BBC that I'm sane.

Best wishes - feel free to add your own ideas. - Max

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    • Maxvon profile image

      Maxvon 7 years ago from U.K.

      Well, if everyone got along nicely it wouldn't make very exciting viewing! - In reality I think that very quickly it would just become a fight for survival, people would do anything they could to hang on to their resources. It certainly wouldn't be a very enjoyable prospect - let's just hope it never happens.

    • CMHypno profile image

      CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

      The thing that I never understand about these human race being annihilated dramas is if nearly everyone has been wiped out, why do they always start killing each other? You would think that they would want to try and keep as many survivors alive as possible? Welcome to Hubpages maxvon, its always good to see another British Hubber.