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Why does Hollywood always butcher Japanese anime series or live action films?

Updated on June 18, 2012

Mach 5 aka Speed Racer

Japanese to American series pt. 2

Ok, this might seem like the other post but it's slightly different. I never understand why Japanese series get butchered by Hollywood. In the movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, It was the PERFECT storyline. Detective Dorai head of Chinese Interpol was knocking down all the smuggling rings including Bison's Shadowlaw empire.

Ok, one thing - Dorai was not a HUSTLER...they made him out to be a shady guy when in fact not only was he an honest detective, but an honest teacher of wu-shu. I don't know why the U.S. made him to be like that - Capcom what the hell were you thinking?????? 2nd of all...Bison does not rule Shadowlao - it's SHADOWLAW!!! 2 big mistakes in the movie - right off the bat. There is just soooooo much wrong, and you can wonder why the movie failed to even make a 1/3 of the money spent on it. I mean, what's so hard about making the film based off the storyline - I mean directly off the storyline. The first Mortal Kombat movie made did just that (copy directly from the original storyline), and guess what? It was a HUGE SUCCESS! Period. I couldn't bother watchin the whole thing - it was that glad I didn't waste any money on

Next film I'd like to talk about is Dragon Ball - wow, ok....Fox....not cool. Goku for one thing needs a tail....he has an interesting hairdo....Bulma is not an assassin or a warrior (however you made it to be). Bulma is an upcoming scientist - can't hurt a fly, but she's extremely intelligent. The rest of the characters kinda fit into their role, but yet another series gone horribly wrong. I mean, I just don't understand why they can't get the story right.

Last but not least Tekken - I still have a little bit of hope. Judging from the trailer, however...hmmm, much to be desired. The trailer shows a few characters like Jin, Heihachi, Christie, Raven, and Marduk, I believe. I like the idea of the trailer - the whole tournament setting, but man...still kind of poor execution. However, I feel that Tekken has the right kind of cast (for the most part) to make it suck less than the films I previously named. I'm just honestly hoping it will be a great film because this is getting tiring.

What I'm trying to say in essence - Hollywood, stop trying to make everything so Americanized when the intent of the series was the complete OPPOSITE. Do you know how many fans of this wanna go out and support those films? I understand you want it to be more viable to the general populous, but realize....billions of dollars were made off the games due to the purity of the series. And the movies just take a lot away, and in turn - guess what? Bad reviews. Bad reviews = people not going to see the movie. People not going to see the movie = them not supporting your film. Not supporting your film = you losing millions and millions of dollars for putting out an extremely whack product. So instead of getting into the trend of producing these kinds of films. Go back to the drawing board, get your story straight, cast your characters that can actually do some martial arts or actually look like the characters and have more than a clue of what their character is about. THEN make your film. Maybe it would not suck so much, and you can actually make profit off of it. Thank you =).

What I really wish they would do is take a look at these fan made parodies! Why? Well, while they might not have the budget of a blockbuster film, they certainly have their hearts in the right place. Take for example, Street Fighter Legacy. It's an excellent take on the true meaning of Street Fighter. No Jean Claude Van Damme with his accent trying to be American. Ken and Ryu are at the forefront as they should be in the ORIGINAL STORY! The visual effects are raw and authentic. The fighting and dialogue are as they should be!

Also, if you are into Tekken and Street Fighter, you might want to take a look at the Street Fighter x Tekken fan film. It's rather cool. If Capcom, Namco, and other big game companies really saw the value of their core audience, it would honestly be a domino effect into the hearts of mainstream America. I mean, look what happened with Mortal Kombat? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li trailer

Dragon Ball Evolution

Tekken Live Action


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