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USA: Home to the World's Most Beautiful Women

Updated on November 12, 2016

Until 1997, America ranked first in the number of beauty contest winners with a total of seven for Miss Universe. The USA is also credited with two Miss World and three Miss International title holders.

Here is the list of winners and their years of reign:

Miss Universe

Miriam Stevenson (1954)

The first American Miss Universe contest winner is Ms. Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson from Winnsboro, South Carolina. Ms. Stevenson is married to Donald Upton. She

worked as Fashion and wedding consultant .They later settled down in South Carolina and they are blessed with two sons.

Carol Moris (1956)

Miss Carol Morris won the Miss Universe Beauty contest held in Long Beach, California on July 20, 1956. She became the second American woman to win the Miss Universe Crown. Miss Morris is from Iowa.

Linda Bement (1960)

Miss Linda Bement won the Miss Universe Beauty contest held at Miami Beach Auditorium, Miami, Florida on July 1, 1960. She is from Salt Lake City; Utah. She is the third Miss USA to win the Miss Universe title. She later married Panamanian-born Manuel Ycasa, a horse racing hall of fame awardee. The marriage later ended in divorce in 1969. They are blessed with 2 sons.

Syvia Hitchcock (1967)

Miss Sylvia Hitchcock won the 1967 Miss Universe title held in Miami, Florida on July15, 1967. Miss Hitchcock is from Lake Wales in Central Florida. She studied at the University of Alabama where she became Miss Alabama and later Miss USA. After her reign as Miss Universe, she married William Carson, an Inventor and they have 3 children.

Shawn Weatherly (1980)

Miss Shawn Weatherly won the 1980 Miss Universe Beauty title held Seoul, South Korea. She was formerly Miss South Carolina and later Miss USA before competing in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. Miss Weatherly has tried modeling and acting where she became a regular participant in Baywatch. She studied at Clemson University in South Carolina. Miss Weatherly married Chip Harris and later moved to Newport Beach, California with their 2 children.

Chelsi Smith (1995)

Miss Chelsi Smith won the 1995 Miss Universe Beauty contest held at Windhoek Country Club Resort, Namibia on May 12 1995. Chelsi was born in Redwood City, California on August 23, 1973. She later moved to Texas to compete in the Miss Texas and later won the Miss USA Beauty Pageant before competing in the Miss Universe contest. After completing her reign as Miss Universe, she tried doing commercials and later did some modeling. Eventually she joined the movie industry as an actress.

Brook Lee (1997)

Miss Brook Lee won the Miss Universe Beauty contest on May 16, 1997 in Louisiana, USA. She was born in Hawaii and later became Miss Hawaii before joining the Miss Universe Beauty contest. Prior to the Miss Universe contest, she pursued a graduate level study in communications at the University of Hawaii. After her reign as Miss Universe, she pursued a career in the movies and television.

Miss World

Marjorie Wallace (1973)

Marjorie Wallace became Miss World in November 23, 1973 at the 3rd annual Miss World Beauty Pageant held in London. Miss Wallace was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She was Miss Indiana before joining the Miss World Beauty contest. Miss Wallace, a model and a very popular socialite was linked to Peter Revson, son and heir to the Revlon cosmetic empire. It was a short-lived companionship as Peter died later in a car accident in Johannesburg, South Africa. Miss Wallace is remembered as the Miss World that was stripped of her title less than 4 months after winning it because of perceived moral issues attributed to her and public statements she made that did not blend well with the beauty contest organizers.

Miss Marjorie Wallace was a picture of happiness and sadness at the same time during her reign. She was happy perhaps because of her winning the Miss World crown. She is a fun-loving girl and was linked with popular celebrities like Tom Jones, Tennis celebrity Jimmy Connors, soccer star George Best, among others. But she was also a picture of sadness when her special friend, Peter Revson was killed in a car accident in South Africa. Her being stripped of her crown as Miss World was perhaps one of the most difficult and sad part in her reign.

Gina Marie Tolleson (1990)

Miss Gina Marie Tolleson won the Miss World title held in London Palladium, United Kingdom on November 8, 1990. She was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She was Miss South Carolina and first runner-up in the Miss USA Beauty contest in 1990. After her term she was invited to host the 1991 Miss World Beauty Pageant and there she met Alan Ticke, a TV personality. Soon after, they got married but ended in divorce in 1999. They have a son. Three year later Gina married Christian Wiesenthal with whom she has 2 sons.

Miss International

America has produced 3 Miss International title holders and they are:

Karen Burcene Smith - 1974

Christie Ellen Claridge - 1982


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