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Uchiha Sasuke Team Hebi

Updated on July 18, 2011

What is team HEBI?

Hebi (means snake) is a group of specialized shinobi created by Uchiha Sasuke having one goal in mind, and that is to kill his brother Uchiha Itachi. Hebi was created to assist Sasuke in achieving this goal. Team Hebi is composed of Uchiha Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo each one is specializing in their own field.

Member Background Information

Team Hebi is composed of 4 elite shinobi having sasuke as their leader. Below is their backgrounds, Personalities and where did sasuke found them.


Suigetsu Hōzuki

The first shinobi that sasuke recruited to his group was Suigetsu, Reputed to be the "Reincarnation of the Kijin"

Suigetsu appears to be indifferent, caring only for a few things around him. He spends a considerable amount of time mocking and/or being beaten up by Karin, the only female member of Taka. Despite showing initial dislike towards his team-mates, Suigetsu has grown fond of them, and was willing to risk his own life to protect them against the Eight-Tailed Beast.

Suigetsu has a passion for collecting exotic swords: he made it his goal to collect all the swords from the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. He took Zabuza Momochi's Decapitating Carving Knife and joined Hebi only to take Kisame Hoshigaki's Samehada. However, his passion doesn't seem to be limited to the seven blades, as he also expressed interest in Darui's sword.

Suigetsu apparently likes to tease animals, as he was seen taunting the talking ninja cats from the abandoned Uchiha warehouse at one point. However, he lectured Sasuke on treating animals better after Sasuke used Manda to escape Deidara's ultimate self-explosion jutsu, which resulted in Manda's death.

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Sasuke and SuigetsuSuigetsu(bottom), Kisame (right), Zabusa(middle)
Sasuke and Suigetsu
Sasuke and Suigetsu
Suigetsu(bottom), Kisame (right), Zabusa(middle)
Suigetsu(bottom), Kisame (right), Zabusa(middle)


Once a subordinate of Orochimaru and was made an assistant in his experiments, later she was made in-charge of one of Orochimaru's bases when the latter was away. Karin was once a former female ninja of Kusagakure.

Karin lived in a small village that was burnt to the ground during a war. She was the only survivor, completely unharmed. Orochimaru found her after and asked how she survived, to which she answered that she could tell that huge groups of people were coming. Orochimaru then brought her to Otogakure, where she served as a jailer at one of his bases. Unlike the rest of Taka, Karin was genuinely loyal to Orochimaru, going as far as to refuse to release Orochimaru's prisoners and, in the anime only, have them killed for speaking of his death, even after his defeat.


Jūgo is the origin of the famous cursed seal or Orochimaru. It was in fact extracted from his body as enzymes by Orochimaru and given to his subordinates as cursed seals.

Jūgo's personality is usually quiet and unassuming, but, when angered, those around him stand little chance of survival. One time, he even became so angry that he devoured an entire village. This has caused others to label him as the "Scales", where anything could tip the balance.

As such, he is able to use its power to its full extent without it eroding his body. Unlike those who have been given a cursed seal, Jūgo is not limited to one transformation, and can enter whatever form is best for the situation. He can change what form he takes almost instantly and can isolate the transformation to parts of his body. If he fully transforms, Jūgo gains a massive power boost, but loses his mind to his murderous side. As with all cursed seal transformations, Jūgo's skin turns dark, with black sclera in the eyes.


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