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Udta Punjab: A Punjabi's Review

Updated on July 3, 2016

Was Udta Punjab worth all the fuss?

Udta Punjab is a movie which went through a lot of controversies. I have seen plenty of movies directed by or produced by Anurag Kashyap like Ugly, Gangs of Wassepur, Dev D, Black Friday and all of these were meant for adult and I would have easily understood if the censor board would have asked some cuts due to the abusive language or violence or but what they really asked for was not even expected even by Anurag Kashyap. He himself would not have expected that they would ask for 89 mindless cuts.

But this time, he showed some faith in his director Abhishek Chaubey and in his movie and battled against the censor board and somehow even managed to release the movie on the decided date thanks to the high court order.

And seeing the reception the movie has got I think all the fuss turned out to be the best thing that happened to this movie because earlier these sort of movies never received a wide range of audience or big reception due to the adult content but thanks to all this fuss the movie was able to get a great amount of audience especially teenagers and college going, students.

(Note: It is just an opinion it is not written in order to hurt someone or any community but if it still hurts someone I apologise.)

Review as a Punjabi

I am calling it a Punjabi review because I am living in Punjab since I was born and that is 19 years. So I do think I can tell if what the movie shows is true or not.

(I was pretty hyped up for the movie from the beginning even before all the censor board drama and once I was ready crisis happened just 2 days before the movie was released. The movie was leaked on the internet and lot of people watched the leaked version at one point I also thought watch it but somehow I managed to control myself from not watching it online and I waited a little more and went for an evening show on 17 June because every time I tried to book tickets theater was already full and I somehow booked the evening show. I was quite amazed by seeing the sort of reception it was getting in Punjab.)

First off, After I watched the movie I did not think even for a single moment that the movie tried to tarnish Punjab's reputation all I was able to think was that the reality it showed, the dark side of Punjab youth was shown. The drug menace which is not a new thing and it has been there for years but has been ignored by the rest of the world. This movie brought that to the forefront.

The movie starts with as discus throwing sportsman from Pakistan tossing a package of heroin from the border. Perhaps I think it tried to show the same drug problem that Punjab is suffering from is also in Pakistan though no reference was made . The movie shows the story about rockstar, a Bihari labour, a cop and a doctor who all somehow knowingly or unknowingly end up being a part of a war against a very strong drug mafia with lots of political connections and as the movie progresses you will see how deep all of this goes.

Shahid Kapoor as Tommy Singh is mind blowing and you will not believe that this the same actor from R.... Rajkumar ,Haider. (somehow I felt like it was more a reference to Honey Singh.). He snorts drugs raps about drugs and parties but when his senses come back he realises what he has done he comes to a conclusion that he cannot do anything on his own.

Diljit Dosanjh as Cop has given an amazing debut and it won't surprise me if gets an award The best debut male actor for this movie, Being a Punjabi I have seen his movies and I have always been a fan of his work. Diljit plays a corrupted cop but wants to change the things from inside the system even knowing he will have to go against his own family and this will make you hoot for him from the beginning.

Kareen Kapoor Khan plays a role of Doctor who does not only want to treat patients but also wants to do something about the drugs problem increasing in Punjab and even if it means she has put her life at risk. Though her role was not very challenging but she did a great job as a lone voice of reason in this grim as hell saga.

Our fourth character a Bihari labour played by Alia Bhatt and if I have to choose the best female actor I think Alia should be given that award because it is her performance that will shake you. And somehow even motivate you as she stays strong even when things were not going well for her. She is the one who is shining the most in this saga.

The best thing about the movie is that while you are watching the movie you will feel like you are watching 2 movies one about Alia and Shahid and other is about Diljit and Kareena. And the movie successfully delivers both the stories without making it feel one is better and other is boring. You will be so much invested in this movie that when you are watching the story of Alia and Shahid you will forget about Kareena and Diljit and when you are watching the story of Diljit and Kareena you will forget about Shahid and Alia, This is the best thing about this movie. It will not confuse you between these two stories and does not forget the plot that is the problem of drugs. The music is given by Amit Trivedi which complements the narrative beautifully and even in the scenes which are having lip sync they are done with perfection.


This movie is not for the weak heart nor for the kids but it is actually for the growing teenagers or college audience because it shows the truth without sugarcoating the movie. And successful conveys the message it wants which I think was easily understandable by all.

And whether it tarnishes or destroy the reputation of Punjab? Only you yourself can decide that either you can accept the bitter truth to deny it and blame this movie for something you all know is true.

My personal opinion after watching this movie is that I don't think it hurts or tarnishes the reputation of Punjab in any way and I know many people will not agree with me but this is a problem which is there whether you want to believe it or not. I don't live in some bad area of Punjab I live in Chandigarh and my hometown is Amritsar and as a college student, I have seen people destroying their lives because of these drugs and some have even lost their lives.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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