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Ultimate Big Brother News 2010

Updated on October 27, 2010

Ultimate Big Brother News

Nasty Nick
Nasty Nick

Ultimate Big Brother News

 Last night Big Brother decided to mix things up a bit by putting Chantelle and Preston back in to the house together where they first met a day before what would have been their four year wedding anniversary, also in the house is Chantelle's rival Nikki Grahame, back in 2007 Chantelle who was supposed to be a friend of Nikki's slept with her then boyfriend Chris Neal, i imagine the house will feel quite uncomftable for Chantelle right now.

Also Brian Dowling went in with a axe to grind with fellow ultimate housemate Nasty Nick after Nick refered to him on his Twitter page as a Eamon hommes lookalike. joining them in the house is Nadia Almada, Ulrika Johnson who was looking extremely thin, Makosi who i am not really sure why is even their, people only really remember her for having sex with Anthony in the pool and then lying about being pregnant, also entering the house was John McCrerick who actualy confesses to fancying Makowsi despite being 70yrs old (Ewww) and lastly Coolio who rapped before he entered the house although forgot his words, Davina says two more housemates will enter the house on Friday but not through the front door she quickly adds.

Today for a task called 'who is she' Nikki Grahame had to feel her way through some old housemates while blindfolded and try and guess who they were, some of the housemates included Anna and Caroline from BB1 and Grace from Nikki's series, and the annoying chinese woman who shouted cookies about 100 times a day. Meanwhile Makosi is back to her usual attention seeking self when she bursts into tears in the bedroom, comfeted by Nadia, Makosi tells her that since John was going on about Religion she has been questioning who she is and she doesnt know who she is anymore, she said she feels like parts of her are dying inside, she then said she feels that the house is another plannet?  John Mccririck has found a friend in Josie, he calls her his boobie number 2 and housemates are teasing her that John fancies her, so looks like we still have our John and Josie romance after all haahaa,

Nadia wants to sing in the Eurovision song contest and Preston has offered to write the song for her so watch this place, meanwhile Nikki has been moaning already about having a headache because she didnt get her 8 hours sleep, Brian and Ulrikka were already speculating in the kitchen about eviction, and coolio was just being coolio by buttering up the ladies. Josie has made friends with everyone, she is sharing a bed with Ulrikka and they have already had a girly chat about John James, Ulrikka was seen washing up in a natural coloured vest top which showed just how worryingly skinny she has actually got. The tree of temptation made a appearence when he told John McCririck who the tree refered to as 'walrus face' that he has to be a nice guy and compliment his fellow housemates in order to have a newspaper delivered to him each day, John protested and asked the tree how he was supposed to get evicted on Friday as he planned, if he was complimentary to the other housemates. The tree told John he'd better play along, or he could be made immune from the first eviction. John replied with "Don't you start that, you can't do that. You can't deny the housemates their nominations or the public their vote. You can't do that." But the tree answered him back with "Oi womble, listen I'm the tree of temptation. I can do what I like." John thought this was funny and said: "I love you actually, you're great fun." But the tree replied "I hate you."



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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment Bigjoeapps :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Cool, I watch the American Big Brother show, It's pretty good this year, and yeah, they are also mixing things up a little from previous years too.

      I hope Brittney or Regean Win this year.

      Anyway, Nice Hub


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