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Box office flop:Uma Thurman's movie grosses £88 on opening night.

Updated on August 30, 2011

Motherhood Flops at Box Office...Again

Uma Thurman's movie grosses £88 on opening night

The Guardian Newspaper, UK reports that actress, Uma Thurman's movie, Motherhood did so badly on the opening weekend, taking in less than £100.The Guardian goes on to say, "It should have been a red carpet event. When just one British cinema was given exclusive permission to launch Uma Thurman's new film earlier this month, the film's producers presumably hoped that exclusivity would create a buzz around the movie."

What could have possibly gone wrong? Having not watched the film, I would have to work with the pecuniary history the film has had to date. The film, reported to have cost $5 million to make, only took in $40 000 when it opened in the United States last October. Working from these figures, reported by The Guardian, one would assume that the film must have lacked something.

Uma Thurman movies

Bad movie scenario?

I have watched many bad films, which I either stumbled upon or followed up after being (aggressively) persuaded by marketing. The fact that it did not do so well begs the question of quality. If it were worthy watching, I am pretty sure some of the people who watched it would have recommended it to a friend or two. In my experience, I if I watch a bad film, I will not tell friend or family about it. I will only comment on it if it comes up in conversation. I would like to think most people like to forget a bad experience as soon as they can! Which makes me feel that it did not make enough of an impact to generate hype. Judging from the trailer I watched on Youtube, it does not look bad at all. Unless the trailers are the product of very good editing.


It could be an issue of marketing in this case, I personally had not heard of the filmMotherhood. One would think that a movie with a star like Uma Thurman would get descent publicity. Marketing platforms have invaded our private lives. Alongside our emails, on social platforms, on blogs and papers on and offline. It seems the marketing failed where word of mouth was also unsuccessful.

Cast popularity

With Uma Thurman, Anthony Edwards, Minnie Driver, and a cameo by Jodie Foster, the cast seems strong enough to draw from a wide demographic.

Whatever happened with the movie, Motherhood, has baffled many people in the industry. From my perspective, heads are going to roll in some marketing department. See full articlehere


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    • Jhemming77 profile image

      Jhemming77 7 years ago from Anywhere there's a party.

      I hope Tarantino casts her in another movie. Their "Kill Bill" collaberation was brilliant