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Under The Dome -- Big Jim Passes The Point Of No Return

Updated on September 10, 2013

Dodee becomes the woman who knows too much

As we slowly cruise into the season finale of this show, I find the only two characters I can stand on the show are Big Jim and Junior. Yeah, sick. I loathed them in the book, but then in the book the other characters were written in a decent matter and the characters on the show are written like village idiots.

Take teen stooge, Angie. Junior is called a psycho but she lives the life more than he does. She's totally enslaved to Mini Dome. It tells her to kill someone, she's all like let's go kill someone. It's what Mini Dome wants and we must give it what it wants. This brainless twit doesn't ever think Mini Dome is bad and instead of giving it what it wants and protecting it, you should be trying to destroy the thing. She can't understand why Junior is like upset because it wants him to kill his own father. She was much smarter in the book when she was kept in a meat locker and being used as Junior's dead play thing. I was kind of wishing that's where she was now.

Then we have her equally idiotic brother Joe who is still going on about Bore-bie being the Monarch, and his seizure sidekick, Norrie, who doesn't blame the dome for her mother being dead. Hey, if that thing hadn't trapped Alice with no insulin and touched a pregnant woman so Alice had to use what energy she had to deliver the woman's baby, Alice might still be alive today. Only Norrie the nitwit doesn't think that, she's too busy being Mini Dome's slave.

The two teen twits run afoul of Big Jim whose after Mini Dome, but they're already hid it with Ben. Nitwit Norrie starts getting all up in Big Jim's grill and finds out her 2 Mommies may put up with her trash, but Big Jim won't. I was actually cheering when her arms got bent behind her back and she got tossed in a jail cell. Then it looked like she tried to stab him like Mini Dome told the brain trust to do, but it didn't do Jim much damage and she told her seizure sidekick they should have killed Big Jim. No, you shouldn't have protected Mini Dome. A dome comes down and traps people and then it's about to hatch something someone with a brain would get that's not a good thing. When something bad happens because of her and her teen twit buddies she can suck it.

Bore-bie went to Dome Slave Angie who was anxious to help him, probably because her brother thinks the idiot is the monarch. Anything for the dome, right, Angie, baby? Anyway, she helps Bore-bie to rescue the Red Head, who he suddenly loves after knowing her for about two seconds. He wants to take Junior out and I'm like what about not killing someone? He didn't want to kill Maxine and that chick wanted to turn the entire population into drugs addicts. But then she also thought sunshine shined out of his butt and Junior doesn't.

Anyway, she helps Bore-bie rescue the Red Head by playing her usual hot and cold games with Junior. This time she was all hot until Junior smells cigarettes on her breath and realizes she's been blowing smoke rings with her buddy Bore-bie. Bore-bie kicks Junior into submission and tells Angie to take off with Big Red. Then Bore-bie gives himself up.

If I had a favorite moment for out resident ineffective Sheriff Linda it was when Bore-bie said he was innocent and she asked is he innocent of Peter Shumway's death. That shut him up good. I'm surprised he didn't use Big Red's blanket excuse for him. Pete wanted to die and I was only giving him what he wanted so that makes me blameless in it.

Big Jim releases the Seizure Twins from jail and they along with Carolyn, who finally decided to come out of the room Alice died in [is Alice still in there? Did they even bury Alice? I can't recall.] and they all rush over to Ben's to see Mini Dome. Meanwhile Mini Dome is giving Ben a migraine by releasing some ear-splitting noise.

While Mini Dome is acting like it's about to explode, Junior is touching on the dome waiting for it to tell him possibly the truth. He wasn't buying what Big Jim was selling him about the Red Head. And he has no idea that his father killed Dodee when she heard the military say they saw Big Jim murder Reverend Coggins. Before getting plugged she showed Big Jim the picture of the egg she took. When she heard the military talking about Mini Dome it came back to her what really happened in the barn. And she told Big Jim. That's why he went after the Seizure Twins, trying to get them to tell him where it was. And he lets them go to find it.

Big Jim wants Bore-bie to publicly admit to being guilty and Bore-bie claims he will, but when he's in front of everyone he declares he's innocent. And that's how they leave it as we go into the finale.

Will the Dome show Junior the truth and will he go along with the other three teen twits in killing Big Jim? Will Jim get his hands on Mini Dome and is that where Mini Dome wants to be?

I still think Big Jim will prove the Monarch since his wife and son were being effected by the dome before there was even a dome. I also think the teen twits that were protecting Mini Dome will realize what a horrible mistake they made as the dome is revealed to be sinister.

It's really a shame what happened to this show, I think of what it could be and see what it is because the show runners thought they could recreate the egg and make it better. Taking the story in a different direction is fine, but they should have kept the characters as they were in the book. There ideas for the characters wasn't an improvement. And there was no purpose for having Alice and Carolyn be a lesbian couple aside from the fact lesbians seem to be in at the moment. As for romance, the Red Head and Bore-bie have got to be the worst couple on the show. Yes, far worse than Junior and Angie. They got rushed into a sexual relationship and aren't written in the least bit realistic way. She acts like he's a hero for whacking her husband and burying him. They're just plain nasty.

Anyway, will the finale be able to bring this show back from the brink and make people want to continue watching next season? Will all the fires that have been set inside the dome finally start to effect the air quality? I guess we'll find out next week.


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