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Under The Dome -- Blood Rain

Updated on July 21, 2014

A biblical plague or environmental disaster

Julia and Barbie continue to have problems when he airs his dislike of Lake Chick and sides with Rebecca. Junior gets a message from his mother. And tensions continue to rise between Julia and Rebecca on their differing views on what needs to be done.

Barbie catches Lake Chick going through her stuff and she claims she knows him from some where. Meanwhile Big Jim is getting himself all gussied up by the local barber, Lyle, who shares some kind of back history with Big Jim. It seems they both had been interested in the same girl: Junior's mother. And up at the cabin Sam I Am tells Junior his mother used to suffer from blackouts like he had and it helped her to go back to where she was to jog her memory, so Junior heads back to the scene of the crime to see if he can recall killing Angie.

Most of the town is gathered to fill out a form. Of course, if they knew what it was really for, they wouldn't put pen to paper. Seems the science teacher has come up with a form to help her decide who are the weakest of the herd and should be weeded out so the strongest can survive. What do you bet that Ruthless Rebecca didn't fill out a form and considers herself the most strongest of all. Rebecca's little lottery of death is interrupted when it starts to rain and the rain is the color of blood and burns you if it touches you.

Rebecca claims she knows why it's happening and she can make it stop, while Lyle thinks it's just another biblical plague. He feels the plague of butterflies was the first one and they're being tested.

Joe, Norrie and Lake Chick go to the school to get Rebecca what she needs and run into Junior. The Internet magically starts working, too. Joe gets an email from his parents telling him he's the man of the house now and to take care of Angie. He doesn't know if he should tell them Angie is dead. When Lake Chick gets all touchy-feely with Joe and calling him sweetie Norrie has had enough and goes for her throat. Meanwhile Junior gets a video email from his not-so-dead Mommy telling him she's not dead and to go to Lyle for answers.

Going to Lyle may not be an easy matter at the moment, as he's gone all psycho drug addicted Reverend Lester. He stands in the road so Big Jim will stop his car and then yanks him out of the car and dumps him out in the blood rain, while he takes off with Rotten Rebecca. Then he proceeds to give her a little baptism by fire by pouring blood rain on her. She tries to fake being converted to his way of thinking, but he's crazy not dumb and is about to send her to kingdom come [which for the safety of all the people she's going to judge as weak members of the herd who should die would keep them all safe.] Only Barbie and Julia comes save the vile varmint.

Julia talks to Lyle as one Dome Head to another and she almost talks him down, but Rotten Rebecca throws a bed pain full of blood rain at him and he's taken down. Junior finds Lyle in jail and wants to know what he knows. Lyle, crazy like a fox, and wants to broker a deal. If Junior lets him go, he'll tell him what he wants to know.

Back at the school, Lake Chick knows the locker combination to the locker Angie looked into before being axed. The kids think that means it used to be her locker. When they look through old school year books they find a picture of her. Only it's from 1988. So she may have died 25 years ago and now has come back from the dead for some reason. But wouldn't Sam I Am recognize her if he went to school with her and he had something to do with her death?

Meanwhile Julia's finding out just what Rotten Rebecca has been whispering in Big Jim's ear and she's horrified. She realizes what all those forms they were having everyone in town filling out and just what they're planning to do with it. Julia's even more horrified when Barbie isn't horrified by what Rotten Rebecca is suggesting.

The funniest line had to be Julia declaring she feels like she doesn't know Barbie. Seriously? Has she forgotten this is the dude that killed her husband? I know she rewrote the whole thing as Peter wanted to die and so Barbie did him a favor and him killing her husband didn't count so she could keep on sleeping with Barbie, but time to wake up and smell the coffee, sister. Barbie aint a nice guy. And he's just as ruthless as Big Jim and Rotten Rebecca and he'll also do what he has to do to survive. Even if that means killing townspeople who have been classified as weak members of the herd.

On a serious note, is this like the most rotten morally corrupt town on the planet or something? Even Sam I Am who initially came off as a good guy may have killed someone. Junior is a psycho that kidnapped his girlfriend. Big Jim's a drug pusher. And we don't even know just what the so-called science teacher is guilty of. I mean, she's jumped to the conclusion that people need to die so the rest of them can survive awfully quickly. Wonder who she's killed?

I hate to say it, but the episode was a lot better than the first couple. A lot of the reason it's better is, and I hate to say it, because Rotten Rebecca. She's brought a little realism of the situation into the show and is a good counterpoint to the Dome Heads who are preaching if we all just believe in the Dome and do what it wants everything will be A OK. Tell that to Linda and all the others who the Dome has already whacked for the greater good. The fact she was able to stop the Blood Rain by whatever it was she did is going to have the townspeople looking to her for answers instead of believing in the Dome. So Julia is going to have quite a problem trying to get people in the Dome when Rebecca has proven in the case of the blood rain [and possibly the magnetism as well] that there's a scientific explanation for what's happening and the problems can be fixed through believing in science not faith.


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