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Under The Dome -- Day 2

Updated on July 2, 2013

Maybe the Dome scrambled Junior's brain?

Junior has rewritten in his twisted little mind how and why Angie dropped kicked him into the outfield. In his altered version of things the Dome scrambled Angie's brains and made her dump him. Never mind that Angie dumped him before the Dome descended over Chester's Mill. When she tries to escape from Big Jim's fallout shelter, Junior chains her ankle to the bed. Okay? Who has a chain a manacle attached to a bed in a fallout shelter? It makes me wonder if Big Jim hasn't used that place to keep other people prisoner. When Junior insists that Angie loves him and it's the Dome making her think she doesn't she tells him a big lie that puts Barbie in danger. She claims that she and Barbie had sex. That's enough to have Junior off hot on Barbie's trail.

Barbie is having a nightmare. He's recalling just how he ended up killing Julia's husband. Barbie was demanding money from him and they got in a tussle over the gun. It went off, killing him. So he isn't a cold blooded killer. He did, however, play a part in killing Julia's husband, however. When he awoke, he realized his dog tags were missing. I thought it would be hilarious if he accidentally buried them with the corpse. Instead he finds them at the scene of the crime. And that's where Junior finds him.

The boys get in a male version of a cat fight. Barbie doesn't even know who Angie is, but Junior won't believe him. He thinks the cabin, if that's what it is, is where Barbie and Angie did the nasty together. Barbie warns Junior not to tangle with him again or he'll be sorry. I don't think Junior is listening to anything but the scary little voices inside his demented head.

News of Duke's death starts spreading. Linda seems to take over temporary command of the police with fellow officer Paul balking at her commands. He also reveals he's stockpiling weapons. Linda unknowingly tips off Big Jim to the fact had Duke's pacemaker not exploded from his chest, he was about to rat Big Jim out. This sets Big Jim into covering his tracks over what he's been doing with all that propane. He enlists the Rev Coggins to search Duke's house, which Linda has inherited, for evidence against them. Big Jim is also pissed that the Rev is getting his freak on by sampling their product.

The Rev's brains aren't too fried for him to pick the keys out of Linda's pocket, but they are to realize that if you set paper on fire in a waste basket next to a curtain you're going to set the whole place on fire.

Julia heads over to the radio station and overhears Dodee listening in on military communications. When she hears them say that a Dome has descended over Chester's Mill, she takes over the airwaves and tells everyone in town what's going on. She's further freaked out when more military eavesdropping reveals the military doesn't know what the Dome is and aren't the ones behind it. She was hoping that the government was behind it and had decided to use the populace of Chester's Mill as human guinea pigs to experiment on them. That way there'd be some hope they would eventually be able to free the town.

When she realizes that Duke's house is on fire, she and Barbie arrange a fire brigade to put it out, since the fire department is trapped outside of the Dome. She says that it's been so dry the fire may spread to other houses and could set the entire town aflame if it isn't stopped. Meanwhile, Linda hears the Rev screaming from inside the house and she runs in to save him. Big Jim ultimately saves the day by riding up on a tractor and knocking Duke's house down so the fire can be put out. Needless to say Big Jim isn't pleased by the Rev's antics. Instead of quietly slipping into Duke's house and destroying evidence, people may ask questions on just why the Rev was in that house. Linda does just that and he claims he was getting a suit for Duke's funeral. But will she realize he lifted her keys off of her to gain access to the house?

There's no time to rest once the fire is out, since Paul goes beserk and starts waving his gun around. That's when Chester's Mill discovers why it's not a good idea to shoot your gun off. Paul shoots his off at the sky and the bullet ricochets right into fellow deputy Freddie, who is Linda's fiance's brother. I actually thought something might happen between the two since Rusty is trapped outside of the Dome, but it looks like he'll be joining Duke in the hereafter.

Meanwhile Joe hasn't realized his sister Angie is missing, because he's been out investigating the Dome. He figures it's 10 miles across and where the boundaries are. He also finds a dog named Truman whose master was standing on the borderline when the Dome descended over town. Joe also spots Dorrie and seems to like what he sees. As for Dorrie, she likes to shoplift, as Barbie saw her swipe a chocolate bar from the local store.

Joe also realizes that the Dome isn't solid, but kind of has pores like the human skin does. The military is aiming a fire house at Dome and it doesn't appear to be able to penetrate the Dome. However, when Joe holds his hand up against the Dome it comes away wet. So some of the water is able to trickle through.

So as things stand, Angie has fueled the fire of jealousy that Junior has for Barbie about lying she had sex with him. Barbie returned to the scene of the crime of Peter Shumway's death and got caught by Junior. If Junior is able to connect the dots, Barbie's gonna be in big trouble. Big Jim managed to cover up his secrets and to save the day when Duke's house caught on fire. This act may help him take over the town if he so chooses, as people look to him as their savior.

I really enjoyed this episode. I've already let go of the book version and I'm curious to see where the show takes us all.


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