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Under The Dome -- Drugs And Guns

Updated on August 21, 2013

A new player enters the arena

Big Jim comes home to find a woman waiting for him. Her name is Maxine and she's really the big drug boss of Big Jim's drug operation. Seems she's been undercover in town and watching Big Jim. She thinks with everyone trapped their product Rapture is just what Chester's Mill needs. But first she needs Jim to confiscate all the guns from the locals.

If she's truly been watching Big Jim, has she seen how slickly he's gotten rid of people like her who are threatening his dominance in town? If so, the little Queen Drug Lord better watch herself, cause she could very well be next.

Julia seems to think she's going to take over the mini-dome the way she's taken over the radio station and anything else she's gotten her paws on. However, the mini-dome has other ideas. When she takes Bore-bie out see it, she finds that it's gone. Angie claims Joe was sleep walking and brought it to their barn, but I'm sure it was the mini-dome that summoned him while he was sleeping and told him to take it somewhere safe where the annoying red head couldn't get her grasping paws on it.

Bore-bie had to leave Julia out in the woods when Linda called to say they were having a disturbance and she needed his help. Julia goes to Joe who has no memory of what he did. She plans to use Dodee's device to track down the mini-dome, only Dodee say it's been broken since Joe and Norrie touched the dome. So the only satisfaction Miss Julia gets is when Bore-bie comes home after a long day and screws her.

The disturbance turns out to be a man on Rapture who has broken into another man's home. The home owner ended up shooting someone while trying to defend himself. Once they get the druggie out of the man's house, he tells them the late lamented Reverend Coggins sold him the stuff. Linda and Bore-bie go to the funeral home Coggins ran and discover his stash hidden in a coffin.

Meanwhile, Big Jim comes to the two and tells them he thinks it would be a good idea to confiscate everyone's guns for the safety of all. He does a radio broadcast promising food for guns and most people comply except for one person he knows. The dome killed his entire family when it came down. Bore-bie covers him as he goes into the man's house and plays sniper outside ready to take a shot at him.

It seems that when Big Jim goes in he keeps blocking Bore-bie's view of his friend so Bore-bie can't shoot him. Jim ends up wrestling a hand grenade from his friend and confiscating his arsenal of guns.

When Big Jim and Bore-bie bring them back to where all the other guns are being kept, Maxine shows up and reveals she's connected to both Big Jim and Bore-bie. She was the one who apparently sent Bore-bie after Paul and the person he was talking to when things went wrong and Paul got killed. She threatens Bore-bie if he doesn't play nice and tries to cause her any trouble she'll reveal to the red head she's sleeping with the man who killed her husband. She also orders Big Jim to bring the guns to one of her men.

Big Jim, however, has other ideas. Junior spies on his father hiding all the guns in his fall-out shelter.

Earlier, Junior dropped by the diner wanting something to eat and Angie freaked out. Then as she was walking away, she fell to the floor having one of the dome seizures where she keeps saying, "Pink stars falling..." When she wakes up, she finds herself in the back of Junior's patrol car and thinks he's going to kidnap her, again. He just drives her home and says if she comes with him he wants to show her something. It's a painting his mother did years before of him as a child and he's looking up at a sky full of pink stars.

When Angie finally comes home she tells Joe he brought the mini-dome to their barn and she, Joe and Norrie go out and touch it. They realize their hand marks for a fourth person to touch it. Angie wants to find that person and I think she's insane. Who knows what that thing will do when it gets all four designated hands touching it.

Finally, the same woman that alerted Julia about all the propane coming into town tells Linda where it's being stored. She also casts some aspersions on Linda's idol Duke, saying he knew all about it. Linda shoots off the lock and makes her way to a control room. On it she sees footage of Duke getting paid money and begins to realize that her beloved mentor wasn't as clean as she thought he was.

The most logical person to be the fourth person needed to touch the dome seems to be Junior. Especially with his mother making that painting years before the dome arrived. However, he's been pretty anti-dome since it arrived. However, it was the news that the dome had come down that actually saved Junior's life when he was about to kill himself because Angie dumped him. And if it was Junior that was the person that gave Angie all those snow globes, which are kind of similar to the dome, that makes yet another connection between Junior and the dome.

If Junior is the fourth hand, does that also make him the monarch that will be crowned. Or is it possible Big Jim is the real monarch? The dome helped Big Jim get rid of two adversaries. It exploded Duke's pacemaker, which took away the person who would have logically been in charge of the town and Big Jim used it to kill Lester. It does seem Jim wants to take over the whole town.

Now that Linda knows the truth, somewhat, about the drugs in town, just what is she going to do? If she tries to stop distribution of the stuff, Maxine is going to be one very unhappy drug lord. And will Junior reveal to Linda he saw his father hiding all the guns in his fall-out shelter? When will Linda discover that Big Jim was involved in the drug business with both Lester and Duke? And if she does, just what will she do about it?


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