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Under The Dome -- Everyone Hates Jim!

Updated on September 15, 2014

An Early Frost

Yep, it's back to the Disaster of the Week, again. This time it's getting really cold inside the Dome. Really, really cold. And the fact that no one can escape to Zenith is being blamed on Big Jim. Of course, no one is mentioning that Floozy Julia, Joe and Norrie all knew of the way out and told no one. No, they're the anointed heroes of this farce.

Pauline lets Jim have it with both barrels and lets him know she was just playing him and pretending she wanted them to be a family, again. She only came back for the son she abandoned years ago and which she's getting a free pass for. I actually felt sorry for Big Jim. He actually loves this vile deceitful hag. The only one that was the least bit nice to him was Rebecca. It kind of makes me hope he gets with her. He really needs to cut his losses with Psycho Pauline and let her have their worthless son, who is also spitting on Big Jim for tossing the egg away.

Speaking of the egg, it actually made it to Zenith. But it doesn't want to be touched by the soldier boys working for Big Bad Daddy Barbie that are trying to touch it. Meanwhile Dead Lake Chick starts feeling everything the egg is feeling and it make her condition worsen.

But she isn't lacking for men to hold her hand and to give her the strength to hold on. Both old boyfriend Sam I Am and new boyfriend Junior are taking turns encouraging her to hang on. She even gets a visit from former best friend forever, Pauline, who must be made out of teflon as nothing seems to stick to her. She even got free passed for burying her BFF.

Meanwhile the voice of Gloom and Doom, Rebecca, announces they don't have enough fuel and they're going to freeze to death if they don't get more fuel. Wanting to be the big brave hero and save the day Big Jim goes out in the freezing cold.

While he's out there, he discovers Looney Lyle in the lake and goes to rescue him. When Pauline learns of this it impresses her and she's actually nice to Big Jim for a change.

There's also some teen drama as Joe becomes suspicious of Hunter and believes he's a mole. Too bad he doesn't warn Norrie to watch what she says cause she spills her guts to Hunter about what she knows about the egg and the Dome.

The big drama of the night since we care so much about Bore-bie and his red-haired floozy is they get into an accident and it looks like Bed Mattress Julia may make all our dreams come true and croak so we won't have to be subjected to her and Bore-bie's garbage, any longer.

I don't even remember why the two idiots were out in an ambulance together, since their scenes are a dead bore and completely forgettable after they happen. But bimbo brain Julia thinks it's a good idea to stand up while Bore-bie is driving and secure the stretcher that's moving back and forth in the back. Then Bore-bie hits a patch and black ice and they crash. When he rushes back to see how his bimbo is doing he finds something impaled in her leg and declares he can't remove it or she'll bleed out. Yes, Chester's Mill's only McGyver knowing about medicine as well as everything else.

Anyway, they cuddle inside the ambulance to warm each other with their body heat. Then Bore-bie has a brilliant idea. If hypothermia sets in, Julia's bodily functions will slow down and he'll be able to remove whatever she's got stuck in her leg.

Throughout this melodrama we have their fake love connection shoved down and Bore-bie vowing if he saw Big Jim right not he'd kill them for trapping them all inside this frozen globe. Anyway, Julia's heart stops and Bore-bie pulls the thing out of her leg. Then he carries her to the diner and tries bringing her back, begging her to come back to him.

Of course, he brings the worthless heifer back from the brink of death. And she was up and hobbling around on her leg like nothing happened. The same thing happened when Maxine shot the hooch. Did this show seriously think we'd be at the edge of our seats with worry that this worthless skank was going to put us all out of our miseries having to put up with her and croak? Come on, this show things she's the big star of the show. They're not going to kill this twit off anymore than they are going to kill off Bore-bie.

After the crisis passes, the show sets off the next disaster that will hit the Dome.

Joe and Norrie follow Hunter to the wall of the Dome where they see him passing notes to the soldier boys. He claims he's really on their side and just playing along with them. That's when the new bad thing happens with the Dome. It starts shrinking. I'm not joke. I wish I were.

At first, these weekly disasters hitting the Dome were interesting, but now it's just getting old. It's so farfetched that every week some disaster strikes that's narrowly averted. And that this show thinks it can carry on like this for five seasons is absolutely insane. They should just wrap this story up next season and call it a day.


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