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Under The Dome -- Fight Club

Updated on August 29, 2013

Is it too late for this show to get it's stuff together?

I wanted to give the show a chance. I wanted it to just be starting slow. Unfortunately, the early episodes were actually the best episodes and as it progresses the show just keeps getting worse and worse. They claim they departed from the book because they supposedly had a better vision for the show which they hoped to turn into a series instead of a mini-series. So far, nothing they've changed has been for the better and has ultimately made a giant mess of this show.

I think with the exception of the Rennie's all the rest of the characters are horribly written. Nothing they do is really believable. 90% of this show relies on the characters being interesting and believable and sucking you into the situation and none of them can when they're written like a five year old playing with their Barbie dolls. And as someone who once was a five year old playing with my Barbie dolls, the stuff I had my Barbie dolls do was more believable than the stuff these characters are doing.

I can't figure if this show actually wanted the Julia/Barbie pairing to be a root-for couple or something that makes you want to projectile vomit each week. Since they planned to have the two become bed buddies within a few episodes, maybe they should have deep sixed the whole plot about Julia being married and trying to find her missing husband only to let his killer stay with her in their home stuff. And they definitely should have not gone the route where Barbie is a thug who breaks legs for a loan shark and acts like a psycho half the time.

This week Julia snooped through her husband's safe deposit box and found a life insurance policy. From that she decided that Peter set-up Barbie to kill him so she could get a whole lot of money so it's a-okay that Barbie has been screwing her and not telling her he killed her husband. She didn't even get the least bit upset her husband was dead and it sure wasn't going to interrupt her from having sex with her new bed buddy. Totally unbelievable and unrealistic. As I said, it's like a five year old wrote this who has no understanding of how someone would really react in this situation.

The Linda character is equally ridiculous. Instead of patrolling the town [I guess she thinks because everyone handed in their guns there's nothing to worry about] she's off with the idiot red head going through Duke's safe deposit box to learn the truth about what he's involved in. She found proof against Big Jim and she set out to arrest him. Seriously? That's what this chick is all worried about? Something that stopped happening when the dome came down? She's not the least bit concerned about what's going on in town now? I think I'm actually rooting for Big Jim to be shown the way on how to get rid of her. Maybe he could take a page out of Junior's book and chain her up in his fall-out shelter.

Meanwhile, Junior is actually acting more like a real cop than she is and this guy is supposed to be the resident whack-job. He got suspicious of someone he saw walking and investigated and came upon Maxine's little den of iniquity. You know, something that's actually happening at present and is an actual threat to town. He got punched out and stopped from entering, but he's more on the ball than that nincompoop Linda is.

That's the sick thing. Junior went from being a psycho who kidnapped the girlfriend who dumped him to the poor misunderstood hero of the show. He was right that the dome was doing something to Angie, and he just went about it the wrong way trying to help her. And now he's a better cop than Sheriff Linda is.

Inside, had Junior actually made it inside, he would see his old nemesis Barbie as a fighter in Maxine's fight club. She blackmailed him about Peter Shumway, little knowing she's cares more about Barbie killing him than his own wife does. She put Barbie up against one of his former victims he squeezed money out of. Barbie lets the man win, since apparently screwing the red head has made him a kinder and gentler Barbie. Then he tells Maxine he's going to tell Ju-Ju the truth and no longer be under Maxine's thumb. And we all know how that went. She completely free passed him so she could continue to ride his joystick.

Maxine is apparently the new big bad trying to take power from Big Jim. Like Lester and Ollie before her, she's probably living on borrowed time. Her mother certainly was.

Big Jim found out where Maxine was squatting and ran across her gun-toting mama, Agatha, who is a former Chester's Mill resident who got knocked up. I kept expecting her to suggest Big Jim was Maxine's daddy or something. Big Jim easily got the drop on her and tied her hands together. He said he let himself be shown the way on how to deal with Agatha as he was transporting her across the lake with her hands tied. That's when the way had the woman stand up and fall out of the boat. For some reason she seemed shocked when Jim left her to drown.

This was probably the worst scene of the night. If your hands are tied together you just don't float there and carry on a conversation, you sink to the bottom and start to drown. But in this show you conveniently carry on a conversation before gravity nails you and you sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Dodee must have used her thingy to track Mini-Dome. When she touched it, it zapped her. That's how the three teen stooges found her lying on the floor. It also erased her memory so she wouldn't remember discovering Mini-Dome. Then the kiddies noticed a caterpillar was now inside Mini-Dome. Angie also believed Junior was the fourth hand Mini-Dome needed.

In an off-hand way she told Joe how Junior had kidnapped her. Maybe he would have discovered it if he actually cared something about his sister. Anyway, this sent him into devoted brother mode as he vowed to kill Junior. Angie was all like, sure go and kill him after we get him to touch the dome for us. Actually, Joe may need his buddy Ben's help, as Junior easily put the kid in a headlock and could have snapped his neck in two.

Angie showed the other two teen stooges Junior's Mommy's painting. Couldn't they have at least had a good artist paint it? And Angie told Junior he was the other hand and they needed him to touchy Mini-Dome.

And this is why I say Junior is written better than the other three. The three teen stooges were basically bouncing up and down in mindless glee wanting to touch Mini-Dome while Junior was apprehensive about touching the thing. Then when the barn filled with pink stars after Junior touched it, they were all like, "Look at the pretty pink stars," while Junior wanted to know what it meant.

Meanwhile his daddy was dealing with another idiot in the form of Kindergarten Cop Linda, who is there to arrest him. Big Jim easily fobs off the brainless twit, but she still thinks she'll be arresting him in the morning. I wouldn't count on it.

There's only three more episodes left. I shudder to think what they're going to do next.


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