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Under The Dome -- "I Lost The Love Of My Life," Do You Mean Your Husband? Oh, You Don't Mean Your Husband!

Updated on August 25, 2014

Oh, my god! I thought that was a pregnant woman's belly!

Yeah, you know it's a boring and bad episode when the best part of the episode are the cracks I'm making that are making me laugh. You really shouldn't laugh at your own jokes, but these were kind of classic.

The show opened with this really really really extreme close-up of the top of Big Jim's head, but I didn't realize it was Big Jim's head. I swear, I thought it was a pregnant woman's belly laying on some stretcher in a dark room and was just waiting for something to burst out of it. Then the camera panned back and I saw it was Big Jim's head. And I'm like, "Oh, my god! That's Big Jim's head!" And that kind of set the tone for the whole episode.

I have no clue what the cameraman or producer was thinking or what they were going for with this extreme close-up on Big Jim's head. Maybe it was a hint that the Dome doesn't really exist and this is all going inside Big Jim's dome-shaped head and he's really just a mental patient who is imagining the whole thing.

And it only got better. Julia who is such a bad joke of a character was lamenting about how she's lost the love of her life and for a second there I thought she was talking about her husband. You know the guy she was married to for years and who was murdered by her new boyfriend. But no, she was talking about Bed Mattress Barbie.

This was also the first week they decided to change the opening from two weeks to a few weeks. Yeah, it was getting a little hard to swallow. They had a plague, they were in danger of running out of food and someone tried to genocide the two in two weeks. Kind of farfetched.

Anyway, in the town of Jericho Barbie is trusting his Big Daddy Barbie to get him a message to Julia. Only Big Daddy Barbie is a Big Bad Daddy Barbie. He alters the message Barbie sends the skanky redhead to tell her to come to Zenith and to bring the egg with her.

Some computer geek who works for Big Bad Daddy Barbie warns Barbie that his Big Daddy is a Big Bad Daddy. How does Thug Barbie thank him? By going Thug Life all over him. But still he helps the ungrateful thug to sneak behind enemy lines to the Dome to warn Julia that Zenith Bad...Dome Good...Don't leave the good life for the bad life.

Meanwhile at the local Zenith looney bin, Pauline wants Sam I Am to administer some drug to Lyle hoping he can tell them how to get back in the Dome. To the best of my knowledge I don't think Sam I Am has told Big Sister Pauline that he killed Junior's Angie Baby. But now that Junior knows it might not be a good idea to go back. If I were him, I'd be seeing if I could escape Zenith or if it was like the Hotel California. You can check-out but you can never leave.

Back in Chester's Mill someone was out to get Big Jim and Junior and the Biilie Nye The Science Gal teamed up to figure out who it was. Turned out it was DJ Phil. I kept expecting him to say to Big Jim, "Big Jim, I know you killed Dodie. The Dome told me." Only that never happened. It might have been interesting if it had. And Phil was popped into a jail cell, crisis averted.

It was a pretty blah episode compared to the others this season and the only thing that made it interesting was poking fun at it. Hopefully, Julia got the message correctly that she shouldn't try to do the Time Warp so she can have more Bedtime With Barbie. On a side note, Julia could pass for Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show pretty well.

Seriously though, if Julia jumped through the time warp without the stupid egg, what would be so bad about being in Zenith. The way Barbie acts it's hell on earth or something. If his bimbette jumped through the hole into Zenith, unless there's some invisible Dome around Zenith, too, they could just jump in some car Barbie jacks and ride off to green pastures.

The biggest question seems to be why does Big Bad Daddy Barbie want that egg and just what does he know that he's not telling. In short, did he have anything to do with the Dome coming down and does he know how to make it come down?

And now that Big Jim has seen Barbie outside of the Dome will he act like Moses and lead all his people out through the time warp?


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