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Under The Dome -- Is The Dome Making Us Sick?

Updated on July 16, 2013

The Dome doesn't want Norrie and Joe to tell

While last week's episode was more character driven, this week packed a lot of action.

This episode began as residents of Chester's Mill were about to riot at the edge of the Dome. The military was pulling out and stopping their efforts to try and find a way to get them out from under the Dome. Big Jim took the opportunity to give Linda a hard time and ended up with her passing out in his arms. She would be the first of many to get sick. The question is was the Dome responsible?

While Barbie got distracted at the Dome, Julia took the opportunity to slip away. She went to Phil's and discovered he had her husband's car. Phil said Peter had sold it to him before having to sit down when he got dizzy.

Alice and Carolyn took Joe and Norrie to the hospital to run tests on them to discover why they were having seizures. While there, patients began pouring in, and while Alice was a psychiatrist, she was also the only doctor in the house and she had to tend to all the patients. She quickly diagnosed the problem as being meningitis. Big Jim gave Junior a shot gun to stop anyone from leaving the hospital, because if anyone did they could spread the disease to the entire town.

Earlier, Angie had tried to attack Junior with a pair of scissor and when he left her, she ended up loosening a water pipe and knocking herself out as water began to pour into the fall-out shelter. With Junior otherwise occupied, no one was around to save Angie from a possibly watery death.

Julia also gets sick, but when a sick Phil mentions a cabin, she wants to go check it out. Junior tells her of the cabin he found Barbie in, but he won't let her leave, since if she does, she could spread the disease to the entire town. Unfortunately, she finds Peter's security badge and is able to sneak out of the hospital. Once at the cabin she discovers that Peter left them in debt and they have no money.

The Reverend Coggins is crazier than a bed bug and he believes God is behind the Dome. That he's creating a new Eden in Chester's Mill. I hate to tell you, Lester, but if God wanted to create a new Eden, it wouldn't be in Chester's Mill. He believes that everyone that has gotten sick is supposed to die, so she steals all the meds needed to save the lives of the people in the hospital from the drug store and plans to destroy them all. When Big Jim and Barbie head to the drug store to get the needed medicine they find it's been looted and it doesn't take Big Jim long to put two and two together and come up with Lester. They arrive in the nick of time to stop the Rev from destroying all the medicine.

The people at the hospital are getting antsy and want to leave, and Junior has to fire on them to get them to back-off. When he spots a recovering Linda standing at the back of the crowd it inspires him to talk to them, which gets them to calm down and not try to leave the hospital. Afterwards, Linda is so impressed by Junior she offers him a deputy badge to join the new Chester's Mill Police Department.

When Barbie and Big Jim arrive back, Jim hears of how impressive Junior was and suggests he should become a part of the police department. Meanwhile, Barbie finds Julia missing and starts pushing around a sick Phil to find out what he told her. Junior mentions he told Julia about the cabin he followed him to. Barbie heads there and finds Julia passed out and brings her to the hospital so she can get medical treatment. He admits he's an enforcer.and that Peter owed money. He claims Peter asked him to meet him at the cabin but he wasn't there when he showed up. She tells Barbie to be out of her house before she comes hom.

Joe and Norrie decide to test if it's them touching that caused them to have a seizure, so he sets up her phone to record them. When they touch they fall to the floor having a seizure talking about the pink stars falling in a line. When they wake up they play the video and are both shocked while Joe is having a seizure he suddenly sits up and faces the camera making a shushing motion for them to be quiet. From that the teens surmise that the Dome doesn't want them to tell, but the question is what doesn't the Dome want them to tell?

Joe invites Carolyn, Alice and Norrie to stay with him at his house. Alice is a bit taken aback when she catches Carolyn trying to steal all the insulin from the hospital since Alice said she only had enough to last for another week. She says that Carolyn isn't acting like herself, and puts all the insulin back where it belongs.

Big Jim arrives home to find the Rev waiting for him with a sack of money. His part of their successful business deal. He also gives Jim a warning that they both have enough information on each other to take the other down. So if Big Jim tries to stop him from his mission from God, he might just rat out Big Jim. If that isn't bad enough, when Big Jim goes into his kitchen he hears screaming and realizes it's coming from the fall-out shelter. He goes down there and sees it filling with water and stares in shock at a chained-up Angie. The big question is just what will he do about this? Will he let Angie go and help Junior keep her prisoner?

And just what new damage with the fanatical Reverend Coggins do next? First, he set fire to Duke's house risking the lives of everyone in town. Then he tried to withhold medicine from the sick of Chester's Mill. One can only shiver in dread about just what's next on this man's list.


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