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Under The Dome -- Mad Max Goes Mental

Updated on September 9, 2013

Big Jim takes care of the latest threat to his power in Chester's Mill

You know, I think Maxine had the right idea. Stockpiling goods is a way to gain control but the whole fight club was a super stupid way to do it. And you're stuck under a dome. Do you really want to be stuck with a bunch of out of control drug addicts? I don't think so. So the stockpiling was a good idea, but everything else she did was dumb dumb dumb. And she got even dumber in this episode.

Mad Max suddenly went mental over Bore-bie and was determine he was going to be her King to her Queen of Chester's Mill. Only problem was the red-headed nitwit had already crowned Bore-bie as her hero for whacking her husband, since she thought it was the greatest humanitarian moment of our time. So what does Mad Max do? She pulls a trick from the Long Island Lolita herself, Amy Fisher, and knocks on Julia's door and shoots her when she answers it.

Bore-bie hears the gun shot and rushed Julia to the hospital, but they can't do much for her with no doctor on staff. Great idea whacking Alice powers that be. Joe sees Bore-bie diagnose Julia and suck the air out of her lungs to save her life and declares Bore-bie is the monarch the Dome wants. You know, having one character be the be-all and end-all of everything with skills in everything under the sun wreaks of desperation to try and make a lame character seem like he's the greatest thing on two legs. If the show had just stuck with Book Barbie they wouldn't have this problem, but since they hacked him up to create their own version, the character is a total waste of space and Maxine seems beyond pathetic being obsessed with him. Being obsessed with Bore-bie is like being obsessed with Joey Buttafuoco.

If you thought Junior was getting over his Angie obsession and straightening up and flying right, then you got an unpleasant surprise this week. He thinks because he's the fourth hand that means he and Angie are meant to be. However, she informs him the instant she's free of the dome she's getting as far away from Junior as she can. So he responds that he's done playing touchy the mini dome and she and her buds can just do this without him. This makes Daddy Dome mad that Junior is deserting Baby Dome and it makes a big funnel cloud in the sky to express its anger. Angie insists Junior must come back to Mini Dome to make Maxi Dome happy so he won't like kill them all.

When all the teens meet again, Junior's practically braying that Maxi Dome cooled its jots because he came back, while Joe is convinced Maxi Dome was upset because Queen Julia got shot and that Bore-bie is the monarch. When they go down to touch Maxi Dome it shows them what it whats them to do next. It wants them to stab Big Jim.

When Mad Max isn't acting all Fatal Attraction over Bore-bie, she threatening to do something bad to Junior. Big Jim may treat the kid like crap, but he's not going to let some heifer who thinks she's going to run his town threaten his kid. Old Mad Max doesn't realize it but she isn't going to see the light of another day, much like her dearly departed mama.

Speaking of her Mommy Dearest, Max finds her on the shore and blue lipped from drowning. It doesn't take much to figure out who slew Auntie Roo. And it's on like Donkey Kong. Bore-bie also wants to get Christie Love. But he wants to put her in jail, while Big Jim wants to plant her in the ground. They team up while Bore-bie is acting all morally superior.

Earlier, Big Jim had talked his way out of getting arrested by Linda and tried to point her in the direction of Bore-bie instead. He got help from Dodee who overhead the military say they were looking for Bore-bie. It seems they may actually finally be using something from the book in regards to Bore-bie.

Anyway, Big Jim easily ruins Bore-bie's plan to put Mad Max in jail. He guns down Mad Max and her cohort. This is Big Jim's town sister, not yours, and he just done showed you how he deals with trash who tries to usurp his power. You, Ollie and Lester cal all talk about it down in hell along with your late lamented Mama. Of course, Bore-bie goes psycho on Jim for ruining his plan and that's when Linda arrives on the scene to see Big Jim begging for his life and telling Linda Bore-bie is one crazy you know what and he just gunned down Mad Max and her thug.

Linda being Linda, she buys it and Bore-bie not the brightest bulb in the package makes matters worse by punching Linda in the face and not even trying to prove his innocence, even though he and Linda have been working together to keep the peace in town and have built some kind of rapport. Cue REO Speedwagon's Take It On The Run as Bore-bie does just that.

I know it's wrong, but I found myself rooting for Big Jim to squash Bore-bie like an insect. I even cheered on Mad Max when she shot Julia. Bore-bie and Julia, for me, are the worst two characters on the show, and I won't mind if the Dome disposed of them however it seems fit to do so.

I don't believe Bore-bie is the monarch, I think it's Big Jim. Years before this dome came down Jim's wife was dreaming of it and his son was having seizures. If the dome wanted Big Jim dead it could have zapped him when he used the dome to kill Lester. And if Bore-bie was the monarch why did the dome get Joe to move it so Julia couldn't show Bore-bie it?

A caterpillar has to go through a metamorphosis to turn into a butterfly. I think the same has to happen to Jim. If the kids kills Jim he'll be transformed into Mini Dome's monarch. Maybe the egg will hatch and take over possession of Jim's body.

I also don't think Maxi or Mini Dome are any kind of benevolent creatures. When it took on the image of the pregnant woman's husband and touched her it did something to her. Maybe that something is what caused Alice to die. And now it wants Junior to help kill his own father. Any thing that wants you to commit patricide is something you shouldn't be listening to.


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