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Under The Dome -- More Like Under The Garbage Heap

Updated on September 26, 2013

For me it was the series finale as I won't be watching this next year

I was actually hoping that maybe the writers might pull it together so I'd find something interesting about continuing to watch this show. But considering the mess these writers made out of what could have been a great show, I wasn't surprised with how things panned out.

Despite logic saying that if Big Jim's wife had dreams about the dome before it ever happened and Junior had seizures before people were even having dome seizures, that must mean Big Jim is the Monarch, It turned out that none other than sex-obsessed Julia Shumway was the true Monarch.

This makes no sense because once she had found Mini Dome it used it's mind control of Joe to move it so she couldn't get her paws on it, again. Although, I guess the show is setting up some big conflict for the gag me with a spoon lovers, Julia and Bore-bie. The military says only Bore-bie the wonder thug can handle Mini Dome. It won't be much a battle since all he'll have to do is unzip his fly and she'll say, "Take it. Take me. I'm yours."

There was also a visitation from Ghost Alice to suggest that the rest of the world may be annihilated but the dome will protect those inside the dome. Right there the whole premise is ridiculous. Why would you let the entire world fry while saving the meanest nastiest town around? There's not really one person under the dome worth saving. Yet they're the ones that have been chosen to be saved.

The only really cool thing that happened was the monarch butterfly beating its wings against Mini Dome and turning it black and Maxi Dome also turned back. It would have made for a great cliffhanger, only the geniuses writing this mess had that happen pretty early in the show. What they considered to be the super duper uber cliffhanger was Bore-bie about to be hanged. I guess they think we all love their can-do anything thug. Me, I'd love to personally hold his head up against the dome until it explodes. I could care less if he's hanged or not.

Meanwhile, Monarch Julia decides the best way to protect the black egg is to toss it in the ocean. Hey, this is who the idiot dome chose for its Monarch. Big Jim would have put it in a safe somewhere, while she just tosses it in the river. Well, you get what you pay for and when you pick a Monarch that thinks just because her husband took out a life insurance policy that makes the guy who whacked him a hero for killing him, you really get what you deserve. Afterwards pink stars start shooting all over the place and the blackness is removed from the dome and light returns. And that's about it.

Junior, which at this point I think was the smartest move, dumped the Dome Worshipers and aligned himself back with his father. The only decent character on the show is Big Jim. Yeah, I know Bore-bie worshipers would disagree as they want him dead for daring to harm their precious boy, but Big Jim is the only character that isn't a freaking mess. He knows what he wants and he's been pretty consistent. He's not written as an airhead like Linda. Or a dome groupie like Angie. Or a wonder thug that can do anything the writers need him to do like Bore-bie. He's real and believable. His behavior makes sense while most of the other characters behavior makes nonsense. Yet this is the one were supposed to be rooting to be taken down.

I rooted against Big Jim in the book, but that's because the other characters were written in a believable fashion. They weren't written like a big pile of messy goo.

It really is a shame the mess these people made out of this show, as it could have been a great show. What's even more of a shame is Stephen King is apparently on board with this pile of rubbish that his book was turned into. It's kind of made me lose all respect for the man. On what planet would anyone consider this to be a well-written show? People who read the book complained about the endings, but if they've watched this show I wonder if they've changed their mind, since the book ending was better than the rubbish this show is presenting.

This show got good ratings, but I doubt it'll be repeated for next summer's season. Maybe like me people kept hanging in as the show just got worse and worse hoping against hope they'd be able to turn it around and save this show from earning the title of worst network show. I gave the show until the finale and if they could turn it around I would watch next summer, but they didn't and I won't be wasting any more of my time on this mess. It just has nothing to offer me.

The sad fact is it didn't have to be this way. They wanted to rework the basic story, that was fine, but keep the characters in tact. It was the way they messed up all the characters that truly ruined this show. There isn't one decent female character on this show. The only decent female characters they pretty much killed off and left us with sex tease Angie, sex puppy Julia and mentally challenged Linda. Unfortunately, this is the motley crew were supposed to root for to take down Big Jim, the only decently written character on the show.

I guess the really funny thing is I thought hacks of this degree were restricted to daytime television and kept off of prime time. It seems they've now seeped their way into prime time, as well.

Stephen King is supposed to be writing the first episode of the new season, but at this point can the show is such a mess can anything help it aside from getting cancelled? Again, the essential problem isn't so much the plot, but the way they hacked up this characters into big piles of nonsensical goo. I doubt King writing one episode is going to be able to change that.

Rest In Peace, Under The Dome. You could have been a great show. Unfortunately, hacks thought they'd hack up all the characters and make them better when all they did is create giant piles of manure in their place.


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