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Under The Dome -- Ollie Is One Dumb Redneck

Updated on August 15, 2013

The beginning of Big Jim vs Barbie

Okay, can New England have rednecks? I think that's a term only used for men who live in the south, but Ollie seems to embody the qualities I think of when I hear the word redneck. I mean, I guess good old boy Ollie wasn't aware of what happened in town when the good townsfolk got a little restless because the grocery store wouldn't let them in to loot. Otherwise he wouldn't be so sure he could control all the water, without them rioting and taking all the water they could get from him, after leaving him lying on the floor dead.

Junior thought since Angie was no longer squatting in Big Jim's house he could come home, but Big Jim made it clear that he no longer considered Junior his son and he no longer wanted him under his roof. In short, Junior no longer has a home. When Junior left he was gutted, but Big Jim would soon find out he went a little too far in eviscerating his son. When Big Jim and the make-shift Chester's Mill police went out to confront Ollie, Junior asked to become a member of Team Ollie.

It isn't long before Ollie is letting cats out of the bag to Junior. He tells Junior that Big Jim has been lying to him about how his mother really died. Turns out the car accident that killed her was no accident. Turns out that Big Mommy smashed her car on purpose and seeing the way Big Jim treats his own son, you have to wonder just how he treated her. So she may have been driven to it just to escape him. After hearing this Junior asks that he be allowed to kill Big Jim and that tickles Ollie pink and he tells him to go for it.

Okay, let's hit the pause button here. I don't know how many times I've seen characters on the shows do this. How they think having one member kill another member of their family is a good idea. Blood is thicker than water is not just an old saying. You can't break those blood ties and you shouldn't expect anyone to do it. On V Erica expected the blond chick whose name escapes me at the moment to kill her mother, Anna. Big shock the plan didn't work. On Vampire Diaries the gang expected Elijah to kill his brother Klaus and at the last moment he betrayed the gang. Just because you don't like someone, don't think a member of the family hates them as much as you do to the point they'll kill their blood. In short, do your own dirty work.

Big Jim was not going to let Ollie win, so he got together his own vigilante group to take out Ollie and his bully boys, including his own son, most likely. Then Bore-bie came up with a plan to blow up Ollie's well which was supposed to magically restore the water to everyone's well and the town reservoir, since Ollie had siphoned off everyone's water for his own well. It didn't make much sense, but since the military isn't going to contact Chester's Mill and put Bore-bie in charge, they had to dream up something to start some big mano a mano thing between the corrupt town boss and the loan shark thug.

Big Jim nixed Bore-bie's plan and said they were going to take Ollie down. He'd found the perfect way to off Ollie without looking like a cold-blooded killer and he wasn't going to let it go. Linda liked Bore-bie's plan better since it was less violent and covered for him with Big Jim so he could blow up the well.

The well explosion turned out to be a good diversion, as Big Jim's posse moved in for the kill. Unfortunately, for Big Jim, he found the tables turned when his son was pointing the barrel of a shot gun right at his head. Big Jim broke down, admitted the truth and even cried. When Ollie egged on Junior to blow Big Jim's head off, Junior turned on him and blew him to kingdom come. See. You don't try to get one relative to kill another.

While all this was going on, Norrie was blaming Joe for Alice's death. Julia comforted him and he let it slip about the egg inside the mini-dome. Of course, she demanded to be shown it, as she demands to command the air waves, when she wants to make one of her horror broadcasts. She almost made a ridiculous remark coming from her mouth considering she's screwing Bore-bie a few days after her husband disappeared about how it takes a long time to get over a partner. Not going by you, honey.

When she touches the dome the egg has pink stars running up it and she said a vision of Joe saying, "The monarch will be crowned." The first thing that came to my mind is the monarch butterflies. Remember when a whole flock of them where attracted to the dome? And to further cement it we had a close-up of Angie with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder with kind of a creepy look on her face.

While Joe was off with Julia, Angie was comforting Norrie and they discovered they had a lot in common. Both with shoplifters who'd pilfered from the local store and Angie spent time in the school for delinquents that the Moms were planning to drop Norrie in. She suggests that Norrie will feel better if they smash her snow globe collection against the side of the dome. She didn't say who gave them to her, but I got the feeling it was Junior, and if he did give them all to her that signfiies a very long relationship between the two.

Wouldn't it be the ultimate irony that Junior sounds crazy saying the dome is making Angie act odd and that's why he kidnapped her and it turns out he was right?


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