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Under The Dome -- Shades Of It

Updated on August 6, 2013

A life for a life

It was morning time in the dome, so what would this day bring? The death of someone. The dome playing mind games. And Big Jim discovering he was no longer the big man around town.

Joe woke-up to find Norrie at his bedside. She wanted to find out what other powers they had when it came to the dome. So they went on a discovery mission. They tried making out while touching the dome and nothing happened. So they decided to find the center of the dome and see what would happen. Once there, they found a mound of leaves. The leaves covered up a mini-dome with a black egg inside it. So is the dome a dome within a dome?

The gross-out moment of the episode for me was seeing Bore-bie and Julia waking up in bed together. I kept saying just let this be a dream, don't let this be real. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I really have zero respect or interest in Julia. What? She found out her husband supposedly ran-off a couple of days ago and already she's doing the bumping uglies with Bore-bie, the dude that killed her husband and buried him. I don't know where the show is going with these two, but having them hop in the sack this soon doesn't build any interest in them as a couple. Frankly, the two of them being romantic absolutely turns my stomach.

Junior wanted to talk to Angie, and Big Jim threw him out of him own home and slapped him, as well as making him feel like nothing. Angie watched all this and her response was Junior was crazy. Me, when she said that, I started to wonder if she wasn't the real crazy one. When she thinks she's going to die, she's putting Junior's head on her lap, but she doesn't feel anything when she watches his father mentally and physically abusing him. Not to mention how hot and cold she is with the kid. You don't want him, then keep being cold and unfeeling to him.

Angie decided to go to Rose's restaurant to say goodbye to her and ran into Joe's friend Ben. He helped her bury Rose. Then Angie decided she wanted to clean the diner up. Earlier, Big Jim revealed he was the real owner of the diner. It looks like she may be planning to re-open it. Although with looters still going around town that may not be such a good idea. Also where is she going to get some food to serve meals?

Big Jim ended up on the other side of the bully stick when Ollie informed him he now ran the town. He managed to purloin all of Big Jim's propane and he intended to make everyone jump to his tune. He found a man name Boomer guarding the propane and he gave Big Jim a good beating. Ollie thought Big Jim was beaten when he dropped by his office to gloat. However, Ollie doesn't know what he's dealing with. Big Jim goes to where Boomer is moving some propane and blows the dude up inside his truck. Even if Ollie figures Big Jim is behind it, he can't prove a thing, because Big Jim is being very sly in how he's killing people that are getting in his way.

The Dudleys are still on their crime spree. Now their jacking cars and siphoning their gasoline from them. Julia's neighbor Harriet is very pregnant and the dome makes her think she sees her husband. When the dome in the shape of her husband touches her it causes her to go into labor. Julia decided to take her to the clinic, but gets jacked by the Dudleys'.

Lucky for them, Bore-bie arrives and saves the day. Without gas, they have to carry her to where Alice is staying and she has to deliver the baby. As she's trying to deliver the child, Alice starts getting sick again and she has to talk Bore-bie through cutting the cord that's wrapped around the baby's neck. When the baby is born, Harriet decides to name it Alice. And right after that Alice collapses saying she's having a heart attack.

Out by the mini-dome Alice suddenly appears to Norrie and she realizes something is wrong with her mother. She rushes back in time to say goodbye to her mother. Then she runs out to the dome and touches it asking it to bring her mother back, but it doesn't answer her request.

Linda and Junior are out hunting the Dudleys and Junior is out to get the brother's because they tried to rape Angie. He gets his chance and kills one of them. He later goes to the diner telling Angie he won't come near her anymore and that the Dudleys won't bother her any longer.

I guess one of the big questions from tonight's show is why the dome wanted Harriet to go into early labor. Did it somehow know the stress of delivering her baby would cause the death of Alice. For some reason does the dome want Norrie parent-free? The dome didn't come down until Joe's parents were outside of it. We also have to wonder how long Big Jim is going to put up with Ollie. Probably until he can find a way to cause Ollie a fatal accident that won't be connected to him. Maybe he could rig Ollie's tractor to fall on top of him and crush him.

If the dome wants Norrie parent-free, is Carolyn next on its hit list? Now that Angie is back and living back at home, Carolyn isn't needed as a chaperone. Just how will Carolyn fit into the scheme of things in the town now that Alice is gone? I don't think we've even been told what Carolyn does for a living.

Finally, will the kids tell anyone about the mini-dome they found in the woods? And is it the key to turning off the dome and freeing Chester's Mill from its grip?


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