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Under The Dome -- The End...Sort Of

Updated on September 11, 2015

The blunder-dome comes to an end...

Apologies to anyone who read this before I corrected it. Apparently Barbie's alien spawn is named Dawn not Eva. Shows how much I was paying attention. I called her the name of her mother instead of her own name.

This show became like a train wreck. I swore after the first season finale I was done with this show, but like a train wreck you couldn't help looking to see if it could get any worse. And the show never disappointed in that aspect. I finally had enough with the season three opener with the message to, "Move on," which I took to heart and did. It came as no surprise and a sigh of relief to hear the show had been cancelled. I almost decided not to watch the finale, but I ended up watching it. As expected, it was predictably bad as most of the series has been.

I apparently missed a lot between the Invasion of the Body Snatcher's season opening to the series finale. The computer geek was confined to a wheelchair and there were a few others I'd never seen before. Barbie's evil alien spawn daughter, Dawn had a plot to bring down the dome and apparently conquer the human race as all evil aliens have been trying to do since 1950's B movies. It was up to computer geek, his girlfriend, Joe, Norrie, Daddy Barbie, Julia and Big Jim to stop her.

Joe, of course, came up with a plan to bring down the dome that involved radio waves and huge chunks of amethyst the size of boulders that grown men had a hard time carrying. Don't ask. I'll never be able to look at an amethyst stone the same after this. It also required for one of the four hands to stand in the middle of the circle of amethyst boulders to sacrifice themselves.Dawn picked Norrie, but Joe decided to sacrifice himself, instead. Maybe she was hoping to keep Joe as a back-up stud. More on that, later.

Apparently, Sam I Am and Junior were in some kind of pissing contest to have the sacred honor of being Dawn's personal dick on a stick and fathering her offspring. Sam I Am apparently tried to kill Junior but he's like a roach and it takes a lot to stomp him out. He returned, declaring he wanted to be her stud du jour and he took out Sam I Am. So Angie Baby was finally avenged as her killer laid in a puddle of his own blood.

Then Junior went after his big daddy to stop him from killing his mistress. Only Big Jim is a King Roach and he easily dispatched baby roach. And this action was repeated by Daddy Barbie when he sent his evil offspring falling to her death. Yep, a double helping of a father killing his kid.

Once the dome was down the military rushed in all arrested all the survivors and kept them incarcerated until they all agreed to go along with the governments story that didn't involve evil aliens trying to take over the earth. Before Big Jim would agree to go along with the party line he got a sweet deal for himself.

A year has passed and Norrie is now in the military snooping around the base. She goes into a secret section and finds Joe alive. Since the other corpses were kept there, as well, I'm guessing they're not dead, either. That means Junior and possibly Sam I Am still live.

Big Jim is now a big time politician and he summons Julia and Barbie from their romantic holiday to inform them Dawn isn't dead, either. It appears she's bred three kids and she's found an egg so she can try to start her plot to take over the world all over again. So who will she bring the dome down under this time?

And that's how this atrocity of a show ends.

This show should have remained as a one-season show and ended in the first season. It also shouldn't have radically changed a lot of the characters and stuck to the book. The only good thing this series produced was probably the people who complained how King's novel ended will have a new appreciation for the book's ending, as it was far superior to this dreck.

I think the intro was the thing that always cracked me up the most. The final intro was they'd been under the dome for four weeks. Seriously? There's no way all that could happen within four weeks. It was just ridiculous. Apparently, the kinship's gestation period rivals that of a house fly.

The sad thing is the show could have been good if it had been written with any kind of logic and sensibility. Like, if you wanted to sell Julia and Barbie as some big love couple, you shouldn't have had the guy kill her husband. Her whole reaction to him killing her husband was a bad joke. "Big whoop, let's have sex." I don't know if the actors could have sold this swill if they'd had chemistry, but since they didn't have a lick of it together, it was just painful watching them go on about this great love they had for each other.

It also didn't help they got rid of a lot of interesting characters that could have added a lot of tension to the situation. Like how fast that got rid of the psychotic Reverend Lester. Linda was written as a dumb blonde even though she wasn't blonde. And they whacked off the only medical doctor the people had when they whacked Alice. It also didn't help that the characters whacked off were actually somewhat nicer and more likable than the ones left behind.

I don't think a show had such a bad batch of nasty unlikable characters as this show did. I ended up liking Big Jim the most because at least he owned his crap, while the others went around acting like they were some paragons of virtue.

Then there was the characters the show just did hatchet jobs on. Like Sam I Am. The guy was likable until they revealed he murdered Angie Baby. But then I thought the actor was a better actor than the guy playing Barbie and the show seemed invested in making Barbie the big hero and the hatchet job may have been done so he wouldn't usurp Barbie's hero status, even though Barbie, himself, was written like a glorified thug.

When all is said and done, this show may hold the title for one of the worst shows to make it three seasons. And it only made it as long as it did because it was a summer show.

Well, on the bright side, in comparison the book is so much better than the series, so read the book and skip the show and you'll be better for it.

As for future show runners, when your audience has to ask in the third season, "What the hell am I watching?" because it bears no resemblance to the show you'd watched for two seasons, you know you've made a really bad turn.


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    • Dean Traylor profile image

      Dean Traylor 2 years ago from Southern California

      yeah, I stopped watching after the first season. I couldn't wrap my head around Dale Barbara killing Julia's husband in some bizarre "suicide by cop" scenario (with no cops involved). They truly screwed with the original text. I have 200 pages to go in the book, and I didn't bother with series finale. I'll just stay with the book.