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Under The Dome -- The Food Share Program

Updated on August 4, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

Now that Big Jim is cooling his heels in jail, Julia wants to fire Phil and replace him with her lover man, Barbie. And I go back to not being able to stand this twit. She's only tolerable when she's trying to stop crazy Rebecca. Otherwise the town bed mattress, as Big Jim so aptly labelled her, just makes you want to smack her.

The first move Big Julia does is decide to have a public trial for Big Jim and Rebecca. Only things don't go well. Big Jim lovers and haters converge on the spot and someone ends up dead. The result is both Big Jim and Julia are cooling their heels back in jail.

Next up on Big Julia's hit list is to do a Food Share program where everyone brings their food to one place and then it's rationed. It seems to be going well until the building blows up destroying all the food. Later it's found that some of the food would put somewhere safe and is unharmed and Phil was behind the explosion. In the resulting melee Phil is shot and I think killed and Bore-bie will no doubt be anointed new sheriff in his place.

Big Julia's butt is also saved by the fact a local towns woman was a food hoarder before the dome came down and she's willing to share her stockpile with the rest of the town, so for the moment all the food issues have been solved.

Big Julia then decides to be a magnanimous leader and give Big Jim and Julia a Get Out Of Jail card free. Yes, they tried to murder the entire town, but let's let bygones be bygones. Even though she and Bore-bie suspect Big Jim put Phil up to his skullduggery. Big Jim tries to get Rebecca to support his lie that he's innocent but she won't, so it seems they may have come to a parting of the ways now she's seen the error of her ways.

Rebecca isn't out of jail ten minutes, however, before she gets embroiled in the latest mystery in town.

While all the trouble is going down at the new Chester's Mills food bank, there's trouble in Teenville, as well. Norrie still doesn't like Dead Lake Chick. She and Joe take her to the dome to touch it and she claims she sees and feels nothing when she touches it. Maybe that's because she's dead. For some reason Joe has become Dead Lake Chick's protector even though he tried to pop her for killing his sister. This doesn't sit well with Norrie and she finally has enough of Dead Lake Chick and the two get in a cat fight and Dead Lake Chick actually draws blood. This gives Joe the idea to compare Dead Lake Chick's blood with the blood of a living human being. When Rebecca gets released from jail Joe sets her to taking a look at the blood and seeing what she can find.

On the romantic side of Teen Town Joe tells Norrie she's a bitch. Then she sees him kissing Dead Lake Chick. And then Joe tells Norrie he loves her. Her reaction to that declaration was just what he deserved.

Well it seems Sam I Am, who I actually liked better than Dale "I Can Do Anything" Bore-bie, is the killer of Angie Baby. And the reason he whacked her is because he thinks if he can kill the Four Hands that will make the dome come down. I guess that's not much crazier than trying to commit mass genocide because you don't think there'll be enough food for everyone.

Anyway, Sam I Am's next target is his own nephew, when Junior stupidly reveals he's one of the Four Hands. Sam I Am proceeds to get Junior blotto and once the idiot passes out he prepares to smother him with a pillow. Only idiot wakes up and Sam I Am can't go through with offing his own nephew. The end result is Junior reveals to Sam I Am that his sister is alive. How that changes things for him, if it changes anything for him, who knows?

Rebecca is in her lab at the school analyzing Dead Lake Chick's blood when the mystery of The Locker is revealed to her. Remember when Dead Lake Chick peered into the locker and there seemed to be something mystical and magical about it? Something she either doesn't remember or she's not telling anything about? Then when everyone else peered into it it was nothing but an ordinary locker? Well, when Rebecca looks into it this time it leads to another dimension or just a tunnel down to the sewers where a killer clown awaits to make you float. "We all float down here. When you're with us, you'll float, too. Wanna balloon?"

Seriously, it looked like a rip-off from the ending scene from Men In Black II I think it was. When they look through the locker and there's like this vast space outside it or did that scene happen in The Matrix. Can't recall which it was or if it happened in both. Still it seemed like a rip-off. So now everyone will get to crawl through the locker and explore this new mystery universe or whatever it is.

What with Big Julia in charge, I guess everyone can commit murder and mayhem and she'll give them a Get Out Of Jail card free. So I guess since Sam I Am had a good motive for whacking Angie Baby he shouldn't get a slap on the wrist. He, too, was trying to save the town. He thought by whacking the Four Hands he could bring the Dome down. In comparison to the Genocide Kid aka Rebecca who tried to mass-murder the whole town so there'd be enough food, what Sam I Am did was small potatoes, unless you're the fan boys who are still lamenting the passing of their favorite eye candy, who now probably want his blood. And the new sheriff killed the town doctor and was suspected of several murders in town and that's been all forgotten, too.

Does anyone think the Dome came down to trap these morally corrupt morons in one place so they could no longer interact with the rest of society to protect it from them? Seriously, would you want these lulus out in society to run free and maim and kill? Where they are now they can all kill each other and do the world a favor.


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